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  1. I'm looking for a longtime partners; specifically a Programmer as well as a potential 2nd Artist to continue to build and develop Dawn of Light with me. The engine I am using is based on Eclipse Reborn. All of my tilesets and sprites are custom (and continually being updated as I go along). Inspiration(s) in Short: EverQuest (Environment), D&D (Standards), Ashen Empire (Crafting), Dragon Age: Origins (Story), Berserk Manga (Story). Concept: The player awakens injured at a refuge where they have been cared for and are led slowly as they explore, learning that they are part of an outlawed order. Historically the order was formed as a final attempt to suppress an undead, and demonic invasion after a tear in the realm opened a gateway to a spirit plane. The order was able to successfully close the planer rift by fighting its way into this spirit realm, forming a last stand and holding the swarm of demons off long enough for the arcane sorcerers to conjure a permanent barrier sealing the outer plane from this realm once again. Now outlawed with defamation, labeled a cult; the player must retrace their story and uncover truths and the fate of the lands as they are haunted by remnant spirits. Well known areas explored by the player change at random as they progress, from seemingly lush and colorful lively hood - to darkness seeping in, water turns to blood, ground turns to bodies of the dead, and said spirits continue to challenge the player as they develop.
  2. Some more work put into the interior. How am I looking so far, have I gone too dark with the floor?
  3. I like that a lot. With some minor coding, you could incorporate an ambient sound near the stations too, and then a sound effect for an item being crafted. The forge is next on my list after I get some doodads going to fill the room here. The fire would look good in constant animation with a glow, and then when animated in use it would be simple to animate a glowing piece of metal being hammered into shape.
  4. Thanks Mohenjo! Lol do it. I enjoy the way that the animations add a bit of fun to the process. I like to imagine a new player making their first few kills and seeing that they have materials to work with, and being able to craft those pieces into starter armor in a few simple steps without a huge learning curve, while crafting becomes eventually more advanced for quality.
  5. Just a small thing to share, I'm working on interiors for Dawn of Light now, which means crafting stations! I want them all to be animated so it's a bit of a process. Here is a video of my loom station in progress!
  6. Good evening! I've done some searching and I have found other posts with players looking for ways to change their player's class in game. I've found references to switches but I'm at a loss on how to get them to work without a good guide or video tut. I'm currently looking to handle class changes by doing a simple edit to the source if possible. My goal is that a player may approach any guild (by triggering an event) at any time to change their class by simply entering and accepting in dialogue. Example: Event Dialogue Example 2: Event Dialogue I'm currently creating a separate block under "Add Command" located in the image below for "Change Class" which would be triggered by "Show Choices": Example 3: Add Command Trouble is, I can't write code from scratch and I don't have a writer for my project yet. Does anyone have the time for guidance to help me get this to work? It's the next priority for Dawn of Light to get something close to a playable alpha together by early summer.
  7. > …so...yes? ![](http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/006/026/futuramafry.jpg)
  8. > …can you make Sonic Games with this? ![:huh:](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//huh.png) It would take some additional modding to create a _spin_ effect while sprinting, hurdling down onto enemies to cause damage etc. However a "sonic" style game is much closer with this source than any other (eclipse wise).
  9. Vortigem


    It's the preferred way. Otherwise you are asking for home/mailing address and personal info. That doesn't go over well with people.
  10. I like the 3d feel, graphics work nicely. Where are you getting your art from? Keep going with it!
  11. You still come to the forums, even though Anna doesn't.
  12. My previous coder left me with an unfinished product after attempting to add 2 additional equipment slots (non-paperdolled). **I need a programmer to do the following:** * Correct/finish adding the 2 additional equipment slots, as well as clean up any found bugs/issues along the way. * Create a resistance attribute for spells (ie: Resist Magic). We can discuss the details in a PM. I'll be paying in cash via paypal, I'll give you the opportunity to name your price based on time/effort and quality of the finished product. I need this source up and running again to continue my development. This specific source is based on Eclipse Reborn (DX8). Cheers.
  13. I tried doing this to a CS:DE based source and I'm receiving Server-side a RTE 9 Subscript out of range whenever the client attempts to log in. Any ideas? I've only added 2 items; Necklace & Ring and followed the tutorial closely. Here is the order: None = 0 Necklace = 1 Helmet = 2 Ring = 3 Armor = 4 Weapon = 5 Shield = 6 Consume = 7 Currency = 8 Spell = 9 Unique = 10 (not that they are necessarily related)
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