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  1. Andiii

    Any FABLE fans?

    You can't really do anything on the forums when you're pissed… except act like a kid and flame people.
  2. Andiii

    Any FABLE fans?

    I really hope so, I read that they improved a lot of the previous features such as marriage.
  3. Andiii

    Any FABLE fans?

    It was alright for me. They developed it for 4 years and it wasn't really fun. Limited amount of equipments and weapons. They promised many features, but never incorporated them.
  4. It was doom lol, scarred me for life… Hella scary when I was a little kid.
  5. Levelized, b/c I grind a lot in games, whoo Maplestory sucks!!!
  6. Andiii

    Wind Slayer

    THx, Miguu, i'm dling now, make me moderator later!!! jk lol.
  7. @Robin: > Nope. Our trees have more contrast. Thx Robin, but I really need to change the tree more lol. Might go to a bushy one.
  8. Andiii

    City Mock Up

    Thx for the comments, and right on Darkniz lol.
  9. Andiii

    City Mock Up

    Notice the Darth Revan sprite lol. The graphics are pretty much the same, but I chose new colors that are brighter than last time. Original logo was not created by me.
  10. Yea, thx, I noticed that too. Trying to fine right colors for house to blend with path.
  11. Here's a mock up of ChibiTown, a online simulation game, powered by Essence Engine. I'm still having trouble choosing the correct colors for the house. Original Logo was not created by me.
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