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Super MMORPG Maker Box (0.3.x)


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**Super MMORPGMaker Box


here my very advanced custom version of Eclipse…

[**v0.3.0 AVAILABLE HERE NOW <= click click (complete version)**](http://downloads.supermmorpgmaker.net/Super%20Box%200.3.0%20-%20Kit.rar)

**[Patch v0.2.1 to v0.3.0](http://downloads.supermmorpgmaker.net/SMMOBox%20v0.2.1%20%C3%A0%200.3.0.rar)**


When you'll start the Server and Client for the first time they will in French.

But you can switch for English (or Spanish and German). The translation cover all the Editors, all the Server UI, all the In-Game texts. The translation cover around +95% of all texts.

Server Side: just click the flag.

Client side: log a character and go into your option Panel (shortkey 'o') then click on the flag.

_/!\ Be aware that the soft is translated with MY English (so it mean what that mean ^^). I'm looking people(s) to fix it. It's an easy thing as you can insta swap the language without relogin from Client and Server and as all the texts has been extracted into 2 files._


For the 0.3.0 we have a Démo Server. Just download the 0.3.0 and use this IP/Port:

IP: server.supermmorpgmaker.net

Port: 8002

Server status (can link php pictures) : [http://www.supermmorpgmaker.net/server_status.php](http://www.supermmorpgmaker.net/server_status.php)

[**READ PATCHNOTE (0.3.0)**](http://www.supermmorpgmaker.net/Thread-PATCHNOTES-Last-Version-0-3-0-Last-Update-17-June?pid=651#pid651) ****FEATURES (0.2.0, out of date, really môar now ^^)

_I would list all new features but it's just impossible. So here, somes of the main features with screenshots (with my s–- english) for better understanding..._
for an update of available features please check Patchnotes above v0.2.0.

- **SandBox:**
from Items or Events, Players can Create or Remove a Tile. Those Tiles can be: Event, Resources or Warps.



**- Options Panel:**
A complete Panel with tons of Options for your Players: change keys, screen size, lots of UI Options…


**- Heart Editor:**
The Server Side Core Editor. From it you can change all combat formula, server rules, texts, access rules, exp curves, create/edit/delete classes, ect…






**- Translation system:**
just by clicking on flags you can insta translate all the game, client and server. It's easy for players, for admins, and for those want to make cutsoms texts or just translate.




**- A Full Admin Activities Control System:**
Now we have 10 Access Level and you can set each Level for specific activities.


**- An complex homemade game render.**
So much things… I cannot list. Just play to see.


**- 100% working Spell system for Players and NPCs:**
singles, AoE, pbAoE, damages, health, mana, heal, HoT, DoT, Stun, ect…


**- Karma system on NPCs:**
Goodz fighting Badz NPCs.


- Friendly NPCs can heal Players, NPCs with same Karma can heal between them, NPCs can Cast offensive Spells to Players and Defensive Spells to other NPCs, …


**- NPCs Move Style system:**
You choice how a NPC will move: Melee Offesive (charge and stick target), Melee Defensive (charge target but do some step back), Ranged Off (stay in range while attacking), Ranged Def (avoid target).


**- NPCs Flee system:**
NPCs flee the target when the reach a % of Health.


**- Spell AI System:**
You can explain to NPCs when they have to try to Cast a Spell. For exemple we ask a NPCs to not Cast Fireball Spell when his Mana is under 20% to preserve Mana for Healing Spells. Or to not Cast Fireball when his Health is under 30% to give priority to a Healing Spell.


**- Server Variables:**
they working like Local Variables but they are Globals. If the serveur variable #15 = 40 for me, so it's = 40 for all Players. Server Variables can be included into Events as Local Variables.




**- Advanced Event System:**
At the moment the combo: SandBox + Events + Server Variables allow to make very attracting and powerful In-Game Systems. The easy exemple is a Public Quest:
you ask players to give wood throught a NPC => you control wood value with server variables => when a player give a wood you change a local switch to say he participated to the quest => when NPC have enough wood the quest is over and you Create a Chest SandBox => All players with the local switch ON (so if they participated) can use the Chest => If you speak back to the NPC you can reload the Public Quest.

You have lots of possibilities, you could even make a RTS system only with this combo and some works…


**- Advanced Event Coding:**
It's now 'easy' to code with the Event System. All was made to be confortable and never crashing while doing multiple task. You can even Copy and Paste Event to not have coding again and again the same Event…


**- Target Sniffer System:** Players can choice a Auto-Target option into Option Panel. The Auto-Target is set to make you never using at all your mouse to target. Target Sniffer will always choice a valid target for your Spell, making the game extremly dynamic. The rules of this system are explained into v0.2.0 Patchnote.


**- Full Ban system:**
It's now easy to ban/unban an AAccount or/and a IP with the "Ban Manager" on the Serveur.


**- EXP on Contrib System:** I don't like that you get only EXP on killing blow. It pushing peoples to play solo to not losing EXP. Now you can choice how you can EXP with 2 Options; on killing blow and on damages. More the damages you do, more EXP you gain. So several Players can attack the same target and all receive EXP.



**- Flexible Screen:**
the screen global view is larger, and you can also change your screen size as you wish (just like a normal window or throught the Options Panel).


**- Tons of UI bugs fixed…**
now All Editors options are working without small UI bugs, ect… the Editors has been totally reworked to FTW.

