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  1. Draken

    Message to everyone!

    I'm all for trying to get it back to like it was. Just saying it will be hard to do.
  2. Draken

    Message to everyone!

    The problem with getting this like it was back in the day is that most kids now days(No Offence to anyone out there) are ass hats. It's hard to find serious people online these days. Have you ever tried to go play an online game these days that did not have ass hat kids who are just trolling it's nearly impossible. Which is the main reason I don't game online now. Back in the day people would come here to joke and work on projects together. Now days it seems a few of us are working on projects and the others just troll. This place will never be like it use to be simply for the fact that most of the members that would make this place awesome have grown up and are just to busy with their life to even visit the site. I've been here since Nov 05 and this place has changed so much in the years and every time it seems to get a little worst.
  3. most likely not the last post to this was almost 2 years ago and they are looking for the download link. Just do it by hand yes it takes time but waiting for a program to do it will take time also. Might as well just do it.
  4. Draken

    Sprite Sheets

    That's how the old engine was long time ago. I personal like the single sprites instead. Mostly due to the fact when you want to add a new sprite to the game the players will only need to download a small file instead of a large file.
  5. So this is not a mapping contest since you can use any tileset to make a map. A mapping contest all uses the same tileset due to the fact if you dont people will not judge on mapping skills but the tileset graphics instead. You just can't tell who the better mapper is unless you all use the same tiles.
  6. Then we should start back at 1 since there is no way to tell the true number we are on unless you go read all 496 pages due to the fact many numbers have been skipped or just screwed up by people post in the topic. 1
  7. I always had to come get people back on track either they would skip numbers or go back to screw everyone up. its easy just look at my post it will have a # on the right screen you are #9908 on your post so 9909 is the correct number to be here
  8. I have another friend coding some more stuff. Also can a mod or admin move this topic to active projects this way I don't have to make a new topic. I'll edit the first post to make it look better in a bit.
  9. 9907 Times will I have to come back to get everyone back on the correct number. If there is 9906 replys to the topic then the number is on 9907….
  10. open paint use crop tool save each sprite as their own use program to remove background to make it transparent.
  11. Project is on hold until I get the new source edits from jstin. Havent talked to him in about 2 weeks now soooo…....
  12. they need to be .png files. maybe you saved them as .bmp? edit… then again the file you posted was a png. are all of them png files?
  13. well i opened the file you attached in gimp and it was not transparent it was just white. so i selected it in gimp and deleted it to make it transparent.
  14. for one your background isn't transparent I fixed that for you. Make sure to rename the sprite to what ever number is next in order of your sprites. if last is 8 then name this one 9. Attached file is your sprite you posted with background transparent.
  15. @'Lavos': > My suggestion, change that interface to match the graphic theme you are using. :D you mean the inventory buttons ect? if so that's why i have a looking for GUI artist topic in the talent center.
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