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  1. Hey Gwen, it's been a while! I've been alright. Been to college and trying to find work now. How have you been? And what's been going on here? Hardly recognize the place!
  2. Drummerpete

    New Site

    I'm glad to see Eclipse isn't as stagnant as it'd been over the last year or so. This new theme/style is horrific though. The old site looked infinitely better.
  3. Congratulations. It's about time we got some more decent admins here.
  4. I won't be on much for a while.
  5. @Jungle: > Milk Chocolate bars. Preferably Hershey's. Americans are missing out. Dairy Milk is a hundred times better than Hershey's. (Yes, I've had Hershey's).
  6. Quality is awful, especially on the leaves in the top corners. Vines at the bottom look very amateurish. Text is just bad.
  7. @Spaz: > KINDER EGGS, best chocolate in the land… with a cool toy (which in hindsight was shit...) THE NEW DUCKING TOYS DON'T EVEN NEED ANY PUTTING TOGETHER ANYMORE.
  8. I'm leaving this thread hugely disappointed.
  9. @Sick: > Looks really cool, It's inspired by the Victorian Era in Brittain, right? That just how America thinks England is.
  10. @Pixelspore: > i actually use photoshop, not some kind of browser made programm > Anyway i guess u guys dnt understand what logo is…. If you're going to act like a little kid over a little bit of criticism you're not going to get anyone to pay you.
  11. This thread is now about watermelons. ![](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LaBX93hEmLA/TuYM283aWdI/AAAAAAAALeM/F0W6Bi5vI_k/s1600/watermelon-853.jpg)
  12. I don't really see anything there worth paying for, to be honest. It's over-colourful, over shiny and all look the same, really. Don't get me wrong, it's not awful, I just think you have a long way to go before you earn money through it.
  13. You're basically saying "I will do it, but unless you pay me, it won't be great." I don't think that's the right attitude to have, especially when you're looking for people to pay you. You should try to do your best work all of the time, conditions permitting.
  14. @Funky: > Be interested in something, because a lot of you are self centered ducks. Taking a personal interest in someone because they are changing sex? I'm worried about you.
  15. Locked because you're all bitching to each other about something completely unrelated.
  16. @Anna: > It's PG-13 for prophet's sake. "BACK IN THE OLD DAYS…" "MORE VIOLENT..." "NOT AS MUCH SEX.." etc..
  17. Scarlett Johansson dressed in leather, kicking ass. That's about it.
  18. It's only a big deal because he's in a band. If he was anyone else, no one would give a shit, so why should be just because he's in a band?
  19. ![](http://www.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/fantastic_fest_2010_rubber_movie_poster.jpg)
  20. @Gamzee: > Lord this looks bad. They look like running, not like, going. Nice logo.
  21. That's what I was going for. :p
  22. Eh, I suppose I'm happy with it as it is. I know it could do with some polishing round the edges (walking animation for starters), but I like it. http://pete-murray.co.uk/pete/motel/ Based on [this comic](http://pete-murray.co.uk/pete/motel/reference/595499_460s.jpg) I found.
  23. People asking for a "3D Eclipse" really irritate me. Especially when they want a 3D Eclipse in VBDuckingSix.
  24. I've yet to see one person make one penny/cent/a used tissue from an Eclipse-made game.
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