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  1. Finally broke down and tried it, hooked now. DrNova, north american server
  2. Wondering if its just me, but the forums are very slow last two days, and the chatbox wont even load
  3. **Your favourite childhood console** NES, Super NES a close second **Your favourite childhood game(s)** Super mario, both Zelda's, Gradius, Swords and Serpents, Double Dragon **Your favourite console as a teen** Tie between Gamecube and Playstation **Your favourite game(s) as a teen** Final Fantasy 7-8-9, Super Smash Bros, Skies of Arcadia, Resident Evil 2, Gran turismo, Animal Crossing **Your favourite console nowadays** 360 **Your favorite game(s) nowadays** Gears of War, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare, Oblivion, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead, Madden, (Super) Street fighter 4 (arcade edition),
  4. @or3o: > in the event of zombies im just gonna try to bite on of them first and hope that confuses em long enough for me to become an actual zombie. Thats an oddly good plan. A bit defeatist, but still a good plan
  5. @Eckhart: > 1\. Do not play with koreans, you will lose. > 2\. make a small rush defense as well as some towers, usualy bunkers/photon cannons/colonies can fend off a small rush squadren. But when you susesfully defend that first rush, nine times outta ten your oponnent quits.
  6. @Rusher: > Well then sorry to disappoint you. > > 9001. Aww damn you soul :( 9002\. Still over 9000….
  7. @Lenton: > The Americans pronounce it gooey, however normal people pronounce it as G.U.I. Thats just a stupid comment. Everyone I'VE every known has said G-U-i, I've never heard an idiot call it a gooey. The fact that its all caps makes it clear to anyone with a shred its an acronym. No one calls the CIA seea or the FBI fbee.
  8. Because the news is biased, and people are to lazy and or stupid to look up the facts, so they just believe whichever candidate/news combo tells them. Even though, if you look it up, they are ALL clearly lying or heavily distorting the truth
  9. Fuck Lindsey S. Fuck her in her stupid asses.
  10. [http://web.archive.org/web/20080521165635/http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/](http://web.archive.org/web/20080521165635/http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/) A snapshot of another older forum version. Is cool that I can still sift through the posts. Couldnt find the green forums anymore though :(
  11. Voted again. No way I could see to sort submissions by vote count, but from as far as I was able to browse till I ran out of patience you look to be safely up there in the voting at least
  12. As far as ZOMBIES are concerned, depends on the definition of zombies. Zombies dont HAVE to be undead. Infact the first zombies in literature and movies werent undead, that came later, zombies referred to their basic primal instinct state of mind. Romearo made undead zombies popular later. But the population can become "zombified" without being undead. As many recent zombie movies have done, though they dont call them zombies in said movies, people still refer to them as zombie movies, in so far as the way humans gecome infected and act, ala eating normal people for sustinece, psychotic mob mentality, ect. Zombies dont have to be dead.
  13. @dayrock: > Duh… I want a apocolypse to happen but not zombie... like if all elctronics died and we had to start over because I already live like that haha http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dies-the-fire-s-m-stirling/1100310154 Good book. Doesnt sound very fun though
  14. [http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/scripts.php](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/tiles.php)
  15. ![](http://images.cheezburger.com/completestore/2011/2/8/af266292-7727-448d-bade-05829823ce33.jpg) (9001) ((been wanting to be that guy forever))
  16. I'd honestly not even think of using it right now, tbh you need alot of work on your project and to improve your skills further before you think of any sort of revenue.
  17. Not from the examples I've seen with people I know
  18. I still like qwerty. I never need to type absurdly fast. I can finger pack fast enough.
  19. I've seriously considered being "ready". Havent had the motivation to do it yet, but one of these days I really would like to get a solid plan. Just in case.
  20. The older generations have trouble really fully intergrating into the general mixing pot ideology we have nowadays (for the most part). Just hardwired from their childhoods, in my opinion. Even when they THINK they are open and unbiased, they still have leftover tendancies from their era. From what I've seen anyways Also, or maybe even instead, thats just politics these days. Its gotten to be so venemous and fucked up that anything political gets dissected to disparage the politics of other people/groups
  21. The owner Zach "joined" on 4/20, so this website is lik 4 days old. you guys ban anyone recently? XD
  22. I think Shadowrun fits those same aspects and to a better and more entertaining degree. Well, it did. Unfortunatley its no longer hosted
  23. Found this forum [http://eclipsenexus.forumakers.com/f2-official-downloads](http://eclipsenexus.forumakers.com/f2-official-downloads) Dont know if it has been found and brought up yet. But its funny. I didnt DL and didnt look at the engine, however on the link to the forum I link right there, it has the "Eclipse Orgins" runtime installer, which he created so we can use his unique and awesome engine. Ahh google, you bring me lulz
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