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  1. Get a windows VPS PM me and I will get you a discount at my current host. If you don't know Linux don't even bother. Not trying to be a dick.. Just thought i'd save you the time reading tutorials
  2. ![](http://i48.tinypic.com/rcv4tz.png) Had to make sure to block out my address from Spork 11 Range Rover HSE Super Charged
  3. @Mortal: > I got it free ;-) but the actual price is 5555.- My Uncle build computers and in this its the case broken at the backside so i got it free ;-) I call bullshit Why would anyone just give away a $5,555.00 Computer to his nephew cause it has a backside broken case which is less than $20.00 to fix. I'll shutup if you post a picture with you next to it open. Displaying the three graphic cards
  4. @Joyce: > Justin I removed your topic because all you did was publicly shaming and calling out. You could have contacted him and just try to resolve it. I contacted samtheleech over MSN. After I greeted him, he responded back. I mentioned the paypal dispute to him and he immediately signed off or blocked me I don't care, I just want people to know that he is not legit. he will have to wait 3 weeks to get a refund because I am not going to respond to the paypal dispute.
  5. Your computer is way too overpriced. I could build something better than that (Score higher in 3dmark) for less than $2,000…. ATX CASE: Corsair 400r (Modded Custom Side Window) PROCESSOR: AMD FX-8120 3.1Ghz 8-Core Bulldozer 16Mb Cache Black Edition Processor TURBO CORE TECHNOLOGY MOTHERBOARD: Asus SaberTooth 990fx/AM3+ SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0/4-Way SLI/ UEFI Bios Motherboard MEMORY: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 2133Mhz DDR3 VIDEO CARD: Dual GTX 285 Superclocked HARD DRIVES: 1\. Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB Sata-lll
  6. i made a post about it, but its not allowed edit: eitherway, it doesnt matter, dont worry about it
  7. flipping thru paper textbooks is so 1990's
  8. gotta love ebooks. can download entire series of programming books, in any language
  9. disable your malware, its obviously bad. try Microsoft Security Essentials
  10. So you are going to spam email a random list of 30 or so people that could or could not be even interested in gaming for some coding? Maybe offer a little more than just 30-100 people. More on the scale of 500-1,000
  11. NFS The Run was pretty fucking awesome I've played almost every NFS that has came out the past like two years. THE Run > Drift > Shift
  12. @abhi2011: > The mapping is way to pixelly. that is the only problem i have with the game. It's meant to be that way @GunnerWolf: > I don't approve of this because it sucks > > JK really it's because I'm so jeally that you had the monehz to buy it off someone. > > DON'T JUDGE MEH Bought pretty much just the gui and old source. The game is a complete opposite of what it was before.
  13. JustinSD

    Nicer Eclipse

    The problem is that currently Eclipse is catching the attention of mainly 12-16 year old's who want to make a game quickly with zero knowledge of what is actually in the client / server and only care about placing TILES down and making a OP game. We all been there at some point… So I totally get it. So I will make a better effort at not being so dickish and more helping We can all be homeboys now :3 ![](http://a1.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/94/ccacdbd7f29738ed1447ff0603980e62/l.jpg)
  14. JustinSD

    Game map

    @‭‭‭Marsh: > Not bad, though it seems a tad empty. Also that lamp or chandelier or whatever it is supposed to be just looks like its sitting on the floor. NOT UH! THERE'S FRINGE ON IT MANNN But yeah… It does look really odd having the Lamp just chillen in the middle Also, Add more detail into the map. Bring the two windows closer in towards the middle. Move the bed up one tile. and place a rug down or something to contrast all the damn brown / tan
  15. eek, quit posting in my thread, or i wont post any more codes this was done by request. leave the "notes" or whatever to me. if i wish to leave information out, then that means i want the user to find out on their own
  16. @Stein: > Note that TimeGetTime is MORE accurate than GetTickCount, so this will cause a few oddities with the values of your old time system. Or it can rather, animations might suddenly animate a bit faster and whatnot.. Skideria games discourages improperly coded graphic engines that would be affected by higher performance timers. Which obviously leads to… Frame based motion vs Time based motion. An example time based motion coding would be what you see in ms4/eo2 Original Author: tiggilyboo of eclipse ``` Case MOVING_WALKING: MovementSpeed = ((ElapsedTime / 1000) * (RUN_SPEED * SIZE_X)) Case MOVING_RUNNING: MovementSpeed = ((ElapsedTime / 1000) * (WALK_SPEED * SIZE_X)) ```+ associated variables, just search through the code if you'd like, compare the same code in older versions of eclipse to see the frame based variation
  17. 1) if this thread is in the incorrect place, please move 2) i will do at least 1 daily update (probably not) 64-Bit timer (replacement for GetTickCount) | Original Author: Spodi of http://netgore.com >! in any module of your choosing (preferably where your declarations are located) ``` 'Used for the 64-bit timer Private GetSystemTimeOffset As Currency Private Declare Sub GetSystemTime Lib "kernel32.dll" Alias "GetSystemTimeAsFileTime" (ByRef lpSystemTimeAsFileTime As Currency) Public Declare Function timeBeginPeriod Lib "winmm.dll" (ByVal uPeriod As Long) As Long >! ``` somewhere at your entry point routine (probably sub main) ``` >! 'Set the high-resolution timer timeBeginPeriod 1 'This MUST be called before any timeGetTime calls because it states what the 'values of timeGetTime will be. InitTimeGetTime >! ``` >! Place in a module with general code of the program ``` >! Public Sub InitTimeGetTime() '***************************************************************** 'Gets the offset time for the timer so we can start at 0 instead of 'the returned system time, allowing us to not have a time roll-over until 'the program is running for 25 days '***************************************************************** >! 'Get the initial time GetSystemTime GetSystemTimeOffset >! End Sub >! Public Function timeGetTime() As Long '***************************************************************** 'Grabs the time from the 64-bit system timer and returns it in 32-bit 'after calculating it with the offset - allows us to have the '"no roll-over" advantage of 64-bit timers with the RAM usage of 32-bit 'though we limit things slightly, so the rollover still happens, but after 25 days '***************************************************************** Dim CurrentTime As Currency >! 'Grab the current time (we have to pass a variable ByRef instead of a function return like the other timers) GetSystemTime CurrentTime 'Calculate the difference between the 64-bit times, return as a 32-bit time timeGetTime = CurrentTime - GetSystemTimeOffset >! End Function >! ```
  18. Maplestory mixed with Kirby 0.o Gluck with finding someone
  19. Post the Schema you want. Some examples of logos you currently like and some screenshots of your game so I have a idea what is there. I'll craft something up
  20. @Kusy: > I feel sorry for your parents. Hurr. lolol
  21. 1) it's sad that people rip crap without giving any credit at all. 2) The reason it has so many players is because the admin hosts a well known CSS server.
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