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  1. L0lz

    New website & forum

    Green forums is green, and pretty
  2. @Kijurika: > Cool story bro. I'm the social reject and your the one online trolling people you don't know > > *applause* As if you actually know what trolling is, if anything I was flaming you. I'm also confused as to why you accuse me of trolling when you're using a known meme used for trolling itself, but if you really have nothing else to add to my feedback (which is what you asked for) besides COOL STORY BRO then so be it. I've added my 25 cents.
  3. > Have you ever thought about social life in high school/college? When I take a moment and think it makes me laugh to myself. How did our world come to a point where people who have no interest in life but to get out of school and be a *gangster rapper* become the heart and soul of 74% of youth? There are tons of reasons why people have failed in life all around the world, and for OP to claim that 74% of the assumed worlds youth have no interest in anything else besides becoming a rapper is such bullshit. Overall OP is a possible social reject and can't think of anything else to discuss besides the fact that he most likely can't be "hard" (In more ways that one).
  4. L0lz

    Tileset Sample

    Consider not ripping off hard made gfx. If you really want an "Artistic Feeling" make it yourself, in the end it pays off.
  5. L0lz

    My tile set.

    How are you going to fit that into your game? o_o. It also looks completely effortless with the lack of detail.
  6. L0lz


    Artistic Graffiti with tons of color and design is
  7. That's so true, so many news stations that throw out propaganda and inaccurate crap.
  8. @Zonova: > Do not be silly, of course every American fits that stereotype. I hope that's sarcasm you play. ;D
  9. I don't think Greeks had a named religion, or egyptians. Their religions and practices were based on polytheism. Use a search engine for more information, it's faster and more accurate ;D.
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