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  1. jcsnider

    Everyone gone?

    I left this site about a year ago for the netplay in RPG Maker in netplay, and now that i have returned, everyone is gone… Who is in control of this project now? Is marsh still here?
  2. A quick story line I was thinking up about a game I might make. You start out in the future which is present in the game with a friend and you are going to play this new virtual video game in which u get into a room and it is like you are there until lightning strikes and the game closes down while you are still in it, now you have to fight your way through this medevil magic world… Would anyone be intrested in helping... I would need mappers, GFX helpers... mainly tilesets. No mods yet and a good website developer?
  3. jcsnider


    Will everyone please just give me any thoughts about this idea, I plan on making it but not for awhile. Eragon type game, you have big pets that you can ride for dragons, you and ur dragon levels up. You use magic, swords, bows, and more. And fight in wars or agains other dragon riders, elves, and more. Like a normal rpg based of the eragon books with dragons? What does everyone think?
  4. jcsnider

    SMF forum

    OK im making a SMF forum, how do i add the Recent box and the chat box on the left? Thanks -jcsnider
  5. ok i am too scared to use EE now that i know it still has bugs (but still nice job unknown and others, keep up the great work ^-^) and i have a question about the graphics encrypter, will it work with TE and if it dosent is there a way to edit the source of TE to make it work and still if the is wat do i change? Thanks jcsnider
  6. Alot of times when people go from one map to another map in my game my server get a run time error 9 and shuts the server down…. this is so flustrating having to restart my server every 5-10 minutes so now I am asking for help... does anyone know how to fix this???
  7. Ok i have been workin on the rpg maker xp tilesets, and i have put all of them together and it is not working when i use it comes out as a black squar, any ideas? Here are the files ziped: http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Tileset.zip and here is just the tileset ![](http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Compleated.bmp) Thanks
  8. jcsnider


    I have asked many times and never got anywhere so im asking on last time…... for some reason me + making an auto updater = disaster... I have done every thing, i have tried 5 different updaters and tried for than 10 tutorials and stil nothing, I have switched file host and still had the same problems so im asking for alot of help.... Will anyone plz take these files http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Arrows.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/BigSpells.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/BigSprites.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Emoticons.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Items.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/paperdoll.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Spells.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Sprites.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles0.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles1.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles10.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles2.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles3.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles4.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles5.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles6.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles7.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles8.bmp http://www.mediamax.com/jcsnider1/Hosted/Client/GFX/Tiles9.bmp And plz make me an auto updater that works and tell me wat to put in each folder and stuff... Thanks ALOT to anyone who helps jcsnider
  9. jcsnider


    my first question has been answered thx godloard, now for my next question lol is there a way to use a .wav file insted of a mid file in TE
  10. I am going to make a Dragonball Z game with TE so i am back for awhile. The game is going to be called Dragonball Z Fantasy off of a video I fount and it is also going to be like Dragonball Z The Legacy of Goku 1\. There is not much info i can give you I dont have any screen shots or anything of this game. But my other game Pokemon Quest Online is really good our website has over 1000 views the game has been downloaded over 300 times and we have over 60 players. You can check out the game at our website www.pokemonquestonline.ca.kz and you can check out our topic at www.pokemonol.net with all of our info about how to get started and stuff like that. Here is the link to the topic [http://www.pokemonol.net/forum/game-development/5303-pokemon-quest-online.html](http://www.pokemonol.net/forum/game-development/5303-pokemon-quest-online.html) P.S. Neither game is 100% compleate but Pokemon Quest Online is playable. Thanks jcsnider
  11. I need pokemon sprites!! I have almost all of them but I need sprites of pokemon #126-150 or 151 does anyone have them???
  12. please rate this flash slideshow It is not 100% finished but almost there [http://www.skyalbum.com/album/jcsnider/457aee613dc/hi.swf](http://www.skyalbum.com/album/jcsnider/457aee613dc/hi.swf)
  13. will someone make a bmp with like a pokemon quest online logo… or I guess that is what I would call it kinda like lolz did this ![](http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j167/shinozuki/Untitled-1.png) I guess I dont really care how it comes out as long as if you put pokemon on it you put only the pokemon 1-151 and it says Pokemon Quest Online. Thanks if you will help im trying to get stuff for the website. Thanks and Lolz hopefully you dont mind me using this picture for an example it is really good
  14. can you add music to the mainmenu?
  15. i wish there was a way to make an item called a map and make it so you can use it in the game to show you all the outside maps but just a little smaller and that you could click on the map and move it right to see maps to the left of it kinda like runescapes map
  16. This might help me and other people too but is their like a script when you start the game it makes it full screen?? I am using TE
  17. jcsnider


    I fount this while lokking for pictures for my pokemon game, have a nice laugh ![](http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:iAEqbfdbqY7_uM:http://www.kotaku.com/gaming) Pika!
  18. If you have one plz give me a download link or somtin
  19. I will host your game if you can fix this sprite sheet. ![](http://www.albumtown.com/data2/e21fbb46105c5238f41b8184125658ad/75055_p1134985.bmp) The characters look like this ![](http://www.albumtown.com/data2/e21fbb46105c5238f41b8184125658ad/75055_p1134998.bmp) But I need them in a line and bigger so they look like this ![](http://www.albumtown.com/data2/e21fbb46105c5238f41b8184125658ad/75055_p1134999.bmp) but I need the whole sheet done once you are done you can make a download link and give it to me or you can e-mail be the file at [email protected] tell me if you will help Thanks
  20. I really need this sprite sheet t be converted to work on eclipse and I dont know how so here it is will someone please do it for me???????? ![](http://www.albumtown.com/data2/e21fbb46105c5238f41b8184125658ad/75055_p1134985.bmp)
  21. I have my game up and running but it is nowhere near finished but you can check it out and stuff at it's website [www.freewebs.com/jcsnider](http://www.freewebs.com/jcsnider) here are three screneshots ![](http://imagehosted.co.uk/images/69298753.bmp) ![](http://imagehosted.co.uk/images/73172621.bmp) ![](http://www.albumtown.com/data2/e21fbb46105c5238f41b8184125658ad/75055_p1134862.bmp)
  22. i might have just got my server up and running so i need to see who can connect to it and who can not. to connect just run the eclipse client and for the configuration the ip is and port 4001 If you can connect plz tell me and if you cant post here too. I really need to know if this will work. Thanks jcsnider
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