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  1. So, I went to watch your video. 20 seconds of your logo Woohoo. 25 seconds of extremely fast swapping artwork, with very little time per image to actually look at it for what it is in detail. Followed by 30 seconds of your logo. Yay. Followed by about 20 more seconds of fast swapping artwork, again. Followed by your logo, for the remainder of the video. 2 minute video. ~50 seconds of it is actually demonstrating something. In your defense, I had my volume off, so I assume there was a voice-over, but you would want to make something actually to the point.
  2. I **_completely_** misinterpreted the title.
  3. > I would recommend the newest ones, they include the old ones too I believe. Just google DirectX Download > Yes, of course. It is based off eclipse origins, so I'm guessing they used that as the starting engine. Please, do not attempt to help if you have no complete idea about what you're going on about. It's quite detrimental to helping people out. > Where can I download Dx7/8 for Graphics? The DX7/8 for VB6 runtime libraries (dx7vb.dll and dx8vb.dll) are included with the library files that are distributed here. You simply register it as any normal dll/ocx. > Would DirectX11 work for Eclipse VB? No.
  4. I'm open if you're still in need of anything.
  5. > Miracle Reborn, becouse Eclipse Advanced is not supported for looong time. And Eatenbrain is not thieves, only Deathbeam stole some things for his games, but not for engines from what i know. You would say that, considering you are Deathbeam. Yes, we know. Goodbye. Anyway, I recommend neither. We only support Eclipse Origins 2/3, and Eclipse VB here.
  6. I like the chatbox and the buttons, but the panels doesn't really do it any justice. They look a bit disproportionate, especially near the heading where it appears randomly offset. The font should be bold for the headings, too.
  7. Perhaps downloading it, and reading the file conveniently named "Documentation.PDF", exactly as it say on the screenshot, may help? Or, if that's too much of an hassle: [http://glaciate.net/abtest/bin/Documentation.pdf](http://glaciate.net/abtest/bin/Documentation.pdf)
  8. > You really are picky. ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) More OCD, than picky, I guess.
  9. Layout is fine and dandy. There's a single picky little thing that irks me. On your vitals bars, you have them in the order of HP, SP (Which I assume is Skill. Having Spirit would be odd considering Mana's next.) and MP. Further along, you have your panels in the order Spells, then Skills. Now, because I'm particularly picky like that, I would either swap the SP/MP bars to make it consistent, or the Spells/Skills panels for the same reason.
  10. Er. Could've just put a seed based on a manipulated calculation of the system time, for example, in your random function, or some other manipulable variable. ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png) Randomize can have an argument. That argument would be the seed used.
  11. > yes, i agreee with you , you can also use an image converter to change the [formats](http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/vb-net-imaging/document-image-formats/) into more desirable image to suit your need. Heya, it's great that you're being helpful, but in future, please mind the date, as the last reply was from under a year ago. Do keep being helpful, though, it's great to see that. :}
  12. Cleared by request. Carry on as normal. :}
  13. > ![-_-](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//sleep.png) This post looks like shit That is uncalled for. > Ok i'm looking for the following people for my project: > > - pixel artist > > - music composer > > Coding will be handled with VB6 and DirectX7 > > Images will be handled using png Does this look familiar?
  14. > No. > > When trying to use the scroll bar on the right, a bloody overlayer creeps up over the screen when you hit the right side of the screen. Pain in the ass. The start charm only pops up if you scroll directly on the bottom-right and top-right corners, and then proceed to scroll up. You know you can also scroll by actually scrolling the mouse directly right?
  15. > I know everyone says you cant but there is a very messy way to alpha blend in Dx7 I thinks? There's a reason I said "D3D7" in a very small font. *wink*
  16. Exception

    My Pixel Art

    Your pixel art? ![](http://reactionary.glaciate.net/images/hosted/h.gif)
  17. What do you use for drawing? If your program has it (I would hope so), master the pen/bezier tool!
  18. > Name changes, name changes confuse me. Those goddamn name changes. I said "Carim" is about the only one left, but as far as I know you gave up on vb6 so are you re-writing it? Oh, the VB6 development was dropped ages ago. ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png)
  19. > …They all pretty much gave up... I did?
  20. > Wow Who is doing the art for your wallpapers and website? Use Google Image Search, and you'll see. :}
  21. > Np. **It was the first result when I searched** for "C# CRC32 Updater". Zomg.
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