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  1. Kusy


    @ZoSo: > A person who reads kotaku, respekt Kotaku's shit. Ho ho ho ho.
  2. They don't have anything like that sadly.
  3. Woob woob! Let's talk about shit we don't know anything or/and don't really care about! ![](http://i1.kwejk.pl/site_media/obrazki/2011/12/17ace6754f89ee4e4b86b141c15be24c.png?1324297807)
  4. Kusy


    1\. Go to Riften 2\. Drop an amethyst in a crowd 3\. ???? 4\. PROFIT!!!
  5. Yeah, because you are playing and know that Roby. Nope, the game is different than you average MMO, the killing quests are not grinding and they disappear quite soon only to return in form of optional bonus quests that you do on your way to a mission objective. Also, what do you mean Zonova?
  6. And as usual, Azkanan's comment has nothing to do with the topic.
  7. My life is forfeit… this game is the best MMO I have seen. Level 21, Jedi Guardian and can't get my face off of it, I like absolutely everything that's going on, not a single thing that I would hate or that would discourage me from playing it. Only thing that needs fixing is the UI but it's a priority for the developers from what I heard.
  8. Kusy


    Tiber S Chuck N Lucien L The Lusty Argonian Maid Jesus C… my favorites.
  9. Kusy


    Well, obvious troll is obvious.
  10. Kusy


    I'm testing something. Sorry that in this thread.
  11. Let's just get over with it and bash this shit. Just saying too.
  12. And you are still necroposting.
  13. Laughing at people making games with Eclipse… and then you stop for a second and go... "wait a second"... ![](http://www.myfacewhen.net/uploads/942-okay-meme.jpg)
  14. DDO is more fun I think… if you have 6+ people to play with.
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