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  1. Ah, I forgot to change the link to a better version. The one you have doesn't always install correctly (not sure why). I fixed it to a link that should work properly. Here's the working runtimes
  2. There's a bunch of versions in my profile https://forum.eclipseorigins.com/index.php?/profile/3-mohenjo-daro/&tab=field_core_pfield_1
  3. Yep, here's a link https://discord.gg/rU7ATMk Oh, that's good to know. I'll have to keep that in mind for fixing
  4. This engine isn't dead, but I haven't had much time to work on it this past year due to my job. The forum is another matter, and it's as alive as the community. There is more chatter on the discord.
  5. I like the color, but it feels like it clashes with the wall's pallet. Looks good with the tables, though.
  6. I think I'll expand the idea of animations, as well. You have an animation for the station not being used (a still image in this case) and being used, but having the option of playing a different animation when actually crafting an item (assuming it takes time to craft) could also be cool. Eg. the loom: still image normally, has the edges moving when the player is using it, and has the edges moving and thread being weaved when the player is crafting an item (again, requires there to be crafting times, eg. 5sec to make a cloak) It's the little things in games that add immersion
  7. Looks good. Don't think I've seen animated crafting stations here before, so kudos (might have to steal that idea later lmao)
  8. Hehe, it rotated them poorly XD (sorry, I just find it funny since I had that issue when doing the same thing) As for turning them off, open the vbp file with VB6 IDE. Search for something along the lines of DrawShadow, and comment it out. Or, you can go to the DrawShadow sub, and add a Exit Sub for the first line. After either of those, save it and compile it (File -> Make ENGINE_NAME.exe)
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