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Hey everyone! We would like to announce an indie game in development inspired by a personal project by one of our staff, Jessica Fong, from a couple years ago. It started with a few sketches, which then lead to a collection of illustrations, and now a game which is being brought to life with Jumpbutton Studio. Announcing Keeper and the Soldier! (KATS for short)


Some of you may have seen some of my early illustrations when this was still a personal project if you followed my social networks. I won’t go into much detail, but the characters and work were explorations in representing, a sort of visual dialogue with myself, personal hardships that I was scared or in denial of. I kept more of the private info and creative process regarding the artwork to myself and a small group of others; I thought it was something I would just explore in my own time. But since having been reached out to and supported by peers (personally and professionally), I’m looking forward to turning this personal project into something new with others and curious to see what players will take away from it~

We have a lot planned and I’m excited to see where it goes!


**The Game**

Keeper and the Soldier is a mix of 3D/2D, stealth platformer from Jumpbutton Studio about a lonely young girl, destined to live a soldier’s life, who finds something beautiful in a world ravaged by never-ending war and a connection deeper than she ever thought possible. A forgotten guardian of the past, desperate and dying, puts its fate into the hands of the wandering child. Their bond sends them on a journey to preserve history.

You’ll explore a rich and beautiful immersive world with a forgotten past and collect clues to its origins.

Stealth through guarded areas using abilities and the environment to your advantage. Go from pushing blocks and throwing stones to holographic powers of manipulation and deception as you explore and outwit your foes. Experience a touching tale of companionship told through two characters with no one left to turn to but each other.

If you are interested in being a part of this project (we also love hearing feedback and questions!), please feel free to send us a message here: [email protected]


Stay up to date, connect with us, and follow our progress here:
**Facebook:** [https://www.facebook.com/KATSproject](https://www.facebook.com/KATSproject)
**Twitter:** [https://twitter.com/jbsKATS](https://twitter.com/jbsKATS)
**KATS Website**: [http://www.keeperandthesoldier.com/](http://www.keeperandthesoldier.com/)
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> That art is awesome Nick

The real awesome stuff are the ones we aren't sharing haha :P pretty solid team behind the project though so expect more awesome. 

To everyone else, our Twitter and Facebook will show case more art and information related to the project. Be sure to subscribe on the website for news letters as we'll begin those mid summer right after a planned teaser release that I can't mention yet.
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> We are aiming at steam for now. There's a chance it will find its way over to PS4 and xbox one/ouya with a few exclusive physical copies sold.

Might be the first game I play from you lot then pending it comes out unlike the only project I cared for that you made a certain side scrolling mmorpg.
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> Might be the first game I play from you lot then pending it comes out unlike the only project I cared for that you made a certain side scrolling mmorpg.

Aha, yeah. Psithyroi was our first dive into the world of game development. We've been through a long road at this point so you can expect this project to be completed. :)
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Love the logo and I absolutely love the music playing on the website, looking forward to seeing what becomes of this.

Checked out some of the team members and wow, you've got some talented people on board. Most professional looking thing I've come across on this site. Oh and if the games graphics looks anything like **[this](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFJznPYUsAA7TYR.jpg:large)** in the end I'm sold. :D
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Here is a link to the first newsletters sent out two days ago.


If you have yet to subscribe or start following the project, now is the time. Aside from this, I plan to be more active around the Eclipse community as a co-owner and doing what I can to see this community thrive.
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Once upon a time, I found time to become less busy and revisit the place where everything began. Before I go on and leave a link to the most recent news letter with lots of information and news, I would like to remind this community that it has the ability to empower and provide opportunities to individuals who have a strong passion towards game development. 

A few years back, I was just an individual browsing and connecting with this community. I stumbled upon a project that started within Eclipse and now, I am heading a company the stemmed from this very community doing things and being involved with things I never imagined myself doing. This year members of my company will be attending E3 under an industry pass, meaning free tickets, due to the work we have accomplished and done. That was a milestone I had set for 5 years from now. 

In any case, moral of the story guys… take advantage of what Eclipse is and has to offer. I've been away for a long time, but I intend to return and help provide more opportunities to this community for what it has made possible for me. Only those willing will see it to the end. 

Now, after reading that... please visit this [newsletter](http://eepurl.com/bXKJA1) and join in on our adventure! 

* * *

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Aha, thank you all for the support! We will be hosting a charity stream on the 29th and 30th of this month with various streamers including the guys who host the DICE Awards. There will be lots of fun giveaways and communicating so we would like to extend an invitation to Eclipse to take part in these events. 
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