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  1. Exception

    Hello Eclipse!

    Not the place, guys. Really.
  2. Exception

    Hello Eclipse!

    oo, hello, I notice that your account is new, do you just not remember your old account or are you intentionally starting from scratch? Aaanyway, long post incoming. Sorry! * * * On the Source Converter, I think it's a neat idea, but I can't help but think that even a new engine would be less work! I'm rather curious on how you plan to be having "all existing custom source edits will be automatically upgraded", such a thing would be incredibly difficult to produce human usable/readable results for even experience programmers. You've stated "Yes, it's not a new engine, but it's not realistic to promise making a full brand new engine in only a few months.", but is this any more realistic to promise in a few months (I know this hasn't been stated in your OP)? Still, it looks like you have things under control. It looks like you've made some good progress already (yet to view the source, will do so when I have a bit more time). * * * On the Exchange, I'm a bit more critical of this; again, another neat idea, however I recall something that tried to be like this (sans hosting custom streams) on the older IP.B forums that ultimately nobody ended up using because the already existing things that did what it offered works better. I think that an asset-type store that can inject and compile source edits alongside hosting public domain ready-to-use assets would be a wonderful addition (something like this was touched upon before, but nothing became of it), I fully support an integrated package for non-programmers, but as for the others: On progress/updates/tutorials, is this not what the forum is for? The boards are dead enough, I'm not sure if actively discouriging users from posting is the best idea. On recruiting members, what would this offer that stack exchange, /r/gamedevclassifieds, tigsource, etc, wouldn't already offer? The provided alternatives have a much broader range of people available, so you're going to need to offer a hefty niche. On hosting streams, are you sure? This is something that would require larger server capacity and can get expensive fast. Why would I not use Twitch or Hitbox for bigger exposure (and likely better stabiltiy) instead? * * * Finally, not to increase your workload, but there are two key things that I think need to be taken care to maximise your success: 1) Updating the forum to 2016/2017 standards: personally, I think myBB and the likes are dated, their decrepit board design has just never been intuitive or nice to use as an experience. While I'm not saying that there needs to be yet another forum conversion, per sé, the following do need to happen: - an updated (mobile-first) responsive theme that actually puts an emphasis on posting, as it stands, forum activity is mostly relegated to the shoutbox. - actual URL rewriting, showing topic IDs and post IDs isn't particularly memorable. - Serious pruning and deleting/hiding of old/irellevant topics and a restructure of the boards, there are still too many boards (especially considering that most are unused). Searching would also not take such a toll with the older things gone. - Reworking of grouping: too much colours, too much groups. It's an oldie but a lot of it is still relevant to myBB today, this covers most of my gripes: https://community.mybb.com/thread-122216.html 2) (More of a question, really) Members: it's not exactly a secret that the forums are probably at the 2nd most inactive they've ever been, down to the fact that most members have left. Combine with the fact that indie/hobby RPG dev interest has dwindled over the last few years. (Probably anecdotal/not a very good source, but my source is the dwindling activity of RPG Maker and the non-existence of every other Mirage community and the niche small-ish size of Intersect) Clearly, broadening out to be general-purpose and trying to compete with the likes of Game Maker and Construct is a suicidal move. There's also the issue that a good amount of our members are…abrasive (to put it nicely), so how do you plan to perhaps recapture some of the older members and introduce new members to the forum? * * * Anyway, I support your current plans however, I hope you take my critical points as legitimate concerns. I'll stick around for a bit longer and wouldn't mind helping you out if you're in need. Best of luck!
  3. Exception

    Web programmer.

