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  1. > I have good references ; most notably, JC Denton Denton Denton, What? I don't know you! …jk this guy is awesome at what he does, if you want your engine/game/etc to run at all you need to let him take a look at it. I have had him test almost all of my programming edits as I get them ready to release because he will find errors, crashes, and glitches like no other (it becomes a love/hate relationship once he starts finding bugs quicker than the programmer can fix them ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png)).
  2. You should also probably include what you want done, how much you are willing to pay and details about your project.
  3. Moved to resource requests. (You should also include more detail on what exactly you are looking for…)
  4. So you start out removing my event system, making your own, then adding mine back a few months later? I loled. Anyways, slow down with all the edits man, you continue at this rate you are going to have just as many bugs as features. Just my 2 cents.
  5. As weird as this thread may seem this is no joke what so ever. Lel is the absolute best bug tester I have ever met in my entire time here at Eclispe. No one else has even come close. Ever. (No offense to anyone who is/has/will ever bug test for me ![:D](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.png)). Not to mention he is just an awesome guy to talk to with problems, when bored, etc…
  6. Also, while on the topic… if you don't want to get into the code to change the spawn... leave map 1 blank except for an event that runs automatically (parallel process) and make that event simply warp the player to where ever you want them.
  7. I spent 10 minutes or so the other day googling for it. It is a nice piece of code, simple enough but also very useful if you have the right purposes. Nice share ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png)
  8. Ok, lets stop jumping to conclusions and get the basics. 1) What version of Eclipse Origins are you using? 2) Have you made any source code edits at all? 3) Does this happen on a clean EO 2.0? (http://www.mediafire.com/?h6s5s86hci5lp4a) 4) How about 3.0? (http://jcsnider.freemmorpgmaker.com/Eclipse%20-%20%203.0%20-%20Electrified%20Events.zip) Answering any or all of these questions will help narrow down if it is a source edit (50% chance). Graphical engine error (< 10% chance). Packet mismatch (80% chance [if source edits are involved]). Etc….
  9. Ok, lets say you boot up the all famous cheat engine. You edit the gold your character has to a couple million. The server still handlesthese values so when you go to buy something that costs 1000 gold and you only have 100 to begin with it still will not work. This goes for sending face administrative packets and such because before the server will process them, the server checks to make sure the sender is an admin and that cannot be faked though false packets or hex editing. I am not saying the engine is perfect by any means but most of these little cheats/hacks that seem to work are just for show and are nothing to worry about.
  10. jcsnider

    New Shop

    It does sounds pretty interesting IMHO.
  11. jcsnider

    Forum Stocks

    I am not completely sure but it seems like it would go up automatically. It is was manual then I would be cashing all my moneyz right now lol.
  12. 9432? It seems like we should be a lot further than this after all of these years….
  13. That is a terrible plan! I said I could help hold down the fort, not that I WOULD. I am far to busy and lazy for that matter. It would be a waste of a ban considering that I am really not around that much anyways lolz.
  14. I don't know. You can take out Agora, Marshy Dearest Dearest, Aaron, EBrown and Ertzel for example and that still leaves both me and Azkanan + a few others who could easily keep the forum under control ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png) Besides, GameMaster has his days every now and then >.>
  15. jcsnider

    New Shop

    I think it is quite funny. 90% of this topic is full of questions or comments about the shop system that are completely and utterly for the sole purpose of getting points ![-_-](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//sleep.png). For example. (This post). But the commend above is valid. There has been a lot more activity in the last one to post wins and the count to (very high number here) topics too.
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