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  1. Why not make him an rpg that doesnt require as much work to maintain once the work is done. Seeing that its a gift for your friend an rpg can always be played where as an orpg there is always a server that needs hosted, plus a lot of other hassle I'm sure you don't want to deal with. I know you probably have your mind made up… but its an idea. I think an RPG with a close personal storyline for him would be a much better gift. :)
  2. I've been trying to find some tutorials on creating logos and icons and haven't been able to find anything I've been looking for. If anyone knows of any decent photoshop tutorials or a tutorial series they could recommend me to that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I have been a member of this community off and on for a big majority of my life though I feel I have never really been a strong supporting member like I have always wanted to be. Recently I went though a really rough patch in my life with drinking, drugs, arrests and other things I don't wish to get into. Needless to say last year was one of the roughest years of my life. But the end of last year and this year things have really changed for the better for me. I left a few people here high and dry last year and to those people I owe a big apology. I plan on being a much stronger member of this community and by helping new comers learn and grow by passing along/teaching with what skills I do possess. I want to thank this entire community for being a solid rock and always being a place I can turn to. So once again I am here to say hello as I return to the site and this time, hopefully, it will be for good. Most of you I'm sure don't really care nor have noticed. It's just something I wanted to share. (:
  4. Are there any programs or apps available for testing walking animations. I'm currently trying to fine tune my walking animations and I am seeking something where I can watch them over and over in loop in order to tweek small things I want correct. If this has already been answered before feel free to delete this post.
  5. Hello. I'm currently looking to hire somebody to work on the User Interfaces for my game. I'm looking to pay around $150+. (Will pay more for higher quality of work). I know a lot of you here so I'd rather go with someone I know, but I'm of course always willing to work with someone new. I want an old school retro kind Zelda Link to the Past kinda feel. If anyone is interested let me know. Will pay today!! I need someone to start ASAP. The last person I paid was to busy and wasn't getting work done. I already have all the blank default GUIs made. ALSO if you work for me now I'll need more UIs made in the future that I am still working on that I am willing to pay the same price again for. So this will be a very high paying project!!
  6. Grizzy

    Main Menu Music

    Just want some opinions. Thanks. :) [https://soundcloud.com/hippapiffapoof/main-menu-music](https://soundcloud.com/hippapiffapoof/main-menu-music)
  7. I just started this and wanted some opinons on it. What do you think? ![](http://i.imgur.com/DXnWnJa.jpg)
  8. I just started this and wanted some opinons on it. What do you think? ![](http://i.imgur.com/DXnWnJa.jpg)
  9. I just started this and wanted some opinons on it. What do you think? ![](http://i.imgur.com/DXnWnJa.jpg)
  10. Grizzy

    Hey Sooooo

    I cant post on the chat. &… I haaate it. So um... why?
  11. I'm excited and love the sound of everything you stated in the direction you are going with Eclipse. Can't wait to see the full potential of some of the people around this community while it grows and evolves..
  12. So as I am creating this design docket for my coder, one thing I am striving for is uniqueness in my classes. Some things I've noticed are very similar to LOZ… Small example would be the warrior has a rage spell where if someone is casting a spell at them they can swing in defense and send a spell back at the casting mage... Which is something that can be done in many Legend of Zelda games.. So my question is do you think small things like that, if I make them unique enough to be my own, is something I should worry about with copyright issues and such? Just curious on some other people's opinions.
  13. So I'm attempting now to explain how I want the framework to work for my mmo this guy is coding for me. & Right now I'm attempting to work on the spell and fighting system. So I was just wondering if anyone knew any good tutorials I should check out. I think my lack of knowledge with coding terminology will hinder me some.. Well just the lack of ability to explain variables, percentages, and constants which is why I'm hoping a good tutorial could help me out. Thank you guys. :)
  14. Grizzy

    Main Menu Music

    I've been working on some 8 bit music for my game and I tried giving this more of a hip hop vibe to it but still rather chill.. It's still a WIP as I'm not the biggest fan of it. I just wanted to gather some other random opinions on it. Please & Thank You! Be critical and honest. (Edit: It was messed up. I'm fixing it atm will reupload in a second) (Double Edit: Just delete this please)
  15. Very beautiful stuff man. I shall be donating to your cause as well. (:
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