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  1. I tried to convince the Marketing guy if we could run through the casino screaming "1111111111" but he said no… because running was involved...
  2. How hard would it be to make the following happen when map editor is open and you are hovering over a tile on the map? -Create a square indicating the tile you are over(much like the one in the editor) -show "X / Y" for its location -make this possible to toggle(or while holding a button) Or as another option… when in the editor, toggle a grid on, and each square shows it's X/Y
  3. http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,14274.260/topicseen.html
  4. shadowwulf


    Woah. my 'brother from another mother' surprised me this morning with a copy he apparently reserved for me. So now I'm suffering through work(on a Friday even!) waiting to play.
  5. o.0? I think you are asking about paperdoll. If you are using EO then there is a fix posted about it if you search. in EO, shadows are done with a shadow.png file. Search the source for references to shadow.png and you will see how that is done. These are simple edits you can learn with. Do not bother paying someone for such a small task.
  6. and that is just with stock images. Looking into the files it uses, one can easily make new resources for it.
  7. @Bonk: > I think he means there's too many of those silly 'DOWNLOAD! PLAY NOW!' adverts that flash in your face and cause epileptic fits. exactly… I am used to navigating those but many aren't. I already have them and yes, they are nice finds.
  8. Might want to upload them right here… just saying. way to many fake links on those sites.
  9. shadowwulf


    for those of you that would like one… http://saberth4ever.deviantart.com/art/TES-V-Skyrim-Windows-7-Theme-204575506
  10. shadowwulf


    @JeffSventora: > I actually think that all items are accessible, only the magical attributes become greater as you level up. That is how it appears to users, but there are actually multiple items.
  11. shadowwulf


    I'm mostly interested in how they handled difficulty. Is the entire game always skewed to your overall character level still? Some areas of the game should be flat rate difficulty no matter on player level… just my opinion. Keeps the player adventuring around instead of just plowing through areas at low levels. Also if I remember right, in previous games some chests contain items based on player level when opened... I wonder how that plays out in this version.
  12. for the most part i take a realistic approach. but then apply a d20 style of determining chances. the combat flows pretty nicely and makes for actually having to pay attention to the flow of battle.
  13. I totally read that in my mind with another ***gers word… its like my mind transposed the n and the first g...
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