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  1. At least we savor the moment while sucking, cause all you do is swallow. xD
  2. what's the engine you're using?
  3. Is this based of the anime "grimgar of fantasy and ash"?
  4. Very simple, very nice;)
  5. @Growlith Thanks for cooltext but I don't really like the font. But if anyone is interested in creating a logo for me shoot me a pm and I'll give you the details(for free, if you don't mind).XD
  6. yep, but the thing i'm looking for is just a font generator, no added pics and such. Still, thanks for helping out.:)
  7. It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time since the last time I posted a topic here. :P So I'm looking for a logo generator. Any suggestions?
  8. :OIf those are what the graphics are gonna look like then I'm blown away. Good luck!
  9. Looks great for beginner! You should put some shading into it, otherwise it's great.^.^
  10. I agree. I'm planning my game at the moment and will start picking an engine when I'm done planning.
  11. So I just had the sudden urge to do pixel art. I didn't think about the end result, but drew it anyway. ![](http://i.imgur.com/LPRSVQS.png) Show your thoughts! :P * * * oh btw thats my first time drawing pixel art
  12. With the axe, rub out the frames with the player walking left as shown(using paint.net) in the last picture. And for the white outline, I don't think you should use the Eclipse toolkit, that's the reason why it has a white outline. Just use paint.net again: **1.** Take a snip(with the snipping tool if you are using windows) of the color you want for the background of the sprite. The snip can be any size, as long as it is only showing the color of the background you want. ![](http://i.imgur.com/nN8XrOc.png) **2.** Now that you have the snip, get a random character sprite, copy and paste it into another folder, then open the character sprite with paint.net. Then go back to the colored snip(for the background), copy and paste it into paint.net(the one with the character sprite). Size the pasted snip so it fills the whole character sprite as shown: _Paste this:_ ![](http://i.imgur.com/omCOp2H.png) _Into this:_ ![](http://i.imgur.com/QPZCO50.png) **3.** Copy the paperdoll you want and paste into new layer with the red background in paint.net. _paste this_ ![](http://i.imgur.com/Mwqu18Q.png) _into this_ ![](http://i.imgur.com/hG8099o.png) Or to just fix the axes white outline just use this without any credits(anyone is free to use it as well): ![](http://i.imgur.com/ycE3jFe.png) I hope this has fixed your problems!:)
  13. By the way, you English is actually pretty good! For The first, could you send a picture or pictures for an example?
  14. Make your own. I've already tried looking everywhere and have gotten nothing. The way I make them are on paint.net: Step 1\. Just get a random XP character and open it in paint.net(you may need to first copy and paste it into another folder if you don't want to lose the character). Step 2\. Go to "items" folder in your eclipse engine, and find the item you want(for example, a sword) and copy it. Step 3\. Paste it into paint.net(the one with the character in it), clicking "edit" and "paste new layer", and move the item(the sword) into the XP character's hand(keep pasting the item for every frame of the character) Step 4\. Go to the "Layers" box, click the layer with the character on it(or the first layer) and press the Red Cross to delete it. If you did it properly you should only have the 1 item for each frame showing without the character showing, which you have made a paper doll! …Seki.
  15. I'm collecting some resources for rpgmaker mv and i need the following characters: ![](http://i.imgur.com/2aT7ewf.jpg) I doubt anyone will actually give me these, but if someone would then I would be really happy! Thanks! Seki
  16. Top at the site it says "Eclipse Runtime Download", once you click the link it will download the runtimes for you. I normally put it in my client, since it doesn't work anywhere else I put it. Normally I get a problem, for example it says "DX8VB.Dll is missing", so i just click the "uninstall" program, then re-install runtimes again and it starts working.
  17. Could some peeps gimme some tips on pixel art? I would really like to learn, thanks! Seki
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