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  1. @DarkDino Thanks man! Btw, congrats on DarkStory. I just checked it out. It looks nice. Btw, I'm still available for hire. Just shoot me an email [email protected] or msg me on Discord. (Username is Abhi#2075. Same email) :)
  2. Heya there peeps, I'm not sure if many people will remember me, but I used to be pretty active on these forums from 2012-2016. Got pretty good at VB6 and worked on a couple of people and also on Nin Online along with Seth and Rory. (Do checkout the game) I left the forums and worked on other projects and in other languages. But VB6 and Eclipse will always be close to my heart. Though it's been ages since I've coded in VB6, I'm pretty familiar with the language and the engine. If anyone needs work done you can hit me up with an email on [email protected]. I'm not sure how my notification settings for this forum are, so PMing her me might not be of much use. Rates depends upon the work that you need done. I can do full feature addition as well bug fixes. [Here](https://www.eclipseorigins.com/topic/1739/a-programmer-for-hire) is a link to a post I created long back on this forums. It's got a bunch of vouches from back then, not sure if that means anything. Cheers. :)
  3. abhi2011

    Yuko banned.

    I'm still not sure why people don't care much of the DB being stolen. It's your data that Yuko has. She's stolen it to create her own forums. Who knows what she might do next. What if she dumps the database in some hidden part of the internet. Your data gets leaked and there (most probably) will be people who'd be ready to 'de-hash' (read bruteforce) the password.
  4. When I said "**A packet for that isn't needed.**", what I actually meant was that it isn't always necessary to request data to be sent. Consider the list of items of the game. This is sent when the client is authenticated and logs in. It really isn't 'requested'. It just gets sent, once. The list is updated and sent to the clients only when an admin modifies any item. In the context of an auction list, it's easier and better to actually have request packets.
  5. @'Diefool': > **also need CRequestAuctions (A packet from client to server requesting this list)** and they need to interact. Have you done anything like this before to understand communications? A packet for that isn't ~~needed~~ necessary. [EDIT: [url=http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/thread-85838-post-946434.html#pid946434]What I actually meant] To the OP: Do you send a packet with header 'SSendAuctions' from the server to the client? > When i rename the func "HandleSendAuctions" to another existing, it´s gonna called.. Do you mean you change the name of the function or the 'GetAddress(AddressOf) part? ``` HandleDataSub(SSendAuctions) = GetAddress(AddressOf HandleSendAuctions) ```^ That should be InitMessages and should be called when the game first initializes and not at login. Make sure the value of 'HandleDataSub(SSendAuctions)' when it is first assigned and sometime later is the same. P.S I apologize if the font of this post comes out weird.. This post reply editor isn't behaving properly.
  6. abhi2011

    Server Loop

    @'Growlith1223': > you can use my tutorial and you won't ever have to restart your comp, look for the Fix Tick Initialization fix on the forums! You'd have to restart after 40 days or so, right? GetTickcount returns a unsigned 32 bit int, and eventually (after around 40 days) it should overflow
  7. abhi2011

    Map Converter

    If this still hasn't been fixed, I'd like to butt in and suggest a possible fix. You say the error come from **OldMap.Tile(x, y).Ground**. I think it's because you're not loading the old maps properly. ``` ' Get the old file F = FreeFile Open FileName For Binary As #F Get #F, , OldMap Close #F ```In Eclipse, the Maps are saved by dumping every variable manually and not the entire structure because there is a variable sized array (the Tile array in Map). So, you'll have to load the OldMap each variable at a time like ``` f = freefile open file name for binary as #f get #f, , oldmap.Name . . . close #f ```You can get the loading code from server side map loading, if you don't want to type it all over again. You'll have to save the map the same way, one variable at a time.
  8. @'Growlith1223': > you do realize that even .NET Environment.TickCount also has the issue of going negative? > > also if you're using getTickCount OR timeGetTime in .net then you need to learn how to code in .net > both getTickCount and timeGetTime have the issue of roll-backing into a negative value, ere-go crashing everything. You can use unsigned ints or go for a long for the API calls. And, Enviorment.TickCount's MSDN page provides a way of converting the negative to a >0 value.
  9. They come from the base engine. All those players require their own chunk of memory and processing times. The original engine was never written with 100s of players at a time. Maybe 20-30\. It'll start failing bit by bit by that time.
  10. I'm guessing you could reach somewhere at 30-40 with heavy optimizations and bug fixing. But, I don't think any base engine will support more than that. I've worked on Nin, and the only reason it is able to support so many players because of the time invested in fixing many of its problems. Last I remember, we got 100+ on a single server after which a second server was deployed. (I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. Seth might be able to clarify more) 1000+ players is beyond this realm. You'll be deploying multiple servers by that time (assuming you get the funds to get yourself a programmer to do that) I honestly think you should give up on Eclipse and find yourself a more powerful engine written in a more modern language. VB6 is super old and support for it is waning away day by day.
  11. I don't really know the best game engines out there but I do know a few base versions, off of which all the other versions were made. I'd like to answer your queries step-by-step. 1) Most of the engines here have the Event System based off of RPG Maker's. It has a bunch of features that make the entire game making process much more smoother. Though, be warned that the event system is a big, giant mess under the hood. Like Seth said, it can cause really big problems for big games. 2) Most Engines here are stable from what I know. They shouldn't crash if you plan to have around 5-10 or maybe even 15 players. Though, have more than that and you'll start running into all sorts of weird, undocumented and really, really hard to fix errors. 3) As far as support is concerned, many Engines get their time in the lime light and then quickly lose support. This is mainly due to their creators losing interest and/or not wanting to spend time on something that won't ever give them returns. 4) If VB6 can handle that many maps, you can surely have that many. But, I really don't think this will happen. 5) You can do that. 6) I' m guessing, you mean the code base for an engine. Well, there will be bits and pieces of every engine that'll be ripped off of from some other guy. From what I've read, this plagiarism has been going from since the beginning. 7) –- 8) --- 9) You can restrict PvP to diff maps in every single Engine here. 10) Nope. Can't do that without source edits. Most bug fixes and features for any engine here will require you to pay up. That's how it is unfortunately. :(
  12. You can follow the tutorial at this link -> http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/thread-154-post-938057.html#pid938057 It'll allow you to screenshot either the entire rendered screen or the map. For screenshotting the map, just create a new RenderTarget texture and render your map to it. Then, save that texture using SaveDirectX8SurfToFile or SaveDirectX8TextureToFile. This allows for exporting to .jpeg, .bmp or .png Another way to accomplish the same thing, without the use of modAdvTex.bas, is to use the SaveTextureToFile method in the Direct3DX class. Though, textures can be exported ONLY to .bmp files.
  13. What exactly is the error? You just showed us a highlighted line. For all I know, that's not an error, just a pic of the next line of execution.
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