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  1. Marsh


    Nope, im not the boss anymore :P the site has been sold several times since then. How you doing Unnown? Long time no see. I havent seen Baron in years.
  2. Marsh

    I Have Returned!

    I am not on much these days :) good to see people around still though.
  3. Cool tutorial, I like that you included how to get the software. That was one huge annoyance for me when I was trying to learn programming. They were all tutorials on code and I had no idea how to run it. @'HookJordan': > **I forgot to mention that you need to end each line of your code with a semi-colon ';'. This tells the compiler that that line of code is done and anything after it is a separate statement of code. I will go more into this in the next tutorial when we begin C# data types and basic flow of your programs.** This might confuse people however, not every line ends with a semi-colon.
  4. Oh hells yea, old school runescape was awesome.
  5. Thats awesome man, congrats on so many players.
  6. Changing the name from Eclipse has more implications then I think you guys realize. You are throwing away all the SEO and branding. Not saying its not worth it, just be aware.
  7. Marsh

    A New Engine: Atlas

    Looks decent, looking forward to updates.
  8. Wish I had the skills or non lazyness to do something like this. Very cool.
  9. Looks really solid, I used to play a lot of games like this so I am looking forward to it.
  10. These are gold they should be kept in some hall of fame.
  11. Marsh


    Want to play that good? http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=2232
  12. Cool show, would make a good game.
  13. Good game! Cool to see something like this on android. Two things. Man you move slow. If this is for android you should consider adding android functionality. When i opened the chat menu i instinctively hiy back to leave the menu, which exits the game. Looking good though, with some npcs and gameplay this could be cool.
  14. A tip ive heard for people trying to pick a engine. Just start making the game, it doesnt matter. Starting is the most important thing. Unreal, unity, game maker whatever. They will all get the job done.
  15. Yea using the middleware is definitely a great option, saves a ton of time and you can get exactly what you want. The upside to engines is that they save tons of time. Though as you said, their is a lot of stuff you wont be using and may slow it down.
  16. Plenty of successful games have been made with game maker and rpg maker. Honestly I feel like that kind of thinking seems to be from amateurs. The professionals all tend to say pick the tool that works. I have heard game maker being praised in the industry as a great way to bang out mockups. Hotline Miami was made in game maker. ``` It is much slower to use a game engine like Game Maker to make a game, than to code your own game using a middleware software and framework. ``` I would disagree. I would say the reason that not many Eclipse games get released (a few games have). Or stick around for awhile is the sole fact that most people doing this are making their first game and kids. Game development is hard.
  17. Marsh

    Web programmer.

    I believe there is some photoshop plugins that turn those nice graphics into websites with a bit of work. You may be able to learn how to do it yourself if you dont want anything to fancy code wise.
  18. Marsh

    Update on the site

    @'Mohenjo: > I don't think you'd have to go beyond a small claims court for this sort of thing. I am not sure you can small claim courts across countries, that kind of thing is a nightmare and almost never worth it.
  19. Marsh

    Pokemon Go

    Lol I got to get on my name game.
  20. Marsh

    Pokemon Go

    Share all your pokemons yo ![](http://i.imgur.com/rejth8w.png)
  21. Looks good, what did you write the networking in?
  22. Marsh

    Pokemon Go

    Anyone here playing? Show yo pokemons.
  23. Marsh


    Amazing, this needs to be stickied. Just that post.
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