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  1. This one should be working https://www.mediafire.com/file/diyr1zwsbwbr3jx/Eclipse-Evolution-2.7.rar/file You might need the runtime files (https://www.mediafire.com/file/ll0jbjg0zs132tn/Run_First%21_%28Runtime_Files_-_If_Needed%29.exe/file), and you will need to register "Eclipse-Evolution-2.7\Client\Data\COMSocketServer.dll" to run the server
  2. Ah, I forgot to change the link to a better version. The one you have doesn't always install correctly (not sure why). I fixed it to a link that should work properly. Here's the working runtimes
  3. There's a bunch of versions in my profile https://forum.eclipseorigins.com/index.php?/profile/3-mohenjo-daro/&tab=field_core_pfield_1
  4. Yep, here's a link https://discord.gg/rU7ATMk Oh, that's good to know. I'll have to keep that in mind for fixing
  5. This engine isn't dead, but I haven't had much time to work on it this past year due to my job. The forum is another matter, and it's as alive as the community. There is more chatter on the discord.
  6. I like the color, but it feels like it clashes with the wall's pallet. Looks good with the tables, though.
  7. I think I'll expand the idea of animations, as well. You have an animation for the station not being used (a still image in this case) and being used, but having the option of playing a different animation when actually crafting an item (assuming it takes time to craft) could also be cool. Eg. the loom: still image normally, has the edges moving when the player is using it, and has the edges moving and thread being weaved when the player is crafting an item (again, requires there to be crafting times, eg. 5sec to make a cloak) It's the little things in games that add immersion
  8. Looks good. Don't think I've seen animated crafting stations here before, so kudos (might have to steal that idea later lmao)
  9. Hehe, it rotated them poorly XD (sorry, I just find it funny since I had that issue when doing the same thing) As for turning them off, open the vbp file with VB6 IDE. Search for something along the lines of DrawShadow, and comment it out. Or, you can go to the DrawShadow sub, and add a Exit Sub for the first line. After either of those, save it and compile it (File -> Make ENGINE_NAME.exe)
  10. For the actual animation, look for `' animate autotiles` in `GameLoop` I would recommend changing the code to have a constant for the max frames, then check if autoTileFrame = the const, if so, set it to 0, otherwise add 1 (I don't know why they used a select case...) As for the selection box, look for `' change selected shape for autotiles` in `EditorMap_DrawTileset`
  11. Not dead, Zyn just doesn't post many updates about it
  12. I'm not totally clear on a few things you're asking, so I'll do my best to answer everything :) Eclipse Renewal doesn't have a scripting system, but you are able to change the code if you have VB6 (VB.Net or other IDEs won't work). The areas of code you would need to change are the player attributes (both client and server), the character rendering (client in modGraphics), and the character creation in frmMenu. It's not a hard change to make if you know what you're doing, but otherwise it can be a pain finding everything. I think the damage numbers are shown when you attack, but I could be mistaken. If they aren't shown, the areas of code that would need changing are in modHandleData (cleint) where the combat damage is received (if it's not sent, then you need to edit modServerTCL {server] to send the data), and modGraphics (client side) to render the damage for a brief time. --- My overall thoughts on Eclipse Renewal 1.8 is that it's a good middle ground engine. There are some bugs (the biggest is a warp/teleport issue), and it's not feature rich like some other engines. I probably wouldn't use it solely because I can program the features I do and don't want, but for someone with more limited experience coding in these engines, it's not a bad engine to use, but it's probably not the best, either. However, I am still working on ER 1.9, but there is no release date currently. I'm super busy with my job, and optimizing it as I go is really slowing me down as well. So, I would say don't wait for me to finish so you can use it, since that could be a year or two (if not more) at this rate. --- As for MMO status, I don't know of any engine on this site that can handle more than 30-ish players at a time.
  13. @lel Guys, please don't be necro-ing threads to trash talk, thanks lol
  14. The only thing you should need to install are the runtimes, and those will need administrator privilege to install. The engines themselves just need to be downloaded and extracted. A few questions: 1) What's the link to the file you're trying to install? 2) What OS are you using? 3) Do you have admin privileges?
  15. The only thing you should need to install are the runtimes, and those will need administrator privilege to install. The engines themselves just need to be downloaded and extracted. A few questions: 1) What's the link to the file you're trying to install? 2) What OS are you using? 3) Do you have admin privileges?
