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  1. I'm on Windows 10, generally a 64 bit system, laptop. I have used the "install_eo_runtimes" file I have used in the past. I don't know if I ever got Eclipse up and running on this laptop to be honest. Server seems to start up fine, but when I try to open my client I get Title or error : Launcher Run-time error `429`: ActiveX component can't create object.
  2. JC…... I think I broke it...... lol =p
  3. What can I say…..? Real friends post "thank you" first. Thank you!
  4. I see, great job on the ani. tiles. I have not played with them yet, but they look great.
  5. English Version: Trying to delete a convo, crashes the Client There is not a "none" button for "class required" in the spells editor. IDK… maybe I am missing it, but where is the option to add a NPC or pet to a spell or even the item? Edit: Is there a way to remove in game menus you bring up?
  6. I love the whole newb friendly Eclipse Engine idea… I just wish people would test these things more... I'm going to break this lol... Give me 10 mins? I'll be right back.... =p
  7. The bug onzinho posted about class changing does happen but only the first time for some reason. I can't get it to happen again. Maybe if I re down load it ?
  8. @daxterxx: > ![](http://i49.tinypic.com/2w6z0i0.jpg) > When scrolling through the different graphics for an event. If the last sprite sheet you viewed is bigger than the one currently on, it trails behind. IDK if it can be fixed or what. Not really a big issue. Nice bug report. I haven't confirmed it myself. But still I think you deserve a "good job"
  9. Wow…. I can't report bugs/glitches with spelling errors every time! That's a lot of work! ANYWAYS found a bug. Turning off sound in the, in game option, doesn't turn off the sound to the new sound system. I know JC... I know..... Sorry I had to..... Edit: If you turn the sound off in the in game menu. The sounds from that map carry on to the town map. I really love the idea, and it actually adds a real in game feel to the map.
  10. I am bug, plz hilp! When You make an event that has a condition under "Conditions" and you make the "Trigger" player touch. and finally…... You make it walk through under "Options." You can still make the it happen without the condition set. What I mean..... ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/WhatImean4.jpg) Now Keep in mind I do not have the item needed for this event. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/fourthbug2.jpg)
  11. @jcsnider: > @Lel: Go ahead and wait until my newest release to give me any more bug reports. Should I read it like this? lol
  12. JC Ihv gletch can U fiks dis? If an event has a move route set as "change graphic" ( as if you were trying to make an animation tile ) You will be unable to walk through it, or see its name despite the option's checked under "Graphic" Its my theory that none of the "Options" would work under this condition. Edit: found out it is not working on my version either. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/ThirdBug2.jpg)
  13. @Likestodraw: > It's looking REALLY amazing! When does it come out like that! I HAVE TOO HAVE IT! > > By the way… > **300th Post! *silent party*** Congrats man, so I guess you were able to get your earlier problems solved?
  14. Hey Daxterxx, that seems like a really cool idea to me too! But it might be a nicer thing for you to PM JC about this in the future instead of using his topic. The sound idea is something I always wanted myself, so wow JC. Fog, and stuff is something everyone has wanted, its like you've answered the prays of many. I was wondering though… about the sound. It is a bit annoying you can hear someone fighting a monster 60 tiles spaces away from you on the same map. So anyway to make that sound be an all around effect? ? Edit: Also it would be very nice of you to add a "send"button ( or something else called "finalize" to the event editor. Switching to the map editor to send info when all you did was change event is not a lot of fun after about 50 event or so =p
  15. @Justn: > Why not just hit 'ok' before 'send'? :p but good tutorial on reporting bugs Its still something JC would want to know about. Its possible that line could cause problems somewhere else. I have no idea how, and he probably doesn't either lol Buts its possible.
  16. Well first I've found a bug. Ok guys to help you report bugs to JC I did this….......... a little tutorial with pictures! Ok well first it starts by me telling him a brief summery. "Hey JC the client crashes when you hit "ok" on on an event that is still open after hitting "send"on the map editor." Then I explain to him what I did to make the error happen; if possible, with pictures. First I made a single event. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/whatImean3.jpg) Then I hit "Send" in the map editor before I hit "Ok" in the event editor. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/whatImean3-2.jpg) Then I hit "Ok" in the event editor. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/whatImean3-3.jpg) After that I give him the details about the error that pop up when running the programs under VB6. I believe you have heard him say a few times he needs "the line," the "number" and how you made the error happen? This is what he means. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/secondbug.jpg) "Then I get these errors."
  17. If that doesn't work. Ask some one here to install (or should I say help you install VB6) then kindly ask JC to teamviewer if you. Make sure all the necessary files are easy to find on you're desktop, properly labled. Then if he agrees to team viewer with you be ready to wait And be patient. I would help you install virtual basics 6\. But I think I installed it wrong and there is no point in the blind leading the blind
  18. @Likestodraw: > It occurs when I try to launch the client. The server has already been launched by now. I believe I SHOULD have DirectX8. > > I just checked and I have DirectX9. Try reinstalling the the event system. Seemed that was part of the problem for me.
  19. @jcsnider: > Do I really need to tell you that doesn't help at all… in any way shape or form. At the VERY least you could give the number. If you wanna go a LITTLE bit more, a line would be nice and I might have a CHANCE to know what is going on. Take a breath….. step back for a second.... Its ok man its ok..... Well IF you do have VB6 and you plan on getting anywhere here.... I agree with JC.... Please learn how to report bugs...... Or don't report them at all. If You don't have VB6...... I'm sorry.... things will be very difficult for you from here on out. JC for what its worth, keep in there man, you're doing great.
  20. @Likestodraw: > I thought it worked when I tried doing PvP in the arena a built, but I could have just been hallucinating. I do that a lot. > Seriously? I checked to see if it was a problem with the original first (before bugging my normal programer telling him its a bug.) However then this happens lol @jcsnider: > overTime is not a variable in sub Playerattackplayer ;) > > It is also needed in 2 different positions ;). > > Needless to say, I have fixed it for him and sent him his own source… once he confirms, this issue is handled. Thank you very much! I will test it asap.
  21. When a player hits another player with a weapon the animation set on that weapon doesn't show. Now I know….... Some of us our S-L-O-W Here are pictures to explain what I mean..... If weapon has animation set on it. ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/Example1.jpg) Animation works on NPC's ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/Example2.jpg) But not on players ![](http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/valiustrigger/Example3.jpg) ( Why I am adding pictures? I someone is so slow they need pictures, IDK. ) Anyone know how to fix this? Edit….. heh.... 100th post. How about that?
  22. I remember when I first asked you if this would be possible, you said " I have no idea " now look… You're doing it! Progress looks great man.
  23. I have to admit I'm lost about this power of two.
  24. @hitman66333: > If the event to the system would add quests, pets and the system works, this new version would be ideal! Well actually a quest system isn't exactly needed given that an event system is in place. @Dr.: > aren't projectiles a little more pressing than pets? Just saying. Well I would agree that projectiles would be just as important. I can't say everyone will agree they are more important then pets because everyone has different goals for thier game.
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