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  1. I'm on Windows 10, generally a 64 bit system, laptop. I have used the "install_eo_runtimes" file I have used in the past. I don't know if I ever got Eclipse up and running on this laptop to be honest. Server seems to start up fine, but when I try to open my client I get Title or error : Launcher Run-time error `429`: ActiveX component can't create object.
  2. lel

    DX7 versus DX8

    From my observation programers only mention subtle changes in the language.In lame terms to one that does not speak programing language….. Pants become trousers, stop becomes halt. Going from DX7 to DX8 should be the same except in areas that handle graphics. I would expect some kind of performance drop in areas like speed. Now all that above is only from what it looks like from my perspective. I have very little actual experience handling the matters in switching ATM. What I can say from personal experience is if you want something like shadows/shade, light beams, and such... You're going to have to switch... I saw a single tutorial on switching to alpha channels ( which is responsible for a lot of work that DX8 does) but I think I noticed a lot of people say it would slow your game down a lot. Personally I messed with DX7 from day one (on these forums) It didn't take too long before I started getting told that I need to switch to DX8 for some of the things I needed/wanted (literally a couple of maps) .
  3. This is the first time I ran into a programer that worked so fast in a long time. Good personality, honest. More than fair pricing. Back off! I'm not sharing him!
  4. I'll be honest ( no one is going to like me saying this.) but I'd pay for an upgraded,**stable** version of eclipse, in an updated and easier to learn version of VB. The problem? I'd want the source. I can't imagine you'd give the source out either (despite being willing to buy it.) If you were, then I don't think the quality of your work would be that good then. There allot of other issues too. Like how much would you actually sell someone elses work for? **Because no matter what you say**, some of someone elses work is going to be in there. **How are you going to prove all the work is yours and yours alone?** This list continues…...
  5. Should be hard making the engine "not free"
  6. **Work to be done:** Mainly a 2.3 event system to be upgraded to 3.0\. It would be nice to get the system upgraded from DX7 to DX8, but I'm willing to work without this. **Will you be willing to pay?:** I pay well often **Can you vouch for me: (Optional)** I guess I could after I see your work. **Skype ID: I PM'd you** **Engine: EO custom build of two engines combined.**
  7. So do we have any tutorials to convert our DX7 projects to DX8? if not I don't imagine there is a youtube video on it or anything is there?
  8. This is looking like the best engine in the custom engines IMO (and I really don't care what others think) It just has so much potential. It's scary…. Although.... I have not bug tested this in a while......
  9. I would add a quick thing to goto to see everything eclipse mega has.
  10. Keep going, its getting there. I feel like you started something you won't be able to finish. If you do finish it though. Others will have to work extra hard to keep up.
  11. I like all the positive support everyone is giving him. I agree, its not the best work, but good job! You can still see a lot of effort in this.
  12. > This is gonna end like EA and ER. > > Starting with fast and many updates, then after a few weeks maybe months, you realise this is "Meh…" > > I might not be a coder, but what's the difference between this "Mirage" and Eclipse Origins (except the Scripting and the features) ? I agree allot of other people probably feel the same way you do. I can't say this is a good way to motivate someone into doing better work. "(except the Scripting and the features) ?" Umm….. isn't that exactly what would make it different than Eclipse Origins? That's like asking someone to explain what the difference is between red and blue (except the color and the uses.) I seriously do not want to get into a philosophical debate about the differences between red and blue, and I really don't care. My point is that you took out the differences and asked him to give you more differences. I feel like you should have said something like "for example : 3.0, C:DE added DX8, another engine added "particles." I have to say I wish I didn't see so many buggy engines here made by Deathbeam, I'd be lying if I said its not a little discouraging.
  13. this Engine is fun. I'll be sad if it's ever left unfinished.
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