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Eclipse - Some Unique Name Here

Rob Janes

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How about a class based threat system, confusion spell type, and spell casting npcs? I tried to think of some unique feature not commonly seen in most eclipse games as well as features seen in most mmos out currently. Anyways, the engine looks good and I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.
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Hey I was wondering if you thought about ranged projectiles NPCS yet?

I always thought of making them simply Step towards the player then Attack and then repeat if they had a Ranged check box on the npc.

mainly asking is I am planing on using this engine for city of illusion and being a modern based game npcs with guns would be nice.

Your base engine already has just about every small feature I need for the game.

Another thing that Eclipse has always Lacked was the ablitly to make some npcs attack certain players and not others using a faction system.


Players belonging to the Good Kingdom should not be attack by Good kingdom NPCs. but if a dark kingdom player walks into the good kingdom then the good kingdom npcs should attack the dark player.

would need some kind of editor so you could add factions and set how they interact with one another.
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@ [TheLordOfTheManor](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/user/78947-thelordofthemanor/) - Currently, it will need some work to the networking side to support a LOT of users. 50-100 users online at once should be easy in its current situation, with 5-10 per map at once. Once I rework the way some of the traffic is directed; I have mapped out a new method of handling player movement which will GREATLY decrease network activity, I've also added a flag to the tempplayer type so it only sends data back and forth whenever stats changed, verses sending player data continually. This should greatly increase network perfomance and double if not triple the possibile connections.

@ [Draken](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/user/35432-draken/) - Having NPCs fire ranged projectiles is extremely easy to do. I will most definately add this. As with the faction system, this may be something I tackle as well. Almost certainly.

@ [daxterxx](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/user/76741-daxterxx/) - Hard to say about future operating systems, it's functional on all existing operating systems, I'll test it on Win8 and let you know. Most operating systems include some sort of backwards compatibility, so we'll wait and see.
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It works on Win8 and I have no reason to believe it would be alot ("if any") trouble to make it run on the next operating system. There is no reason to worry about this which people have done since the release of Windows Xp (and we have seen how that has gone ![-_-](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sleep.png)).
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So, let me break down some of the methodology I plan to impliment to improve network performance. Expect a second post later on how I plan to increase graphical performance.

Improving Network Performance - (Decreasing Traffic between Client-Server)

1\. New Movement Process

Client Side - Sends a packet when a player starts or ends movement and changes direction.

Server Side - Receives the movement or direction packet and sends a packet to all players on the users map informing them that specific player has started moving, finished moving, or changed direction. Processes character movement on the ServerLoop however does not send position to all players whenever they change xy.

Client Side - Receives the packet indicating which player is moving, flags that player as moving. Stores which direction the player is heading. Processes character movement on the GameLoop.

Sync Timer - Every 30 seconds will sync the Server Side position of each player with the Client Side position of each player. Will use server-side as correct location.

2\. TempPlayer(index).Flags

These flags will store flags on what data for the player has changed. Sending player data packets, inventory, equipment etc, will only occur if the TempPlayer(index).Flag.Whatever is flagged as changed. Once the packet is sent, it will reset the flag so data is not being resent.

There will be some other improvements as well, these are the two biggest things I plan to add shortly.
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I wanna use this enginesoo bad. Iv seen your work before when working on the crystalshire dev engine. Well done. so itrust this will be good. Cantwait…..
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One little thing I think Eclipse needs! Players walking through each other! I mean, it's easy to implement in vb but since it's an engine it should already be included. Also, maybe an option in server to disable diagonal movement, that's the one feature I know a lot of people will love but not me. ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png)
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Here's today's build and what you can test!



Buff System - Use the Spell Editor to create a spell, select 'Buff' as the Type. Use the Buff Variables to select what attribute to buff, as well as the value, duration in seconds and the texture. The texture is the icon that will be rendered on the players map in the top right hand corner. A player may only have two buffs active at once, though it can be the same buff twice. Buff Textures that appear on the players screen can be added in the client's data files\graphics\buffs directory.

Projectile System Completion - Projectiles will now damage NPCs and Players. Currently, projectiles do not collide with 'Events'. So if you have an event NPC, the projectile will not strike them. This is currently by design, I may visit this later but it's not a priority. To better increase the 'look' of the projectiles, it will now check ahead by 1 and 2 tiles respectively. The reason we check ahead by two tiles is if we find a possible collision on the second tile, we'll stop rendering the projectile (making it looking as though it's striking the target) as oppose to render the arrow ontop of the collision tile before disappearing. For this reason, if the tile adjacent to the player is collide, the projectile will not render on the map at all, and it will act as though a melee attack was performed.


I've disabled WASD movement by default, still able to toggle on and off via the Options menu. Mouse movement is still on by default.
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Tonight's update includes 2 new features!

The Who's Online list and the Inspect feature!

Download here [http://www.samugames.com/eclipse/EOrjanes4.zip](http://www.samugames.com/eclipse/EOrjanes4.zip)

+ Added a new window, the 'Who's Online' list. When you type /who, a new window will appear on the right, where other UI elements appear and display a list of all players online.

+ Added an inspection mode. You can now inspect a player to see their face, attributes, name, class, level and equipment. You can do this by double clicking their name on the Who's Online list, or by typing /inspect PlayerName

+ Right Click on a buff to Remove the Buff from your Character

+ Fixed a bug where stats were not properly showing on the character screen after being buffed.


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Hey bro can you pls move Case 2 in trycreatedx8 to bottom, beouse otherwise it is giving me automation error, becouse my PC do not support Hardware/Software mixed rendering. I wanna try your version but i cant ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.png)
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You could probably just drag the yellow arrow down to the next case (or up) to wereit will support your computer. This happened to jc's first release
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