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    White screen

    @jcsnider JC this is why I take people so literal in real life. Part of me said " I shut my computer down though! That should be the same thing! I freaking reinstalled my runtimes! I even got the crappy Direct X and updated it! I am getting sick of this! aaaaaannnnnnnnddddddd....... here we have smart ol' JC saying just reset your computer........ whatever...... I'll try literally just resetting my computer" So now I want to know why shutting my computer down and leaving it for half an hour to an hour alone didn't work but simply resetting did...... Oh and JC if you're still there at all reading this old topic..... bite me..... Robin was always better than you and I considered him my best friend! #insidejoke
  2. I think half of my time building my game I spent just trying to find resources where I didn't have to worry about getting copy right claim or if I wanted to change to charging for my game some how I wouldn't have to be worried about all of my profits going bye bye. Nice of you to add these.
  3. Thats pretty cool you got it in steam and playable from a browser. Can I be a little jealous?
  4. Found a topic with a different runtimes file "Eclipse Engines To use, download the engine, extract it, and install the Runtimes" That fixed my issue...
  5. I'm on Windows 10, generally a 64 bit system, laptop. I have used the "install_eo_runtimes" file I have used in the past. I don't know if I ever got Eclipse up and running on this laptop to be honest. Server seems to start up fine, but when I try to open my client I get Title or error : Launcher Run-time error `429`: ActiveX component can't create object.
  6. @'c0ke': > As a developer you are a problem solver, not a superhero. If the effective way to solve your problem is to google it, why the hell wouldn't you :) > > Full disclosure: I've been working as a Java Developer for the last 8 and a half years, so I'd say my perspective is accurate. Hope that helps, > > Liam Oh cool Liam. Neat to know you use the language professional. @everyone else, I've really been enjoying programming and I have a lot of you here to thank for that. The 2D eclipse program has helped me a lot, even though I didn't learn how to code my own game like I really intended initially. This community inspired me me to learn coding. Thank you everyone.
  7. Thanks a lot for your feed back guys. Really helped me out a lot. I'm surrounded by people that can program entire 2D video games from straight memory.
  8. While I'm programming I'll generally have to have to look at one of my old projects where I have done something like what I have forgot or google something like "in java how to create new text file in specific folder"; even though, I've probably done something like that 40 times. I know there are different levels of talents among people, but I feel like before I consider myself a decent programmer I should be able to do a certain amount of things before I have to look it up on google or whatever. I don't know what do you guys think? Currently a little disappointed with myself its been a while (years) and I still can't draw graphics or set up a server without following some tutorial.
  9. I think any one that has talked to me personally has heard me say something like… " You know I like Eclipse, and I appreciate what it does, but I wish I could make my own 3D game. By the time I'll be able to make my own 3D game there will be some big new thing like actual Virtual Reality, for holographic gaming; where then, no one will really care to here about my game." So of course, I look at this and my jaw just drops... I'm seriously that impressed. Personally I'm not even sure why you looked at my game at all. This is really impressive and I'll want to ask some simple questions about your complex game when we get the chance to talk!
  10. Yeah every time I learn something new I go back to my old projects and try to clean up my work that was already graded. I'm doing good in the class now. I am two weeks a head of the class schedule and all A's.
  11. Thanks a lot for the encouragement!
  12. Its still impressive. Especially from the viewpoint or skill level that I stand at. I can make you a calculator on command prompt which is a little like saying " I can draw you a mean stick figure."
  13. It's got to the point where when I program, when I run into an annoying bug…. I can't stop working on it, I HAVE TO FIX IT! I've really started to dive head in to programming...... and I have to say..... Holy cow all you programmers out there are really under appreciated. Really want to say sorry to Robin. I can understand how come you would want to move on to better and bigger things now. Dax... was making his own OS.... omg I really had no idea how cool that was or what it meant until now. Wow.... now I have to admit I really miss when this place was filled with all kinds of programmers trying to promote the idea of making bigger and better changes. . So shout out to all you programmers!
  14. This was just 1 part of three parts I had to turn in. There was an error found ( my professor made a program to read pseudocode and check it for errors lol) The program found that I forgot to declare assessmentValues ( this is so great I actually understand what that means! Before this class I had no idea about anything with programming.) Combining all three parts of the assignment, I made a A, but just barely.
  15. We have only been taught some very bare basics like variables and modules. We have not yet been taught how to actual write and run a program yet. I was hoping someone here with programming knowledge would look at this and tell me what they think. Property Tax It is suppose to make use of modules, ask the user for actual value of land, and call a module to calculate assessment value, and display the result, then call another module to calculate the property tax and display that result. How does this look to you guys? ``` Module main() Declare Real actualValue1 Display "Enter actual value of land." Input actualValue1 Declare Real assessmentValues Call getAssessmentValue (actualValue1) Declare Real propertyTaxation Call PropertyTaxation (assessmentValues) End Module Module PropertyTaxation(Real assessmentValues) Declare Real propertyTaxation Set propertyTax = (assessmentValues / 100) * 0.64 Display "Property tax is:", propertyTaxation End Module Module getAssessmentValue(Real value) Set assessmentValues = value * 0.60 Display "Assessment value is:", assessmentValues End Module ```
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