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  1. @daxterxx: > http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,73451.0.html > > Honestly, just follow this tutorial, it works flawlessly. Its only 256MB of RAM but its linux so it dosent require much. Hell if you do somthing in return for me, ill even spot you the $3.00 I followed RIGHT THIS TUTORIAL AND ITS ducking NOT WORKING
  2. I already fixed this in my game just delete variable unique index
  3. you probably deleted some of this: Direct3D_Device.Clear 0, ByVal 0, D3DCLEAR_TARGET, D3DColorRGBA(0, 0, 0, 0), 1#, 0 Direct3D_Device.BeginScene at beggining of sub or Direct3D_Device.EndScene Direct3D_Device.Present srcRect, destRect, frmMain.picInventory.hwnd, ByVal (0) at end of sub this is from drawinventory and you modified draw spells as i see so there wont be frmmain.picinventory but frmmain.picspells
  4. I think there is Windows Media player reference or something in vb6
  5. Wow nice but can you register at for example game forum and that data will be sent to eclipse server? becouse in video you registered via eclipse client and data was send to mysql
  6. i dont really know i try to look at some tutorials how to setup linux vps but i dont know i find some answer. Best will be if some1 host server for us
  7. OOmg now i tried to buy windows vps, but they want additional monthly fees for Operating system and IP, and it tottaly cost around 17 dollars monthly, so its too expensive for me (i have enought money, but its totally waste, becouse i cant get that 17 dollars monthly from players of my game)
  8. I can just mail them, but it will take ages until they answer me and its not guaranted that they can help me or understand what i want from them. Maybe i buy ******* windows VPS and all my problems will be solved, but it cost 10 dollars monthly and linux VPS cost only 3, so for that im asking for solution. I thinked some1 can help me on this forum becouse i dont think everyone using windows servers for hosting their Eclipse Servers
  9. yea but i cant start any window manager, i tried to install gnome, xfce 4.4 and it just shows black screen, and i need to connect via VNC or freenx, but i tried both and VNC showing me black screen only with X cursor and freenx just dont loaded
  10. Yes it is linux server, it have preinstalled CentOS. But its only VPS, so i must install everything in it via putty. I tried to install gnome on it, after i installed vnc server on it, but when i connect to that VPS through VNC viewer, only black screen is displayed, i tried command startx but it giving me some errors and window manager dont want to start
  11. So i buyed server for my game Prospekt, but i dont know, how to setup VNC. I buyed VPS from [123systems.net](http://123systems.net). For installing VNC i used this tutorial: [https://123systems.net/billing/knowledgebase/6/TightVNC-Desktop.html](https://123systems.net/billing/knowledgebase/6/TightVNC-Desktop.html) It just dont work. So i need someone who can setup VNC for me or someone who will host my game.
  12. tslusny

    24/7 Server

    This is not working when i try to run it throught Nomachine NX the screen with M logo wont show and nothing else happen, it will stay in task manager process called NXWIN.exe and that process is freezed at ram usage around 10000 K and cpu usage 0 percent
  13. I have Intel Celeron 2.8 ghz 768 RAM ATI Radeon 9600 256mb 50gb HDD Western Digital MUHAHAH IM BEST :P
  14. @Synergy: > Stupid question probably, but how _do_ you actually resize the CS:DE game window? >.< > I can't work it out, it's a bit frustrating.. You must change frmMain borders from Fixed to Sizable
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