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  1. I'm looking for a longtime partners; specifically a Programmer as well as a potential 2nd Artist to continue to build and develop Dawn of Light with me. The engine I am using is based on Eclipse Reborn. All of my tilesets and sprites are custom (and continually being updated as I go along). Inspiration(s) in Short: EverQuest (Environment), D&D (Standards), Ashen Empire (Crafting), Dragon Age: Origins (Story), Berserk Manga (Story). Concept: The player awakens injured at a refuge where they have been cared for and are led slowly as they explore, learning that they are part of an outlawed order. Historically the order was formed as a final attempt to suppress an undead, and demonic invasion after a tear in the realm opened a gateway to a spirit plane. The order was able to successfully close the planer rift by fighting its way into this spirit realm, forming a last stand and holding the swarm of demons off long enough for the arcane sorcerers to conjure a permanent barrier sealing the outer plane from this realm once again. Now outlawed with defamation, labeled a cult; the player must retrace their story and uncover truths and the fate of the lands as they are haunted by remnant spirits. Well known areas explored by the player change at random as they progress, from seemingly lush and colorful lively hood - to darkness seeping in, water turns to blood, ground turns to bodies of the dead, and said spirits continue to challenge the player as they develop.
  2. Some more work put into the interior. How am I looking so far, have I gone too dark with the floor?
  3. Doodads and destructables update:
  4. I like that a lot. With some minor coding, you could incorporate an ambient sound near the stations too, and then a sound effect for an item being crafted. The forge is next on my list after I get some doodads going to fill the room here. The fire would look good in constant animation with a glow, and then when animated in use it would be simple to animate a glowing piece of metal being hammered into shape.
  5. Thanks Mohenjo! Lol do it. I enjoy the way that the animations add a bit of fun to the process. I like to imagine a new player making their first few kills and seeing that they have materials to work with, and being able to craft those pieces into starter armor in a few simple steps without a huge learning curve, while crafting becomes eventually more advanced for quality.
  6. Just a small thing to share, I'm working on interiors for Dawn of Light now, which means crafting stations! I want them all to be animated so it's a bit of a process. Here is a video of my loom station in progress!
  7. Good evening! I've done some searching and I have found other posts with players looking for ways to change their player's class in game. I've found references to switches but I'm at a loss on how to get them to work without a good guide or video tut. I'm currently looking to handle class changes by doing a simple edit to the source if possible. My goal is that a player may approach any guild (by triggering an event) at any time to change their class by simply entering and accepting in dialogue. Example: Event Dialogue Example 2: Event Dialogue I'm currently creating a separate block under "Add Command" located in the image below for "Change Class" which would be triggered by "Show Choices": Example 3: Add Command Trouble is, I can't write code from scratch and I don't have a writer for my project yet. Does anyone have the time for guidance to help me get this to work? It's the next priority for Dawn of Light to get something close to a playable alpha together by early summer.
  8. Once again, I've picked up on my epic long struggle to develop Dawn of Light's GFX. Currently, I am revamping the entire tile set I had been producing earlier, my current goal is to polish my shading technique so that it compliments my art style and use it then onward for a perfected tile set. Below is an image showing the before and after development thus far, please respond with your thoughts & suggestions. ![](http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/6333/34261222pa3.png)
  9. With the release of EE2.7, and the wonderful product it is - I've once again begun to work on Dawn of Light and its custom GFX PD set. My reason for making this post, is that I'm looking for a couple opinions. Currently, these are my completed weapon varieties: **Melees Have:** one-handed weapons / one-handed weapon + shield / two-handed weapons ranged weapons (bows) **Hybrids have:** one-handed weapons / two-handed weapons ranged weapons (bows) **Casters have:** two-handed weapons (staves) Obviously, casters are in need of further variety. The difficult part is that, the PD sheet only has so much room for graphics (and my sheet is nearly full) I can only fit 2 more weapon types in. One item I was considering was a "Vambrace", or a small caster shield which favors the wrist. Vambrace would have lower stat bonuses, but grants that extra armor a caster could use for protection, especially in PvP. Other than casters wielding a staff, what weapon style would you like to see as an alternative? A) Orb / Vambrace (orb has very little melee damage, but grants great bonuses to stats) B) Dagger / Vambrace (dagger is balanced between fair melee damage and stats) C) Dagger / Orb (fair melee damage, higher stat bonus than wielding a staff) D) Wand / Vambrace (wand grants good stats - however less than an orb, also grants magical ranged attack) E) Other - please share With wands, ranged combat wouldn't be limited to archer type classes - however I would ensure that archer classes would still be the masters at ranged combat. Thank you.
  10. And I named him "Jude" ![](http://a33.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/2/l_29ee1f0c3047e0f138f46e744de1aa68.jpg) ![](http://a283.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/110/l_83cc3c56b7b5799acf8706f5444b760a.jpg) ![](http://a262.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/100/l_90c62ed975654d304ea90a4dc453c6dd.jpg) And after his bath: ![](http://a265.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/109/l_18d3b99fc88f355affc30dd11f8295c8.jpg) He is a little over a year old, raised at the Native American Reservation in Wyoming. Half Chow, Half German Sheppard.
