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  1. Some more work put into the interior. How am I looking so far, have I gone too dark with the floor?
  2. Doodads and destructables update:
  3. I like that a lot. With some minor coding, you could incorporate an ambient sound near the stations too, and then a sound effect for an item being crafted. The forge is next on my list after I get some doodads going to fill the room here. The fire would look good in constant animation with a glow, and then when animated in use it would be simple to animate a glowing piece of metal being hammered into shape.
  4. Thanks Mohenjo! Lol do it. I enjoy the way that the animations add a bit of fun to the process. I like to imagine a new player making their first few kills and seeing that they have materials to work with, and being able to craft those pieces into starter armor in a few simple steps without a huge learning curve, while crafting becomes eventually more advanced for quality.
  5. Just a small thing to share, I'm working on interiors for Dawn of Light now, which means crafting stations! I want them all to be animated so it's a bit of a process. Here is a video of my loom station in progress!
  6. Good evening! I've done some searching and I have found other posts with players looking for ways to change their player's class in game. I've found references to switches but I'm at a loss on how to get them to work without a good guide or video tut. I'm currently looking to handle class changes by doing a simple edit to the source if possible. My goal is that a player may approach any guild (by triggering an event) at any time to change their class by simply entering and accepting in dialogue. Example: Event Dialogue Example 2: Event Dialogue I'm currently creating
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