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  1. I disliked Steve Jobs & Apple. I dislike Microsoft, but at least Bill Gates isn't a _complete_ arsehole.
  2. The map looks good. However… There is very little room for players to actually move.
  3. Dual booting is easy, but completely pointless if all you're going to do on one of those operating systems is play some hobbyist's excuse of an MORPG.
  4. Drummerpete


    @Nothing: > Hmmm, well if you read my above post I said anything that would sound good. Also I haven't completely figured out what I'm going to make my game about yet so I don't know what else to say. Thanks for trying to help and answering my question with another question…O_O. > > **-Nothing** Before you think of a subtitle to describe your game, find out what your game is about…
  5. I'm not a fan of it. The extra letter is off-putting for me.
  6. @JBA: > PETE! Oh wow, its been a while. I think somewhere in the depths of my computer I have the music track that you made for me. It's a shame, it was fantastic and I never put it to use. Pretty sure I still have it XD
  7. @Funky: > Just clocked in my 703rd hour of Black Ops tonight. > I can safely say I'm probably the best Black Ops player on 360 on the forum, hah. > Side note: add me and let's play sometime: Funky Jammer = GT. > > I'm about 22k+ positive kills over deaths, 1.74 k/d. Just under 50k total kills. > 1100+ ballistic knife kills. > 15k galil kills. > 15 prestige, level 50. I have a girlfriend.
  8. Drummerpete


    How can we give you a subtitle for your game, that would actually be meaningful, when we know nothing about your game?
  9. @Broojo: > Cool, I would do it with a 250px increase and a 0.3s transition time. Looks more clean :P The thumbnails are 200px, the full image size is 400px, which is why it only increases 200px
  10. @Jungle: > That's very cool! If you made multiple lines of those images it would work perfectly, right? Just updated it to show it with 6 images. Enjoy. :D
  11. I think this could be a very interesting contest, if it was set up right.
  12. I recently created an image gallery for use at my portfolio. It's a pure CSS gallery and works in the latest version of all major browsers. It has yet to be tested on old versions of IE, although I find myself struggling to care. Feel free to use and edit the gallery as you will. The only thing I ask is that you don't re-distribute it and claim it as your own work. Comments would also be appreciated. http://pete-murray.co.uk/gallery/
  13. If you're still looking at desktop gaming rigs http://www.arbico.co.uk/product.php?pid=100014 I'm interested in that. The website seems incredible.
  14. Currys was doing some good deals the other week, might want to check up there.
  15. Drummerpete


    Natural selection. 'nuff said.
  16. Drummerpete

    Today 18.

    I always thought you were younger. Congrats :D Have fun getting wasted. :D
  17. Drummerpete

    Dubstep =)

    Only dubstep I've really liked is Skrillex. I like a few other songs but they are few and far apart. inb4 THAT'S NOT DUBSTEP
  18. There's no reaction image for my expression right now.
  19. "The Game that Spawns Hatred"?
  20. ![](http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/254730_250879548267519_100000364282973_886100_3356627_n.jpg)
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