  11. This isn't a polished video, I just threw it together to show a technique in MS Paint. [Pixel Siphing](http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=29868081) (Don't forget the full screen option at the bottom right of the vid) Out of curiosity, how many of you are familiar with this technique and if not, how many of you did this help? Thanks!
  12. Created a few bordering styles in MS Paint, added it as well as tied in a little gif animation to stick the banner out as a website link. Thoughts? Old: ![](http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/3396/bannertb2.png) New: [![](http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/5848/banner2fc2.gif)](http://dawnoflight.biz.ly/)
  13. Dawn of Light's current development is being focused on Paperdolling, so far I've accomplished quite a bit. Acknowledging the amount of hours I've literally spent in MS paint thus far is fairly depressing, however I think it's working out quite well. Below is a link to a video with the weapon's I've completed so far, This doesn't include the many different helmets, shields and armor I've done as well. After I completely fill up Dawn of Light's PD sheet with items and polish them all, I will create a more full, detailed & informational video for everyone to check out. *****Update***** - Additional video included to display Helmet PD's current state. Please keep in mind that these items are still in alpha stage of their art and will be polished prior to my final video. *****Update***** - Additional video included to display basic item sets current state. These visuals are incomplete because there may be a need for some recoloring and sizing. I also haven't included armor yet because I'm waiting until I have a larger selection built up to display. Feel free to drop a bit of feedback whether there is something you would like to see changed, find a mistake in my art or something you would just like to see more of in another video. Thank you! [Current Weapons 2-17-08](http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=28449025) [Current Helmets 2-18-08](http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=28577508) [Basic Sets (incomplete) 2-21-08](http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=28761101) *****NEW***** [Chain & Plate PDs 3-8-08](http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=29891193) NOTE: I didn't include arms and hands in the armor because I plan to eventually add a "Gauntlet" equipment slot, as well as PD at a later time. Also to note, because of the pixel clusters in the CHAIN equipment pieces, there is discoloring. For example the first armors equipped flop colors, in game these are actually solid matched colors. **(Don't forget the full screen option at the bottom right corner of the vid)** Soon to come: Leather & Cloth Please let me know what you think so far :) Thanks! (sorry for the quality, but these videos are simply to show current progress of Dawn of Light's PD sheet. After completion, a fully detailed and blur-free video will be hosted for download. The final video will also show mixing of the sets; wearing varieties of weapons - shields - helmets - armor together while combating a few of my sprites) By all means if you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to ask or state them. I'm always open to new ideas :)
  14. Vortigem

    Baron's EE1

    Does anyone else have a hard time trying to compile this after a source mod? I can't get it to create an exe.
  15. A lot of the posts I've been reading lately have been much less supportive, some even turn discouraging, degrading, negative and bottom line disappointing. Our community was once far more friendly than it is now. I remember when I first joined 2-3 years ago as Drakkel, I was heavily drawn to the community because of its enthusiasm, support and plain old fun. Has anyone else noticed a change or is it just me?
  16. I'd like to place a square section over an image on my main menu so that when a player clicks it, his or her internet browser launches and is directed to the Dawn of Light website. Does anyone know how I could make this work and if so, where do I start? Thank you!
  17. –Removed-- Graphics and information out dated.
  18. Is going to be free to download, free to play (micro-payments) - cartoon style. I'm stoked! http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/%5C
  19. I've deemed Dawn of Light's graphics too simplistic and plain. There is no bulk, it lacks consistent shade, thorough detail and region defined style. Because of this, I will be initiating an ulterior. I will be removing my entire graphic set, and completely revamping everything. The majority of my tiles will be re-created from scratch. I've developed a new art style and polished my own abilities. With that, I've also brought new designs to paper, I've done sketch artwork for many re-designs and examples of various buildings, towns, environments & vegetation. Not only am I revamping Dawn of Light's artwork, I'm also starting the world from scratch using an organized mapping pattern with a further detailed documentation, while following new sketches for a more natural feel to the game. Because of these changes, it's safe to say that you won't see or hear any updates from Dawn of Light for what may be several months. I feel that this radical change is necessary for the games long term development and well being. Some of you are unfamiliar with my project, others haven't interest in it what so ever. I made this post for those who do notice my work.
  20. ![](http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/9134/marshkc5.gif) Hope this redeems myself.