    Those are some ugly looking gloves.
  4. Unfortunately, the only upcoming one in the next week that's on itch.io is one for 4chan, everything else is a month from now. I can't find anything featured on Game Dev League either. If you're aware of something upcoming, it'd be great to share it. Not interested in having some massive event, just making a small friendly competition (if that).
  5. So, title has the question. I've been wanting to do one for a while, but I literally cannot find anybody who's interested. As for rulesets, we can determine time limits (inclined to do 3 or 5 days?), theming (if any?), later on (should anybody actually be interested) and a convenient time for everybody, but…yeah. Anybody interested?
  6. Ah, I totally forgot to keep this updated Here is an updated Renderer class, complete with commenting and refactoring and general tidy-up. http://pastebin.com/Vr5rHXHh To go with it, here is an optional Rectangle class. You can keep using JS objects as they are or use this, it doesn't really matter, however, the updated SpriteBatch class I post will be making use of the Rectangle class. I will likely add other typical methods (such as intersects, contains, inflate, constrict, union, a centre getter, etc) as part of it. http://pastebin.com/4DA7QUgX Do note that I use Browserify, so if you do want to use these without Browserify, remove the "module.exports = " bit at the start and use as you normally would. Right now, I am refactoring and commenting SpriteBatch and will be extending .begin() to include clamping and alpha blending parameters much like XNA. Rectangle commenting will come with it too. As with before, I've done no significant benchmarking, that isn't my focus yet.
  7. Exception


  8. I will go and address that right now (and take care of comments while I'm at it, too), thanks. :)
  9. Heeello Eclipse, quite recently I ported my WebGL implementation from Dart to JavaScript, and I figure the best way I can iron out all of the issues would be to share it! Some things to note: * I am not a Javascript (or Dart for that matter) web developer, so there will almost certainly be a better way of doing things. * I despise the entity-based rendering model employed by the likes of Phaser, MelonJS, etcetc, so I loosely replicated a simplistic XNA-like model. It's highly likely that said entity-based rendering model is common for a reason. * I started with documenting and then…kinda fell off. If things are lengthy or unclear, just ask, I'll get back to documenting it at some point. * I built this for my use, ie, it will likely have a few quirks (or may even be just plain bad). Again, ask if anything is unclear. You can use this for whatever you feel the need to render on. As far as licensing goes, do whatever you please with it, however I'd greatly appreciate anybody who could share their improvements or upgrades to it. I'd also appreciate any error reports provided. I've tried this with rendering 1000 sprites and it maintained 60 FPS even on my phone, however, I've not done extensive testing beyond framerate checks. Anyway Renderer class: http://pastebin.com/7FPpKfmB SpriteBatch class: http://pastebin.com/As5CiaRZ Texture class: http://pastebin.com/Jx5tyJCg Sample Game Loop: http://pastebin.com/HarJJWku How to use: * Create a HTML Document * Load all of the provided classes into said document with script tags * Add a canvas tag, give it an ID * Create a main.js file/script tag and stick your sample game loop AFTER loading the provided classes * Replace the canvas ID within **var** canvas = document.getElementById("{HERE}"); * ??? * Profit! Load your textures as such texTest = **new** Texture(renderer, "relative/filepath/here.png"); And draw them by putting them in between the spriteBatch.begin() and spriteBatch.end(). spriteBatch.draw(texTest, { x: i, y: 50, width: 26, height: 32 }, { x: 0, y: 0, width: 26, height: 32 }); The first argument is the Texture object, the second is a destination rectangle (pass it in as it is or things will go strange! I am lazy and didn't implement any way of checking this) and the second is a texture source rectangle.
  10. Right now, I have ![](http://i.imgur.com/oPQHgFc.png) I might like Fire Emblem a bit too much Before that, I used (just to keep this small-ish) >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/jGVPg06.png) ![](http://i.imgur.com/Alub9Bo.png) ![](http://i.imgur.com/FxwJ8fL.jpg)
  11. Exception

    The "ban wave"

    @'Mohenjo: > I'm not saying if it was good riddance or not and that has nothing to do with it being a ban wave, to me, 3 bans in a week is a wave, take that how you will, ya'll will probably take it as a bash against the staff when it's not, nor is it saying it shouldn't have happened, I'm just saying it was a wave. If you want a comparison, if you rob 5 cars over a year vs 5 cars in a week, you'll call the 5 in a week a spree. (Maybe I should call it a ban spree? Would that make ya'll happy?) …I can't even begin to address the illogical...absurdity towards likening car robbery to bans. (…just take the whole list, and work it out yourself, I've already exhausted myself from this post alone: [Logical Fallacies](https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/))
  12. Exception

