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  1. Dude, this is good stuff Dezire. Keep at it
  2. gaming ace


    oooo, pretty psychedelic dude.
  3. Wheh-hey! Its e.agle. I've checked out Witch Gate over at RC and it looks pretty nifty. Good work. Haha, i must agree with Soljah, all is well.
  4. Good god! What the hell was that lil dude thinking, lol. That is messed up
  5. Cool beans, thanks everyone ;)
  6. Um, well… fix it how? Criticism is appreciated. I'm not gonna update him again, but tips in the future help.
  7. This here is an option: ![](http://media.ebaumsworld.com/2007/11/jane-tarzan.jpg)
  8. Hahaha, lol bone. He sure makes kick-ass games tho, no lie.
  9. Haha, that sux bone. I don't have enough time at the moment for another update, cuz im not using this for anything. Just for kicks. Thank for the feedback guys
  10. Alright, thank u guys. Small Update: ![](http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/5599/orcvilliantt0.png)
  11. Whats up everyone, over at the WoH forums I made this dude for a competition. I figured I'd have you guys help me rate and critisize him if you all want to. Here he is, I just made em. Rate out of 10 please. ![](http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/4800/orcvillianec1.png)
  12. 1) Mr Pitiful- Matt Costa 2) Sunshine- Matt Costa 3) Camilo- State Radio 4) Read My Mind- The Killers 5) Bones- The Killers 6) Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids 7) Heaven- Angels and Airwaves 8) Dustland Fairytales - The Killers 9) Headlights Look Like Diamonds- Arcade Fire 10) Glass Of Water- Coldplay @~Nova~: > I'd take that playlist in a heartbeat (i didnt include my techno one, just my normal music. to few people like electronica) I so agree… I have lots of those songs.
  13. Hmmm, I've got all the files and everything. Lol, looks like I'll just have to do Ambard's way. Thanks for the help
  14. Kinda sorta. I swapped out Tiles0-10 with different tilesets. Then, if put in my own spritesheet.
  15. Alright everyone, so I downloaded the Patch #4 EE2.7\. I switched out the tiles and added my sprites. I believe this is all I did. I can pull up the nenu, etc. but when it loads the game I get, yes, the infamous Err 53: File Not Found. I'm still unaware of what files I would be missing, cuz its a pretty fresh download. Anyone know some really common files people are usually missing, or if I should post some folders to see all the files I have in them? Thanks, Gamingace
  16. Dude… thats sucks big time. But, you know what they say: the night is darkest before the dawn, hahaha
  17. Crap dude, that's embarrassing, haha :embarrassed: . Sorry, got my pic off google when I searched my guitar, to lazy to take a photo. Now I realize it was waaay off… Here the real one, its a crap guitar... I'm thinking about getting an acoustic, ya i know :P ![](http://www.pittsburghguitars.com/Resources/FMI/fender/squier/squierministrat.jpg)
  18. Haha, you guys are intense. I just started picking up electric guitar a month ago, its a blast. My guitar is put to shame x100 by ur guyses, but …here it is: ![](http://www.activemusician.com/images/store/small/MC_JR7MB.gif)
  19. Bioware Bethesda Epic Games Bungie Blizzard
  20. 7/10 Don't know you that well, u draw some kickass slime GFX, tho :P
  21. Alright… Name: Fletchy Class: Archer/Winged Elf Level: 3 Server: Lost City
  22. Oh awesome I'm just now downloading this game. Once its done I'll give you guys my account name and stuff. Should I make my char on the Lost Cit Server?
  23. Lol, I saw a few peeps wondering how Fallout 3 was and its amazing. I love it alot. As for the wakeboard… I don't have bindings yet but its a 2008 Watson which supposedly is an incredible board.
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