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  1. Agreed, love the look of the GUI. :)
  2. Looks very cool, excited to see where this project goes. :)
  3. Colonello

    A New Engine: Atlas

    Looks amazing! Glad to see Eclipse is getting a new engine. :)
  4. Really like how this looks. Excited to see more screenshots in the future. :)
  5. Really cool to hear you've reopened it but I agree you shouldn't need to put in billing info. Even if you can just put in fake info this will seriously hurt the player base this game could achieve. The average user wants to be able to just press one button and get the game immediately.
  6. Colonello

    My Pond

    That's really cool. :) Wish I had the talent to do something similar.
  7. Eclipse Gold no longer exists. If you check out the "Other Eclipse Engines" part of the "Eclipse Engine" section of the forums there's tons of free ones you can pick from. :)
  8. Not bad! Much better than my first attempts. :)
  9. Will you be doing an iOS release as well? I'd love to play it. :)
  10. Colonello

    Update on the site

    Happy to hear it. :)
  11. @'PD': > I fixed this but that fix is on a machine that is broken. Although I'm sure someone somewhere released their fix or maybe not, I don't know :P Dang, hopefully someone else has.
  12. I asked this question a while back and got a few responses but never any fix. As most of you who use an EO 3 based engine know, the screenshot map button is broken. Has anyone ever found a fix for this? If so I think it would be extremely helpful to me and other members of the community. :)
  13. Colonello

    Pokemon Go

    @'GalacticGlum': > Damn, wish I had sufficient data to play Pokemon Go. It actually doesn't use much. I saw a reddit post saying that someone used 22mb in 5 hours of playtime. Not sure how accurate that is though.
  14. Colonello

    Pokemon Go

    Heres mine :) ![](http://i.imgur.com/SoPIDsq.png)
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