  16. I'm not the best person to answer this, but I'll give some advice. Just note that I may not answer the question very well if at all. If you're coding from scratch... 1) Choose a language (look into web sockets for client/server connecting) 2) Figure out if it will be easier for you to code pieces of the client or server first (I find it easier to code the server, then code the client) And in general... 1) Keep server bloat down (don't process things that don't need to be processed) 2) Make the client do as much as it can (to keep server bloat down) 3) Send as few packets as you need to (eg. send packets when things change instead of constantly) The server should really be doing as little as possible to do it's job and stay secure. Rely on the client to do things more than the server. I don't really care about the client, since computers nowadays can run simple clients just fine even if they are a bit bloated, but you should still optimize it as much as possible. Just don't let server performance decrease in order for client performance to increase. Server performance should come before client performance.
  17. You just need to download the engine, extract it, install the runtimes, run the server, and run the client. Most engines on the site are no longer supported by the developer that made them, and many also don't have working download links. I have several decent engines linked in my signature you can download.
  18. Will is willpower, it increases how much health (and I think magic) you restore per regen. And, correct, luck isn't in the engine
  19. It's written in the form designer. 1) Open `frmMenu` 2) Select `picCredits` ![picCredits](https://i.postimg.cc/nLLYmr0T/image.png) 3) Right click one of the blue squares and select `Bring to Front` ![Bring to Front](https://i.postimg.cc/vHLWSfK3/image.png) 4) Change the credits' layout/wording to what you want 5) Right click the blue resize box and select `Send to Back`
  20. It's not too hard if you know what you're doing. In `DrawPlayer` and `DrawNPC`, you should see a comment like `Check for attacking animation`. You'll need to change that code to use whatever frames you want it to.
  21. @Koinken Thanks for the list, time to go through it lol Equipment: - Enchantments will be possible with the buff/debuff system - I like the idea of a buff that causes the attacker damage - I've given some thought to a element/type system for creating elements and deciding what they're strong/weak against, it's now on the to-do list Morals: - I haven't given much thought to morals if I'm honest... I'd like to make an editor to choose options (like these ideas), but I'm not sure where to start right now. Hopefully I'll get to it later Damage Types: - This might be do-able already with the buff system, but I'm not sure. I definitely like the idea of different types of damage since they can help with different types of gameplay Stats: - The most I'd do with stats in make an editor for them, but I don't see that happening since I'd have to redo a lot more code to support scripted stats actually affecting gameplay - End and Agi actually affect stamina and movement speed respectively ;) Conditions: - Sprite conditionals might happen, but it's more likely I'd add conditionals for classes/race/gender since those determine sprites. We'll see, there isn't really a reason not to add it, so if it's simple enough, expect to see it Houses: - Changeable spawn points are something I overlooked XD multiple spawn points to choose from could also be interesting - There are plans for players being able to change maps they own, and adding an NPC to the map won't be hard (assuming I add a faction editor, it shouldn't be hard to let the player have a guard that attacks anyone not in the faction)
  22. @Koinken I'd love to hear them. I might not add all of them, but they might give me other ideas for things if nothing else. :)
  23. @Koinken - DoT/HoT should already be in the engine? If not, they will be added - Dash is an interesting idea, basically a warp that damages anything in the path... I'll need to give it more thought for how to implement it smoothly - Damage shields gives me an idea for buffs with a duration of health, movement, etc. instead of time - Transforming is planned - Traps will be possible since spells will be able to change maps (I'll need to do more work to make the changed has a time limit) - Blind will be possible with the buff system - You can remove magic with the buff system, but I'll add the ability to prevent attack types - Root will be possible by changing the target's speed - Charm is a neat idea. I should be able to override the target's target, but I'm not sure I can do it smoothly - Cleanse is planned. Spells will be able to remove buffs, debuffs, curses, and/or more - Drain should be possible by using multiple buff/debuff effects, or it will be do-able with the link effect - Link is a good idea. It should be easy enough to add
  24. @Mecha-Knuckles Don't worry, I'm good lol, I had some money saved up for this sort of thing. Most of the data won't be transferable without converters, but I'm willing to make those for things that aren't easy to redo (either because you have a lot like items, or because they're complex like maps), so don't worry too much about using an earlier version, you'll just need to let me know what converters are needed after 1.9 is released :)
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