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  1. **Insidia** **Introduction** The game is a classical based MORPG featuring new innovative ideas. There will not be much about the project here, but there has been a lot of time and effort put into it. You can get more information from me if you ask for it. **Setting** The player will start off in a small town where they will be introduced to the game. Once the player completes the tutorials provided in the area they will defeat a threat and move on to their race's city capital. Once they arrive here they will deliver a message to their king and be sent onward to continue their journey. **Story** A calamity that hit the planet of Vintre merged the Material and Ethereal planes of the world together; causing Aether to rain across the world. Aether is a magical substance that was greatly researched by the Humans (similar to water but potent with raw energy). It was used to create three superior races (Elf, Draconian, and Genasi) by imbuing it within the body of a Human. This allowed the race to replenish its energy from Aether rather than how a normal Human would. As the years passed the Humans felt threatened by these new races and wanted to abolish them from their society. They slowly killed them off and the remaining ones managed to escape. The survivors went into hiding and created their own civilization from scratch. As the destruction ended, the world remained in peace for several years until a new threat surfaced… **Classes** **Druid** * A shapeshifitng class that can summon beings to aid them in combat. * They can switch between Beast/Crystal/Spirit Form. * Each of their forms will be strong in a specific role, and based on how they customize their character will determine how the form operates. * They can tank, damage, or heal. **Hunter** * A ranging class that uses traps and can tame beasts/certain abominations to aid them in combat. * Specific pets will be more fit to tank where others will deal more damage. * They use crossbows, bows, and javelins. * They can tank or damage. **Priest** * A magic class that is greatly adaptable in healing, with the ability to shield their allies to protect them against damage that is inflicted. * They have powerful damage over time abilities for their damage specification of the class. * They can switch between Light/Aegis/Shadow Form. * They can damage or heal. **Rogue** * A melee class that specializes in disarming/locating traps and hiding in the shadows to ambush their enemies. * They can disarm opponents making them much weaker for a short duration. * They are much weaker in survivability compared to the other melee classes. * They are able to escape from enemies more easily than the other classes. * They can switch between Stealth and regular form. * They can damage only. **Sorcerer** * A magic class that does high damage from a far distance. * They can switch between Fire/Ice/Arcane Aura. * They can damage only. **Warrior** * A melee class that specializes in mobility, survivability, and brutal attacks. * They can switch between Balanced/Aggressive/Defensive Stance. * They can tank or damage. **Races** * The Elven race are balanced in physical and magical characteristics. * The Draconian race are strong from their enhanced physical characteristics. * The Genasi race are the most intelligent with their great enlightenment of magic. * The Abomination race are the strongest out of all the races (lack reasoning, self-control, and moral values). * The Human race are the weakest compared to all the other races (technological race). _Humans and Abominations are not a playable race._ **Skills** **Crafting** * Alchemy * Cooking * Jewelcrafting * Leatherworking * Smithing * Tailoring * Woodworking **Gathering** * Fishing * Herbalism * Mining * Skinning * Woodcutting **Engine** We're using a custom engine written in C# with XNA and Lidgren Networking libraries. You may not know what these are (Google it if you are curious). I was just pointing it out for those who have programming experience in .NET. **Design** We have a large amount of information of the project's design written out in Google Docs (roughly 100 pages). **Recruitment** * Two Mappers * One Web Developer * One Composer **Demo** A simple video of several of the maps. You can view it by clicking [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0_l_bsykcI&feature=player_embedded). **Commercial** Our product is aimed at being commercial, but this does not mean our goals are to become the next big game. We're aiming to start ourselves as a small indie game studio and work our way up. **Contact** Please private message me on Eclipse with some examples of your work, a brief description of why you are interested, and how we may further contact you.
  2. I agree with you Robin, but you need to find that good medium not just slop something out in 24 hours. I've had this problem for years and still a polishing perfectionist, but the experience stays with you and next time you'll do it much faster.
  3. Here comes the constructive feedback. I couldn't listen to any of the tracks longer than a minute, they either have too much echoing, high pitch sounds, or too many sounds playing at once. I feel there is hardly any rhythmic in the compositions or anything to relate to, it just sounds like a bunch of sounds blaring.
  4. @Captain: > NOOOOOOO. WAS IT ALL MY COMMENTS? NOOOOOOOOOOO > > Also; isn't the internet a human right? No.
  5. You probably need to add set x, y, direction, & map for player/NPC among other things. But looks nice, good luck finishing it. :)
  6. @Whack: > look man, I've been working with this for months now, programming my own edits into it because I was waiting for you to release bug fixes! You didn't say you were going to turn this into A Beta and not update it. Now I'm ducked and i'll have to start from scratch again. This whole damn community is ducking gay. I suggest you learn how to use subversion and go through the edits you made and see what he changed, then merge the edits manually. It takes several hours to do, but if you spent a lot of time on it there's no reason to start over. I worked on Eclipse Origins for almost two years doing this.
  7. If you coded it yourself. Selling other people's work on the other hand is just like stealing.
  8. I got it, thanks for the information. I never thought about it like that. TPB wasn't aware it was that big of a site compared to Megaupload, maybe I was wrong on that too. I realize they have been trying to take it down, but they haven't got the chance to do anything yet (legally) to shut it down.
  9. Pixel movement is more real-time, which requires a lot of interpolation. Pixel movement is much more smooth than tile-based movement, so it makes other players see what is going on more often rather than having the client automate the movement to the other tile. Although, this is not that easy to implement and should not be added unless you are a very experienced programmer.
  10. There's no need to judge a country that isn't really something any other country would avoid, if it had as many fast food places as it.
  11. I don't know, have heard a lot of nasty stuff making them a big influence to piracy and supporting it. The difference with Google is they remove that content when they find it. TPB (The Pirate Bay) is another big piracy provider they just haven't been put under the radar yet (not big enough or noticed yet).
  12. @Keebler: > This is ridiculous you children can not count. > > From my current knowledge and most of the known worlds this is not what comes after 3\. Which also means we could not move onto 5\. So I shall continue on with… > > "4" Durp, I skipped 4 cause the last person posted before me should of put that. 4.
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