**- in-Game Time:** Now the game how his own clock. You can define the value of 1 Hour In-Game compared to XX minutes IRL. You can see the Clock as Player and from the Server (Hours, Days, Months, Years). The Time is included into the Event Editor.



**- Calendars system:**
Actualy the Calendar system is small. You can bind a Calendar to a Map. Each Month is 10 Days. For each Day you can set Day/Night and Weather to the hours you wish. When a Month is over, you can ask to the Map to go for an other Calendar. This allow you to, for exemple, make a complete automatic season system.


**- Advanced Dialogue System:**
you can add commands in Dialogue that write the value of a local variable, server, var, the name of an item, of a spell, ect… for exemple if you write '/vs0015' it will show the server variable #15 value.


**- Map Editor total clean:**
what, no more lags ?? ![](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png)

- Lots of things has been added to make confortable the Game Edition. A good exemple is the windows memory position.

- Advanced Character Panel

- Lot more… o_O******
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I have a team of 3 people on my forum and 2 irl friends helping me. We are 6 trying to crash, find bugs, ect on the soft.

Atm we have really good result on the 0.2.0.

- All functions are responding and working correctly online

- No major bugs found or reported on our main system since the engine is released.

- On IRL crash test we couldn't crash the server, we are going to do an other try with 250 maps full or NPCs fighting each others.

- Only unexplained bug we very rarely have is a directx8 bug that crashing client on joining game.

- We found no way in 0.2.0 to crash Server from the Client, and crash Client himself while not using 3rd party software.

- We found only few UI anomaly due to translation system (anomaly = french instead of english, should be corrected before 0.2.0 release).

I focus on stability. I would resolve all issues over making new systems.
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Incredible, i thought it was a joke, but then i downloaded it and saw it wasn't.

The only problem I notice is that the server window is too big and i can't see all the options, and that i would like to be able to modify the source code.
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Are we going to get the source in a future version?

That would be useful because no game (that I can think of) needs all these features, but some games could benefit from each feature.

It would be great if we could take the features we wanted out of the engine (giving credit of course).

Not to put this engine down (because it is probably the most feature rich engine I have seen - including premium engines), but it is going to run slower with all of those features.

Anyway, even if you don't release source then it is still amazing, can't wait for 0.2.0! (and then 1.0 which I'm assuming will have more features).

Keep it up!

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Hello and thanks for your comments I'll try to awnser you with my best English ever ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.png)

> Without sourcecode?

Without sourcecode.

The engine will stay closed-source until I reach a certain version.

I don't want to give hopes, so I prefer tell you now that the open-source version is far away.

> DX7 or DX8?

DX8 ofc.

> Not to put this engine down (because it is probably the most feature rich engine I have seen - including premium engines), but it is going to run slower with all of those features.

Of course more features = more resources.

But all the codes has been optimized A LOT.

My engine atm not using so much more resources than other engine (maybe even a bit less since i optimized the source (?))

Somes exemples (0.2.0),

the way Maps working has been almost fully rescripted to allow saving only 1 tile or a part of the Map instead of all the Map (SandBox system)… also in 0.2.0 you will get no lag at all in the Map editor (well, a little on 100x100 maps on old computers ^^).

All Texts, Maths, Hearts are send only once, so it's charging one time then you never use any server resources for it.

Server Variables are asked only on need one by one.

Editable Stability rules to make server faster.

Calendar system using more client resources than server resources.

The NPCs vs NPCs using no more resources than NPCs vs Players

NPCs stop activities when no Players on the Map

The Game Time tick only when the Hour is over. Each time the Hour change, that's sending 2/3 lines of codes to Players, even.

Each UI Options using 1 or 2 lines of controls, not more.

Target Sniffer is Client Side on the search, server side on validation (like a normal target click).

NPCs Spell System + NPC AI System not using more resource than a 'normal' fight. The NPC Spell even using less resources on SMMOBox for the simple reason that you control NPC AI to make then not just spamming Spells.

Lots of things has been edited to save server resources.

Just to say guys, a normal attack on a NPC seeking more resources than all thoses systems.
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At the moment higher sprites seem working well, but I didn't scripted for it.

I can confirm that's working for NPCs, but for Players that should work.


> The only problem I notice is that the server window is too big and i can't see all the options, and that i would like to be able to modify the source code.

You cannot read patchnote for 0.2.0 as he is only in French but the Server window size has been drastically reduced. Now the size is 805x585 instead of ~830x1050.

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I'll try to awnser…

> projectiles sistem?

NPCs and Players can use Projectiles weapons.

> like MR or ordinary?

No idea what you mean.

> have pd sistem=?

If pd is PaperDoll then yes.

Engine GFX resources contains also tons of PaperDoll and Item Icons related to PaperDoll made by myself.

So atm you have exactly 701 PaperDolls (gear, helm, accessories and weapons) and 1076 Item Icons.

All the .png should be usable in other Eclipse Engines, ppls are free to use them ofc.
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Hello ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png)

The 0.2.0 is now available.

This is an International version you can switch in

- French

- English

- Spanish

The Translation cover all the client editors, all the server ui, all the in-game texts.

You can switch language directly in-game, no need to restart.

Please read the main page of this topic to get the Download link, Patchnote, and more informations.
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