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  1. @jcsnider: > You can load them in any order you want… it is the drawing.... (I need a better analogy :/) Yes of course i knew that, i was talking about the simple concept of the order to draw them. To get the GUI in front of everything, you would need to render it after the Characters, Npcs, And the whole tile engine. ``` -- crap Here, -- crap Here, -- crap Here, -- crap Here, Gui Goes Beings Rendering Here ```
  2. I like to role play, but nothing we could do on eclipse…. Pervert.jpg Really though, i have never actually role played before, i will have to try it out one day.
  3. JohnPony

    Kill Player

    Lol the trolling begins…
  4. Which is pretty easy to understand after JC reminded me how the Textures are loaded in order. Like he said, think of it as a piece of paper, which you are putting layers and layers of paint upon.
  5. The thing i don't like about this, and well most games… Is that people never rearrange the UI. Its always the same dull arrangement.
  6. Make a new button, name it cmdClass. Double click it and in it place this code, ``` cmbClass.ListIndex = 0 ```
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM8bTdBs-cw
  8. Instanced maps are very simple, a friend walked me through it months ago when i was unsure about myself in Vb6\. You're just copying the data from one map and storing it for each party to use, of course there are many methods you can use to accomplish this. Some being more efficient then others, the system i use copies the map data for the selected instance map, and clears it out of the memory when there is no one on the map any longer.
  9. I wouldn't mind having some footstep sounds.
  10. > a .Jar version(if anyone succedes) would be cool because then everyone would not have to download That is pretty simple, just jar the .class files. http://download.cnet.com/JAR-Maker/3000-2213_4-10588876.html
  11. Simple and already done, But I'm glad to see you contributing to the community mate.
  12. @crzy: > He has stopped working on this.. It is left in a very very early beta. > After a long while, I have an update. This project is not dead, yet at least ;) Do you even bother to read posts? [Warned]
  13. JohnPony

    Nicer Eclipse

    @DarkBeast: > Pony don't start. I wasn't being sarcastic, your grammar does seem to be improving by a small margin.
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