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What do YOU want to see in 2.8?


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Build in script editor - like in RPGmaker (you chose and the program writes scripts for you). I know it's almoast impossible but would be funfuckentastic.

And a drag&drop item system - map-map, map-inventory, inventory-inventory. If you know what I mean.
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More generic built-in strings (ex. "You drank a health potion." - what if you arent using potions but bandages or something?).

[Another simple string change](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,18656.0.html)

[Item and class improvements](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,10360.0.html)
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I trongly second shooting npc's.

Also As anna pointed out, some control over hardcoded message text

(If it would matter)
A new tool that would allow editing of main.txt and then saving it to a .dat file, which you can still open with tool later for editing.
Like player files.
If this would speed up reading of main.txt.
(if not, disregard this)
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move-able blocks for puzzles and such.

ability to sell and equip stuff to multiple classes…(can't really remember if this was done yet)

ability to set the direction and location when you use the fire arrow command.  (for traps)

more than 10 npcs per map (Balliztik said he was working on this)
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shooting npc's

pets that can attack, or at least give you stat boosts or something

player trade system


Visual Bank

Make elements also be able to affect equipment, current system has little use IMO

Fullscreen mode-Same size game screen, but things like inventory, equipment, stats, all open in the surrounding area.

!!!!-When using scrolling maps, screen can/auto resize up to max map size-or-max screen size (this might be to much for server or client though)
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I'd like mode7 too, mode7 in rpg maker was sweet, it could be even sweeter for eclipse XD. A good quest system, custom menus, a bit easier mapping like zooming in an out,  and possibly buffs, and an implemented skill system like mining etc.
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MAYBE base implemented skills.

But personally I think a skill system should not be included, gives inventive to learn scripting, and prevents a flood of noob games thinking they are ready just because they had features handed to them.

User freindly is one thing, but you cant make it TO simple, otherwise there is just going to be more crap churned out.

Learning scripting is a MUST, its not even that friggin hard to learn if you actually TRY to.
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