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  1. Gwen

    This is it

    Its just the attitude towards people has changed a lot… it basically goes like this. person 1: Hey lets have pets person 2: hey lets have pets person 3: hey lets have pets ... ... person 344322: petz plox!!!! thankzorz!!11 over all response: fuck your pets do it yourself. same for guilds, and any other thing that a lot of people request. instead of telling people to basically fuck off there needs to be better communication on why its a bad idea to add it to the main source... or maybe there should be multiple sources that people can download that has features that are most requested built in. Not everyone knows how to program, or has the tools, but they really want to try to mess around with making a game. But seeing as I dont venture to far from the general boards who am I to say anything?![](http://www.deviantart.com/download/203026126/shrugpony_fluttershy_by_moongazeponies-d3cvjym.png)
  2. Gwen

    Decide my fate!

    spikey get a part time job to offset some bills, or go live with your GF for a while. Sucky advice, but apply for a credit card.
  3. Gwen

    This is it

    Why do i keep thinking this is a thread about Michael Jackson? Things have changed around here. Maybe it is nistolga, but you know what I like nistolga! The other thing i have seen is the bashing of creativness. People say that they want to add a feature to eclipse, and then there is a big backlash on how stupid the idea is, or eclipse is perfect and no one can add anything better to it, or whatever. Overall the general comrodery of the community seems to be lacking.
  4. next time use the modify button instead of double posting.
  5. Embly my love!!!! you better stick around this time! Hope you have a wonderful christmas! ^.^
  6. Gwen

    EO ip problem

    are you running your client on the same computer as your server? if so put localhost or in YOUR client's server ip. give your friend the ip you get from ipchicken.com make sure that you are portforwarding your router to 192.168.x.x you can get this ip by going to command prompt and typing ipconfig. make sure that you are portforwarding the correct port to whatever ip you get from ipconfig. make sure that your server, and client are set to use the port that you are trying to forward.
  7. ahhh now one step closer to finding you rushy!
  8. but rushykins… you're european... you are supposed to care about the world around you more than americans.... Hmmm i guess there are people that dont care in every country.
  9. well now they have your current isp, and know that you are interrested in knowing what they think you downloaded. You just joined their list! ^.^
  10. Gwen

    Cats vs. Dogs

    i love when cats start wigging out for no reason… all of a suddon they just start hopping around with a crazed look in their eyes, and then as soon as you acknowledge they are there they take off like a bat out of hell!
  11. Gwen

    Cats vs. Dogs

    Dogs are retarded. I have two of them, one craps and pees in one of the rooms in my house, and it knows it was wrong. As soon as i start walking towards that room it takes off and hides. They bark all day long. They require constant attention. If i sit on the floor both of them will come up to your face and wont leave you alone. My cat is perfect. it usese the litter box. it's self sufficent. It doesnt make a lot of noise. If i sit on the floor it will come sit next to me and not get in my face. Yeah cats are more stubborn, and act like they own the place, but thats because dogs are too stupid to be anything more than a brain dead servant. @Bonk: > Cat people are the sort of folk who lay naked on the floor screaming Adele lyrics to a small army of Felines. Umm i dont even know who Adele is… so that must be something Dog people do.
  12. isnt it implied that he approves the message if he's the one that is actually talking in it? I think they mean that schools dont pray in the classroom. I think he wants to bring back setting small time aside to pray before the day begins. I went to a religious school for a few years and they would do this there. Also I think that if you were to pray during normal class hours you could get in trouble for not doing your work, and being a distraction… but im not sure on that. In public school the only time that you could pray was on your own time (breaks, recess, lunch).
  13. escfoe2 you are mistaken. **LAN** (Local Area Network) This is your local IP. The local IP range is typically 192.169.X.2-255, or 10.100.x.2-255\. Where X is typically 1 or 0\. 192.168.X.1 and 10.100.x.1 are typically reserved for your gateway to your router. You can change these IP's on your router. It is what is given to your computer by your router. This is the IP address that you point your port forward to. This IP address can change but rarely. EVERY device you attach to your router will get an IP. You can make your computer have a static LAN IP by configuring it in windows or making a MAC reservation for the device in your router. This IP Address can only be reached by devices that are attached to your router. Your friend across town can not connect to you by this address. It is better to make your computer have a static or reserved LAN address if you are portforwarding. **WAN** (Wide Area Network) This is what is given to you by your ISP. You cann't change this address. This is the address given to you by IPChicken, whatsmyip, or any other WAN address checking site. This is the address that you would give out to your friend. The problem with the WAN is ISPs usually refresh your WAN address. You can try to purchase a static IP from your ISP but this is usually expensive, and only used for buisnesses. Most ISPs use a sticky WAN address and you can go months or years without changing your address, but its not gurarenteed that you will keep the same address. Usually if you unplug your modem, or disconnect the line you will get a new address when you plug everything back in. **Localhost (** This is the built in ip address of the computer you are on. If you need to talk to yourself you would use either localhost, or as your ip address. This is built into the computer, and cann't be changed. This is only useful to talk to the computer you are currently on.
  14. what type of internet do you have? I have a cable modem, and my ip pretty much stays the same unless i power off the modem and disconnect it. ive had the same ip for the past 4 months. Ive never used no ip but i belive it installs a program which reports back to the no ip site. You give out your no ip IP to your players… they connect to the no ip site and then their site directs traffic from them back to you. The other thing you can do is find a host and have them host your game for you... but this will cost some money.
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