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  1. @xlithan said in [Fog/Panorama restricted to one area](/post/700703): > That's how I get the tiles to be drawn in the location I have it. I did try it with a picturebox before, but the mouse cursor doesn't work properly on the interface, and as I said, you wouldn't be able to drag skills from the interface to the hotbar located on the game screen. So the whole thing has to be drawn. This is not quite right. You can render to a PictureBox, and still be able to click / drag from an item another Win32 element, you'd need a Boolean to determine if you're clicking and dragging an item or spell, along with a variable to keep track of what item or spell slot it is you're moving, and then on the PictureBox mouse move event, if the Boolean is true, then the cursor x,y would be the x,y of the mouse PLUS whatever the left and top of the picturebox is in pixels (or twips * 15). Don't count something out so easily, you just need to be clever in your workarounds, there's a lot you can accomplish when you plan it out!
  2. Are you rendering the Map Screen with DirectX or are they Win32 components? Another question are you rendering it to frmMain.hwnd or frmMain.picScreen.hwnd? That'll make a difference too. Basically though, you just need to check on the frmMain MouseMove or picScreen MouseMove and figure out how it's calculating the CurX, CurY. Without seeing the source of how you're rendering, it's hard to say. In most cases though the buttons shouldn't make a difference because they're relative to the Back Buffer Surface, whereas where you're rendering the Tiles would be offset by X/Y values
  3. If you can get it to render in the correct position once, you simply just need to keep calling the function in that way, by remembering the offset accordingly, As for the mouse position, you'd need to do something similar to account for the X,Y pixel offset of where the "visible" viewing area would start, CurX = TileView.Left + ((X + Camera.Left) \ PIC_X) + Pixel_X_Offset_Of_Viewport CurY = TileView.Top + ((Y + Camera.Top) \ PIC_Y) + Pixel_Y_Offset_Of_Viewport
  4. So it would be something like RenderTexture Tex_Fog(fogNum), ConvertMapX((x * 256) + fogOffsetX + WHATEVERTHE-X-OFFSETISHERE), ConvertMapY((y * 256) + fogOffsetY + WHATEVERTHE-Y-OFFSETISHERE), 0, 0, DESTINATIONWIDTH, DESTINATIONHEIGHT, 256, 256, color
  5. To do this, you need a good understanding of how the RenderTexture sub functions, the sX, sY, sW,sH, dX, dY, dW, dH. s = refers to the source file (the fog PNG) d = destination in the surface where it's going to be drawn. In this situation, you'll want to set the Destination X.Y in the DrawFog RenderTexture call, to the Destination of the Fog's X.Y + the relevant offset of the in pixels to the X/Y where it should start being displayed, and set the Width/Height of the render textured to be the relevant width/height that you want it to be.
  6. Just an update. I've swapped from using the High Fantasy style to Celianna's tilesets (ended up purchasing the commercial license for all of her artwork) all of the character models and paperdolls come from Game Character Hub on Steam at the moment until I can find an artist to create paperdolls, hairs, sprites for a good price. I've added some neat features. A new social window allows you to create chat channels for your friends or team similar to IRC, you can also view player profiles and a lot of statistic tracking for profiles. The social window also allows you to manage or join guilds, and view leaderboards for top 100 players in various categories. The game also has a fully functional mail system where you can send mail along with item attachments to offline players, which will also be how auctions from the new auction house will reward players. Anyway here are some screenshots! ![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D1.png) ![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D2.png) ![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D3.png)
  7. Awesome work! LUA scripting can be very beneficial - and it's widely recognized, this is great! Thumbs up for using Notepad++ and Atom.io ! Cheers Rob
  8. That's a complicated way of doing it, you could totally mimic the isometric feeling by doing something like this... ![alt text](http://lostand2d.com/isometric.png)
  9. To be fair, in all honesty, you can sell a game you've made with Eclipse. This license that it's released under has no real authority due to the following: A. Touch Of Death Forums is now defunct. B. There is no proof of ownership of Eclipse in any way shape or form - it's been an open-closed-hodge-podge over the last 15 years that no one in their right mind would be able to track down any form of ownership to the product itself. There have been countless contributors, and if you use their source, they 'may' have some legal footing but not much because the engine itself has changed hands so many times. C. This license is clearly void, the person referenced in the license (Marsh and Touch of Death Forums) does not reside in New York, but rather in Canada. D. No lawyer worth their salt is even going to look at this as something they'd want to tackle, you're just too small of a fish in a great big sea. EDIT: The assets you use within the game are certainly protected under valid licenses, so ensure that any assets you include, media, sound, music, images, you have a valid commercial license or written permission from the owners. So if you want to try and sell your game, go for it! Will it succeed? Probably not, the market is just too saturated with Free-To-Play products that you'll really need to bring your "A Game" if you wanted to charge an upfront retail amount. Good luck and God speed!
  10. It's honestly not a lot of work at all. You can have isometric without 8 way movement meaning they'd only be able to go in the basic 4 directions, but 8 way movement would make it feel more complete. I wrote 8 way movement for EO long long ago, but I'm sure the source is kicking around somewhere. As for isometric movement, it's really not that hard, you are over thinking the solution. Absolutely nothing needs to be changed server-side because your X,Y variables are going to remain the same, just the way in which you render the map changes. When you cycle through and draw each tile, on your for Y = 1 to Map.MaxY, you'll want to offset each Y by say 16 pixels. When you call DrawPlayer, you just account for the Y Offset as well. Nothing too major, you should be able to tackle the whole process in a couple of hours. Hope that helps point you in the right direction. Cheers Rob
  11. Isometric can be easily achieved by offseting every second (x) column by a few pixels up or down, giving it a 15-30 degree angle between tiles.
  12. @angelr if you're interested in helping out, get in touch with me by email or Skype [email protected]
  13. @solidlink can you get in touch with me through Email or Skype [email protected] Cheers Rob
  14. Looking for someone to create maps (no content or story, just maps). Willing to pay a nominal fee ($) for each map or a flat rate for a bulk amount. ($2.50 per map - paid as each map is map is completed - price negotiable if you're good at what you do) Looking for someone to start ASAP, must be extremely familiar with Eclipse mapping and be a skilled mapper (sample screenshots required). Reply here! Needed ASAP.
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