    RTE 91

    Should be simple; one of the things there is Nothing. Open up your IDE and get to that point and hover over TempPlayer(index), TempPlayer(index).buffer and buffer() and see what could possibly be null. Once you've determined that, come back. ~ (edit: or, if you want to forgo that "come back" step entirely, figure out where what's null should be set and ensure that's being called before you try to use it.)
  13. Exception

    The "ban wave"

    @'Mohenjo: > Die, this kind of was a wave, there were about 3 bans in a week, that's what people were calling a wave, sure you can say 5 in a year, but 3 in a week can be considered a wave. no, that's people sticking their noses in matters that do not concern them and blowing it out of proportion. Whether it happened in a week or spread over several months doesn't matter, the simple fact is that the catalyst for their bans occurred and they were all justified. Good riddance, I say.
  14. @'Marsh': > He is looking for a team not advice on how to build one. A lot of good times with friends building a game started just like this. "friends" that aside, the OP makes it pretty clear they they want to build a team to hopefully eventually develop commercial games, what's wrong with me pointing out what I can see is wrong to help that chance?
  15. This will come across as blunt, my intent is not of a personal attack so please do not take it as such. Please do read this in careful detail and think over it for a little while before replying. * * * I would've thought it a bit…obvious, truth be told, but eh, we can go from the top: * You have 14 available positions in total, even a good amount of tech startups don't have this kind of requirement. Creating a big team where you're asking for volunteer work is a surefire recipe for disaster: people simply will not fully commit, you will create dependency loops where somebody cannot function without somebody else having done something, inevitably with no aligned view, there will be internal conflict. * Of these available positions, a good amount of them are…silly. Following: * Storyboard writer? Why do you need 3 of them, let alone 1? You writing something inspired by Tolstoy or something? For a small-time game, it's not that hard to come up with a cohesive story amongst your team or even by yourself. * Artists? You only need 1\. Having 2 just asks for conflicting styling (contrary to what it might look like, asking them to standardise their styles _is_ a big ask for artists). * Web Dev is acceptable, however I'd argue that it can be consolidated into something else as a large bulk of the work will come from initial development, you just rely on semi-regular content upkeep from there. * Mappers? 4? This is silly. Why do you need 4 mappers and then still need more content creators on top of that? Just go for 2/3 well rounded content developers. * You only need 1 programmer. * See Mappers @ Item/Armour etc creator. * Planner? I don't understand, why do you need a "planner"? What are **you** doing, then, if not managing projects at the very least? * Actually, seriously, what on Earth are you doing? You've listed your skillset, yet you don't appear to be filling any given role? And don't give me a generic "bit of everything" answer. Really, what needs to happen here is a good amount of consolidation. You should need no more than a developer and a programmer (and maybe an artist) starting out, you can upscale as you go. Now to generally address the opening post: * "I'm looking for a dedicated team to work on the first game". What is it? Reading the topic tells me you don't actually have anything planned, so this is nothing more than a group of people getting together to spin ideas. Ideas are cheap. * "The team will sit down, brainstorm ideas and finally the story writers will put it all together. Once this is done, the rest of the team (including myself) will work on our respected areas to build the game as efficiently as possible.". Surefire way to build up zero momentum and lose it before it's even started. Just get working on a prototype. * The bit about yourself, I don't really care that much about your qualifications, I just want to know what you'll bring to the table. What do I gain by working with you instead of however many other people I know want to team up and do something. * Long-term goal is hilariously open-ended and doesn't tell me much about direction. * Short-term goals are…obvious. Tell us a bit more than what you should hopefully have to show for a years work, regardless. * Your eligibility conditions for candidates is an impossible standard to attain. * "No pay now, but maybe later". Nononono. You either set up for one thing or the other. Profit or for fun. Don't bring expectations that potentially cannot be realised into the mix. If your intention is profit, you should invest as such and I'll just say that you won't get much success out of hobbyist development forums, anyway. As it stands right now, this topic is no different than anything I've seen in the past x years on creating the super team where everybody will magically agree and everything will be roses and sunshine and you'll fart out a game every x instances. If you can address all of these points, things will look a lot more cohesive to me.
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