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  1. FYI Not Dead! Full-Time jobs as well as Samu Games undertaking a new client for our flagship game 'Artifact' using C++ and Marmalade has become a priority for the time being. The 4 of us @ Samu Games opted that focusing on Artifact was a priority rather than spending time/money into finishing Splattered right now. This isn't dead, just merely 'slowed' down until this summer some time. I'll repost when there's headway on it.
  2. @Yumi: > Eh so you are telling me my dream of becoming a programmer, make a huge game with Eclipse as a base and make a game that is as good as FF14 is unachievable??? > > and as for the rewrite most, if i rewrite some, what happen…? Eclipse is a great place to get an understanding of how things fit together, but you can't compare an Eclipse project to say FF14, it'd be more comparable to something like Tibia and that itself is a little stretch. Eclipse can make some great games if you have the ideas and abilities to see it to fruition, but don't expect to get rich or even moderately wealthy from it, if it does turn out to be good enough, it may make you enough to buy a new computer and keep spirits high, but in today's market it's just not up to par with what people are looking for. Don't get me wrong, VB6 is still widely used, not so much in the game development industry though, for that most center around C or some variant. As well as Java and web technologies. TL:DR don't aim for a top selling MMO with Eclipse, it may turn out to not make any money but don't be discouraged, practice makes perfect. Use it to learn methodology and syntax, then pick away at it with ideas, and when you graduate high school you'll have a good understanding of how programming "works" and you can decide if it's a career path for you.
  3. @Justn, that's the plan but don't expect to see it for a while, once this build is done and available for PC/browser, the next step is to get a client created via XNA that will connect to the existing server, same with a client using umbrella sdk. The great thing is data passed over the Internet can be displayed in any client as long as it has the means of parsing the data and displaying the results. I have a base UmbrellaSDK client that connects to the existing server but has no UI or anything at this point. Once the game is playable for PC I'll start tackling other clients to connect to the same server.
  4. Second round of invites going out Tuesday afternoon EST. Only taking the next 10 applications though for this next wave, looking for dedicated players to test high-level gear and perks.
  5. @eric125: > plz release if people can't edit a gui well then they should not try to make a game in the first place so release it so we people that understand how to do it can use this. thanks for making this. Editing a UI in this client is far more than changing images in paint. It renders the UI in real-time according to given coordinates, you will need to be an experienced user to understand the logic.
  6. The first wave was sent out yesterday, more to come this week. If you didn't get one already, you'll get one soon.
  7. I am using it for my own game yes but I'd still like to see it in the community's hands. While my own games are coming along slower than expected, if there is an experienced developer here who wants the current source so they can take it and make it presentable then release it to the community, I'll gladly upload the current version. The current version works great, but it just needs quite a bit of work on the UI system as it is using my own UI and can be hard for a new developer to understand.
  8. @Whack: > I applied. Awesome, I personally won't be dealing with Beta applications or how often they get sent out. Your application gets automatically sent to Chris who will sort them out and send out invitations as needed. Looking forward to seeing you on there Whack!
  9. Our standalone version (built upon Robin's packet system and texture engine for DX8) is near completition. We have another programmer who's slowly tackling our other engine in Marmalade and C++; but I wouldn't expect this anytime soon. The standalone version is functional as a downloadable client or playable through your web browser.
  10. **Happy Holidays!** Seasons Greetings from the development team of Splattered and Samu Games. On behalf of the indie-team working on Splattered with Samu Games LLC, we'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Beta Applications are now being accepted through our website. All Beta invitations and Customer Service requests are handled by Samu Games. You may contact [email protected] for inqueries. Apply at http://www.splatteredgame.com There's been a lot of progress on Splattered over the last several weeks, rounds of testing on browser, stand alone and Xbox Live Arcade. We continue to progress on the game but we are not adhereing to any specific schedule or time line. We're indies, we work on it when we can! It is safe to assume you won't have to wait too long before you will be able to get your hands on a copy. From the team at Splattered, Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday! Sincerely, **Robert A Janes** [email protected] Lead Developer / Project Lead Splattered - An Online Paintball Experience for PC and Xbox Live www.splatteredgame.com www.samugames.com/splattered
  11. I'll hopefully get to these forums soon, priority goes to existing Samu Games subscribers for beta, I'm doing it 5 players at a time, with a max of 30
  12. I'm slowly letting people let over the next 12-24 hours, reply here if you're interested, I'll get to you one at a time via PM.
  13. What you should do is focus your terms of service agreement more towards legal liabilities, damages, up time, registration. Make a clause in the agreement that by continuing to play the game, the players agree to the community guidelines set forth in your help documentation, and to abide by decisions of the in game administration team. This clears up your terms of service agreement so it can stick to more legal matters and also points the individual on where to go to find all of your rules and regulations. And no, your rules and regulations are just that, your rules to permit someone access to your service. It doesn't need to have a patent of any sorts, it's like the internets "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy.
  14. ![](http://sharetv.org/images/posters/pecker_1998.jpg)
  15. Another video with aggressive AI (when you are close to the enemy; this NPC has a low range), and 8 way NPC movement and projectiles. Also shows a 'splat' texture where your paintballs break. Ignore the initial UI where it shows the Game/Inventory/ etc. This will utlimately change into a better color scheme and contain more information, I hope to have done by Sunday night or Monday morning so we can start testing Monday sometime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Z72Dv_3vU
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