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  1. Hello everyone, We've setup an OpenTTD server for everyone to play on. It resets every month and auto-saves every hour. Details are: v1.9.3 Server: openttd.eclipseorigins.com:10000 Password: ECLIPSE
  2. Hello Fellow Content Creators, If anyone happens to be creating Halloween-themed projects, there are lots of scary tracks on my Dark/Ominous pages as well as my Horror/Surreal pages that you can use: https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ https://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ https://soundimage.org/horror-2/ My next big project will to create super high-quality Ogg versions of all of my Sci-Fi tracks. If you happen to need some that aren’t converted yet, just me know and I’ll move them to the front of the list. Speaking of Sc
  3. Zynato

    Forum Migration

    Forum migration is complete!
  4. Zynato

    Forum Migration

    Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to migrate the forum to IPB. This should happen in the next week or two. I expect the forum to be changed over first, then posts/topics will be imported shortly after. Due to some technical issues, I had to rollback to a copy from a few months ago. It would make this migration much, much easier. But this place is pretty dead, sooo... Sorry @Eric-Matyas, I'll try not to do this again :)
  5. Hihihi I'm trying to install runtimes on my android phone but get a "cannot register dx6vb.dll" error how do I fix it
  6. Zynato

    A New Engine: Atlas

    This isn't a fork of anything. Built from the ground-up. It's still in development.
  7. Hi everyone, This is just a friendly notice that we've updated parts of the overall styling on the forums. Hopefully this makes content more accessible for everyone. Feel free to PM me with any other suggestions! ~ Zyn
  8. Don't forget to pay your taaxxessssss [echo] taxxesssss [echo] taxxess But congrats! Almost lambo
  9. Zynato

    Eclipse Bug Tracker

    Hi everyone, We've setup a new bug tracker to help manage any bugs or suggestions you might have for Eclipse Renewal or Andur Engine. Both @SolidLink and @Mohenjo-Daro will be using this in addition to the current forum sections. Please try it out! **The tracker can be found here: https://tracker.eclipseorigins.com** Login with your Eclipse account (same account that you use on the forums) This system is also open for games, so if you want to use the tracker for your game please let me know. Any missing features can be added as requested.
  10. ::: Shhhh, don't tell anyone the secret :::
  11. Or you can use Atlas and get all those features for free... Soon™ *whistles*
  12. Zynato

    A New Engine: Atlas

    @newwun Yes, it'll have item info on mouse hover/click (depending on how you want it), and a built in updater to make it easy to distribute updates
  13. Zynato

    A New Engine: Atlas

    @newwun That's a great idea, I'll include optional animations for teleporting!
  14. @randoyes ![alt text](http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/epicrapbattlesofhistory/images/e/ec/Orly.png/revision/latest?cb=20150731090140)
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