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Eclipse - Some Unique Name Here

Rob Janes

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Can't give you an exact number of users it can support. It will require some severe stress testing in the future. At the moment, there's a lot of traffic being sent too and from which will obviously impact performance. I've cut down on some of the useless data by adding a few extra checks server-side before sending data to a client. That being said, it also depends on the type of server you're running. We use a dedicated server from Rackspace and another from GoDaddy. I'll throw up a stress test when I'm done and comfortable with the game, and hopefully try to really stress test the game.
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Hey Rob, im looking forward if someone is able to fix this bug that it's happening to every original eclipse version derivates (this bug is also happening to your version).

The bug is related with the chat window refresh. It only refresh correctly for the last connected player and for the other players it stays like 5 seconds to refresh when someone sends any message or it refresh when the last player moves. Sorry if i can't explain the bug correctly. Just read this post and see what happens:

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Yes. The same if Player 1 Says Hi. It will only shown inmediately for the last connected player and then for the others(first for player 2 and then for player 1)

Also if player 2 moves, the chat window of player 1 will refresh inmediately.

I think you will have to test it because i don't know how to explain correctly.

Also i have found a bug in your proyectiles system:


This happens if i shot the warp blocks.
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Ok Rob thank you for your custom version and for trying to fix that bug.

Hope you fix it, because the bug affects a lot of eclipse versions.

Thanks for all!

Edit: I saw the diagonal movement system and i think it will be nicer if it makes the player move speed decrease while walking in diagonal. As I said, it's just an opinion. Ah, and I also wanna know if there is a way to make the buffs don't dissapear after disconecting.
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I've got the warp bug fixed, I can't seem to recreate the issue with the chat messages showing. Maybe I'm just not fully understanding it though.

Diagonal movement on the X/Y being slowed down is a little more complicated than it sounds. It uses the same math to calculate pixel movement as going from Left>Right>Up>Down. With the diagonal having more pixels to cover in the same amount of time, it appears to move faster. I'm not saying it can't be done, it's just a bit more work than I feel like adjusting for the minor speed difference. If it's a big issue though I will address it.

As for buffs disappearing. I have this by design, though it's very easy to fix, all you need is to comment out the Call ClearBuffs(index) on the PlayerJoin command, as well as removed the ClearBuffs(index) on the PlayerDisconnect as well.
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Ok don't worry about the directional movement and thanks for the buffs answer.

The best you can do for understand the chat problem is just to test it and you will see that for player 1 it will be like if he were having lag (but isn't lag, because you can move without problems).
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It will show up in like 5 or 6 seconds or if you move one step in any direction with the player 2 it will suddenly show up for player 1.

The same if you send a message from player 1\. It will also be shown up first for player 2 and then for player 1, like if player 1 were having lag.
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I keep giving you suggestions but I think this one is a bit important too.

Checkpoint map attribute? Made by Alatar, but you can make your own version, but don't make it say, "you've stepped on a checkpoint", that message is an annoyance!

And are you going to use the Better item interface (Xppxdd)? Or are you making something similar/better? Because it looks really nice.
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No upload tonight sadly, I've not finished a few parts of the quest system that I believe are necessary before releasing the next build, mainly rendering textures above NPCs for Quest Givers, such as Exclaimation Marks or Quest Marks. I also need to do some work to the Quest Log to make it fit into the existing EO UI nicely without looking too ugly.

Here's some screenshots of today's progress and the changelog:

+ Fixed bug with projectiles on WarpTiles thanks to Peaverin for catching this.

+ Items now have a 'Stackable' setting in the Item Editor, non-stackable by default. If you want an item to be able to be stacked (more than 1 per inventory slot) select "Stackable: Yes"

+ Fixed Initialization Bug, will now try to Hardware, Software then Mixed in that order.

+ Added Quest System (Need to finish UI and Textures above quest givers)



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Excelent updates, I like the idea of you doing all that system so there won't be any incompatibilities between that systems.

It's looking very good ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png)

Do you finally managed to fix that chat bug?

Waiting for the src release, it looks reaally really nice ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png)
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> What's the purpose of checkpoints with the event system?
> I'm unfamiliar with the Better Item Interface? Xppdxx?

So that let's say I have a cave and I want whoever dies in the cave to respawn in front of it. I put a checkpoint on the ground in front of the cave entrance so the person is forced to step on it before they enter the cave. The server keeps a record in a file of the last checkpoint each player has stepped on, when the person dies they teleport to the last check point they stepped on, being the front of the cave in this example. It's a very useful thing!

Oh, and for the item interface check out Dragon Eclipse same with the checkpoints!
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I'd love to have a new UI, but I am HORRIBLE with Photoshop.

if someone wants to design a new user interface, I will impliment it. It can look, feel however they want as long as it looks professional.

I just finished an Anatomy and Physiology exam, and heading to work tonight, so I may not get a chance to work on or upload the engine tonight. Though my goal is to get the quest system live for people to test by Wednesday.

Thanks !
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