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  1. @'Lavos': > Do you do gifs as well? I would like you to do an animation starting from black to white to black using all 16,777,216 colors (24 bits, "truecolor") . Animation must be set to 1.5 seconds in each frame. I don't, sorry * * * Mohenjo's tiles ![](http://s33.postimg.org/y4egl109b/mohenjo_s_tiles.png)
  2. Of course I'll get on with them in the morning
  3. ![](http://s33.postimg.org/4gu95865r/JC_s_order.png) a B value of 1300 isn't actually possible so I used the closest possible value. Enjoy your pixel
  4. Like in my last shop (which was ~~rudely~~ fairly board of shamed then deleted) I will only deal in art that is exactly one pixel by one pixel (1x1) **NEXT 18 ORDERS ARE FREE (and all subsequent orders)** > [20:05:16] Looks s*** and that's what makes it perfect > - Cepru > I have to give Seb an A+ and recommend him! He got all my tilesets done and they were exactly what I wanted: simple and the colors are perfect for what I was looking for! > -Mohenjo Daro ![](http://s33.postimg.org/4gu95865r/JC_s_order.png) ![](http://s33.postimg.org/y4egl109b/mohenjo_s_tiles.png)
  5. @'superbaton': > i5 3.3 BOX > Radeon 7850 2gb > 500 hdd, 250 ssd > 22" samsung > Mouse a4tech blood v7 > 8gb ram > > Guys u are so rich when i am looking at your setup Oo I'll swap setups with you
  6. I've done all I can I just need to wait
  7. At the moment **Nvidia shield portable** (defective touchscreen) That is all
  8. Seb

    Switching forum software

    @'YourBestNightmare': > @'Yuko': > > > My comparison is right in comparing servers. They shouldn't take forever to load, if they do it's your internet, because rarely does FB/Google ever load slow on decent internet. > > > > There is no difference Literally I've tested both today, neither of them load slower. It'd be nice if you'd stop complaining, I'm trying to do this for the good of the community, not you individually. If you think IPB loads slower, so be it I'm not here to argue. > > You are blaming my internet. I have same provider with exactly same program and speed for likeā€¦ hmm 5 years. I had both IPB and MyBB running on same server (not at same time) and difference between clean MyBB and clean IPB with similar data was significant. But okay, not going to argue as it seems that you are deep IPB fan, so no arguments are good enough here. > > And, you have Web Dev banner, MyBB is open source, so I do not see why you cannot do some stuff in MyBB that you can do in IPB. Of course you can, but it requires a bit more work. But when you can't, I assume that you are front-end developer and then I totally understand that you want to switch to forum, where you have almost everything built-in. At the end of the day they're the owner and web developer this is their site if they wanted to scrap the forum completely they could in fact it would probably load even faster but they aren't they're changing some software to what they and several others prefer.
  9. Seb

    Donation Goal!

    I'll donate something if I have the money in a few days
  10. I had an idea for a game because of this
  11. Seb


    Nice work so far
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