  21. Hey guys, I'm working on a side project at the moment and I'm hoping that there are a few of you out there that may have a few "Classic" looking sprites, items & tiles. By classic I mean pre-RMXP, stuff that looks like Final Fantasy 4-6 ish. Blocky, pixely, stuff that just looks really oldschool. This is essentially the 2D art Mirage started out on. If you have any of the above and or no where I can find some resources, please reply to my post! Thanks :)
  22. Update: So I've been working on the Keep / Castle entrance, and I've got to say… I'm am incredibly frustrated with how difficult its been to develop this part. Its not simply the drawing, or the entire hour it takes to properly lay the map down with all the wretched layering effects & attributes, its also the fact that my tiles went off center in the process and I had to go through each tile / set one by one and re-align them. Not only that but the power to my house hiccuped and I lost about an hours worth of work at one point. And now my fist is bandaged from beating my wall >_< *sigh* so now that I've had my rant, I present to you - the prototype tileset for the guild Keep / Castle entrance. I know a few things are off alignment, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was and I'm tired as hell. Fixing those little parts are going to have to wait until tomorrow. ![](http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/4070/entrancezd8.png) If anyone could leave a comment about how they feel it's coming a long so far, I'd appreciate it. Now, I'm going to have a beer, cook some pasta & crash! Thank you! ************************************************************************ Update: I've completed the first prototype for the Guild Keep tileset. This prototype is of towers & walls. Please see the video, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjRx54o5nFM ************************************************************************ Hey guys, I wanted to make a post DoL's current development, and I'm looking for ideas on perfecting this! :) Originally I wanted to wait a while longer on developing this feature, but I've been thinking about it so much I couldn't wait any longer. I've finally begun art development of Guild Keeps (basically small castles). In Dawn of Light, there will be unclaimed Keeps scattered about the world, each one is unique in it's own way. The idea is to bring Guild vrs Guild combat to a new level, inspired by Dark Age of Camelot. A guild can go into this unclaimed Keep and conquer it, claiming it for themselves. The bonuses (for the entire guild) controlling a keep will be: -a Private Banking system -a Private Spawn Point -a safe resting area among a world wide PvP environment -+3% currency gain per keep (if a guild controls three keeps, they'll have +9% currency gain total) There will also be 3 ancient relics directly related to the game's lore, hidden deep within the most dangerous dungeons of the game (they are 1 time spawns) a guild can capture these items and return them to their keep artifact room gaining guild-wide bonuses: Relic 1 - +5% dmg bonus (melee & spells) Relic 2 - -5% dmg taken reduction Relic 3 - +5% critical chance (melee & spells) Now, no guild permanently owns any-one keep, a guild can actually commence siege upon another guild's Keep and if conquered, they can claim it for their own! With that, guilds will have to protect their keeps well. If a guild is strong enough they can capture multiple Keeps, however if they spread themselves too thin, they may not have the forces to defend each Keep from rival guilds. Motivation for guilds to be active in PvP warfare, is to capture & keep control of the Ancient Relics (boosting morale & strengthening their forces), enhancing their development by increasing their wealth through controlling more Keeps, and broadening their control by expanding into new territories. If a guild uses a strategy and sticks to it, they could actually be successful in controlling multiple Keeps in one section of a continent, claiming that entire territory as their own and setting their own laws for other players & guilds that enter that territory. If a group of guilds work together, they could potentially aid each other in the captures of many Keeps, or even all the Keeps throughout the lands creating an actual empire - dividing sections of land for themselves to govern. While a situation like this might be considered unfair, I wouldn't intervene because I feel that after a certain point of time, players would grow tired of being controlled - leading to an unexpected & underestimated guild to emerge, led by some of the more skillful players looking to make a difference and standing up against the existing empire. The thoughts of the endless scenarios leave me on the edge my my seat! I'm extremely excited to develop this feature and am putting my pixeling abilities to their limits for this initial Keep design. Other than to share this development with the community, I also wanted to ask if anyone has ideas & suggestions on making Keep Combat more interesting, dangerous and strategic. Questions are also welcome! Some of the features I have so far: -Players can fire arrows off the main walls onto the players below -Sieging guilds have to break through not only the main gates, but the Main keep doors as well. -Towers connecting to the main walls will be accessible What sort of things would you like to see in the game?
  23. Just displaying some of Dawn of Light's maps, as they are in the games current state. DoL alpha testers won't notice a lot new in these pictures, because the majority of my art development has been going towards Sprites, Items & most recently, cave & shore tiles. ![](http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/2452/shop1zo5.gif) ![](http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/9742/shop2zb1.gif) ![](http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7396/96220601qa0.png) ![](http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/9721/55670131gd1.png) ![](http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/8265/11500456ld6.png) ![](http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/2627/60043875oi1.png) ![](http://img107.imageshack.us/img107/1853/53156649ex4.png) ![](http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/8589/58601637jm4.png) ![](http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/8615/73901720du0.png) ![](http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/7693/shorede4.gif) My cave tileset needs to be redrawn, however I think my shore tiles came out quite well :D
  24. I'm currently using EE 2.5 and I'm trying to get skills to work on my game, more specifically mining. However, my attempts are failing to work and half the time I'm receiving the "RTE9" error >_< Could anyone share advice on how I can set this up correctly? Thank you!
  25. Hey guys, I'm converting my game from TE to EE2.5 and am having difficulty with animations now. I haven't seen anything on it so I created a video example showing whats going on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKelKmQ53SA Does anyone know the fix, possible fixes or what the cause is? Thanks a lot!
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