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  1. So…if i were to have my brain put into a robot body..hmm..i wonder if I'd have internet capabilities, if so, i could be my own server. O_o
  2. does this make me a grandpa at the age of 23 O_o;
  3. Visual Spell Icons is implemented already, just not fully set up. It wouldn't take much time to get them fully functional. :P
  4. a quick way to make pretty nice grass is to start with the base green color you want in a tile. Then start by selecting the "Dodge/Burn" tool, and make sure its set to "Burn". I usually select the "Confetti" brush setting, and just keep burning a pattern into the grass until i get something that looks like grass. Its a quick way to make some decent grass.
  5. I think that both are great, its more of a matter of setting of the rest of environment. Use both depending on the area :P
  6. Sterling


    look into making the barrel longer, and the handle more straight. Shotguns don't tend to have the handle at an angle, it should be parallel to the barrel. otherwise its looking good. 6/10
  7. @Gwen: > Over the years, ive had > crabs…. umm i think thats it but im not sure XD *Gasp* Sorry, couldn't resist Gwen.
  8. Hey DrNova, would love your opinion of Anthologies Online, in the WIP section. See the most recent post for updated info on the game.
  9. 6.) If you are having problems with blurry images, it is most likely the format you are saving them in. The GUI for Eclipse searches for all GUI files ending in .bmp, .jpeg, and .gif. Save your images in a different format and delete the old format. For example. Change: MainMenu.gif –-> MainMenu.bmp Then delete MainMenu.gif. Simply saving in a higher quality format and deleting the old format should fix it. Keep in mind though, that if you are editing one of the blurry images and save that in a new format, it will remain blurry. You will most likely have to redo the images.
  10. EE2.7 should run a bit smoother in all actuality. On top of that TE lacks alot of features that EE2.7 has. There isn't much point to having 100-150 maps, if there are very little features incorporated into the game.
  11. Don't limit yourself to the use of 1 program for editing if you can. I use a combination of Paint.net, MSPaint, and Gimp. Occasionally I turn to Photoshop, but usually Gimp has what i need. GIMP and Paint.net are free and should cover most of what you need.
  12. Looks great Robin. I love the old school Final Fantasy graphics. I have to disagree with Shrig, i like the F1-12 keys on the top. It spreads out the GUI and doesn't make the bottom area feel so cluttered. Also if that is an actual game window size, thats really cool. I love the small GUI, it makes it so you don't feel trapped in the game, so you can casually play and do other things at the same time.
  13. Sterling


    @DrNova: > Bah humbug to that! > Only chica's for me! Renzo will be so dissapointed.
  14. Woot Cyrus came back, another Legend Returns!
  15. So how about that Renzo and his van full of candy? >_>
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