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  1. Ah okay, no story at the moment :P
  2. It's a ruins. Regarding, the depth concern: It has been noted and I can indeed tweak my settings to make it darker.
  3. Just a few underwater scenes for a game I'm working on (I'm not comfortable announcing it yet, just want feedback on the scenes). >! Screenshots ![](https://puu.sh/uETte/ea57eabdfc.jpg) >! ![](https://puu.sh/uEV2i/4a23857403.jpg) >! ![](https://puu.sh/uEVLD/b5d539fbcb.jpg)
  4. Hmm, interesting indeed. What about the idea of making it an open-source development project? In that, you could host the code on GitHub and people could submit pull requests with new features and such.
  5. Woah! The memes live on. (I wish Eclipse had Twitch emotes: Kappa).
  6. Personally, I think that if you don't make the engine open-source what you're describing will happen. Open-source development allows many people to branch off development and create new variants of your software it also allows anyone to continue development even after the "main" development branch is done working on it. I think in terms of development processes you should take a look at how Unreal Engine or many other open-source games/projects function. Where you have a main development branch but other people can fork the code, submit new features and contributions, or just create a whole new thing from your engine.
  7. Will Atlas be open-source? I'd love to play around with it.
  8. Ah okay, my bad! One thing I just noticed was that the texture are way too saturated, take a look into Color Correction it may help.
  9. Yea, looks great. Might wanna change up the skybox also AA can help with those rough edges (the ones that can't be fixed via editing).
  10. Damn, wish I had sufficient data to play Pokemon Go.
  11. I'd be willing to do a game jam. We could make one ourselves or we could participate in a pre-existing one.
  12. May I ask what networking library you're using (if at all)?
  13. Haha, love this thread!
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