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  1. yo, this is legit as hell man. looks really sick so far. gonna check out the website; keep it up.
  2. i got up to 11k with GTX 970 and an i7-6700k
  3. @'Link': > ![](http://i.imgur.com/5nebmgO.jpg) god damnit
  4. ![](http://i.imgur.com/nNYJF6n.jpg)
  5. That's really awesome. Glad this is something you can reach out to people about. Best of luck to you.
  6. Well you need some sort of progression for your crafting throughout the leveling of your game, too. You don't want people to just craft junk throughout their low levels and then start crafting good items at the end. The way I do it is having crafted items be a little bit below the power of dungeon drops and quest rewards, and a little better than a world drop of the same level. This way, crafted items are still desirable because you can make them ahead of time and wear them when you reach that level. Crafted items will always be desirable because people love to make armor and weapons and sell them to other players and use them themselves. I don't think, however, that crafted items should ever be better than drops you get from dungeons, raids, bosses, etc. because those often require multiple people whereas crafting there is virtually no risk and you are by yourself. Here's an example of the power level for level 10 items in my game, you can see that crafted items are around the same power level, but the dungeon and quest reward items are better. ![](http://i.imgur.com/atfZIPH.png)
  7. the legend ![](http://puu.sh/aup57/f41ae49ba9.png)
  8. Gonna go over how the Enchanting skill works in Aegis for those interested. If you're familiar with WoW's, it's very similar to that (I've taken a lot of inspiration from WoW for Aegis.) **Enchanting** uses reagents (materials for skills) gathered from destroying magic, rare, or epic items. Depending on the item level (power) of your item, you get certain types of dust, shards, and greater shards. Here's a quick reference: _18-37 = Magic reagents_ _38-47 = Mystic reagents_ _48-84 = Spirit reagents_ _85-109 = Miasmic reagents_ _110-156 = Astral reagents_ There's 5 types of enchants; Weak, Minor, Greater, Major, and Super. As they increase in tier, you gain more power from your enchant. The tiers of enchants also require certain reagents: _Weak - Magic_ _Minor - Mystic_ _Greater - Spirit_ _Major - Miasmic_ _Super - Astral_ Currently, Enchanting uses a bit of RNG to determine what items you get from a given disenchant. The RNG works as follows: _1-5 Dust = 20%_ _1-5 Dust + 1 Shard = 40%_ _1-5 Dust + 1-3 Shard + 1 Greater Shard = 25%_ _3-7 Dust + 1-5 Shard + 1-3 Greater Shard = 12%_ _5-10 Dust + 1-5 Shard + 1-5 Greater Shard = 3%_ You can turn 5 Dust into a Shard, and 3 Shards into a Greater Shard. Greater Shards in turn can be turned into 15 Dust. Once you have the proper reagents and Enchanting level, you can enchant an item, be it a piece of armor or a weapon. There are currently **240** different enchants you can do! Many of the high level enchants are not learned when leveling up, but discovered through formulas off monster drops and dungeon loot. Here's an example, say I want to do the enchant **Enchant Boots - Super Attack Power. **The reagents for that enchant are 16 Astral Dust, 8 Astral Shard, and 2 Spite Essence. Once you have the ingredients, you can cast Enchant Boots - Super Attack Power from your Enchanting book, and you'll make a scroll that can be used on an appropiate item. Super Enchants can only be used on items that are item level 110 or higher. I hope this makes the Enchanting skill a little more clear. If you're interested in seeing all the Enchants, go to my free-to-view skills document and click the ENCHANTING tab. [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As3UELVpvBmMdDdIMlZDdGYySXB4cS0wbDNPMVNQSVE&usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As3UELVpvBmMdDdIMlZDdGYySXB4cS0wbDNPMVNQSVE&usp=sharing)
  9. Enchanting skill is nearly done, all 224 enchants can be viewed here. [http://pastebin.com/wf4aKwqT](http://pastebin.com/wf4aKwqT) >! Enchant Helm - Weak Attack Power Enchant Helm - Weak Spell Power Enchant Helm - Weak Armor Penetration Enchant Helm - Weak Spell Penetration Enchant Helm - Weak Critical Strike Enchant Helm - Minor Attack Power Enchant Helm - Minor Spell Power Enchant Helm - Minor Armor Penetration Enchant Helm - Minor Spell Penetration Enchant Helm - Minor Critical Strike Enchant Helm - Greater Attack Power Enchant Helm - Greater Spell Power Enchant Helm - Greater Armor Penetration Enchant Helm - Greater Spell Penetration Enchant Helm - Greater Critical Strike Enchant Helm - Major Attack Power Enchant Helm - Major Spell Power Enchant Helm - Major Armor Penetration Enchant Helm - Major Spell Penetration Enchant Helm - Major Critical Strike Enchant Helm - Super Attack Power Enchant Helm - Super Spell Power Enchant Helm - Super Armor Penetration Enchant Helm - Super Spell Penetration Enchant Helm - Super Critical Strike Enchant Chest - Weak Health Enchant Chest - Weak Mana Enchant Chest - Weak Attack Power Enchant Chest - Weak Spell Power Enchant Chest - Weak Dodge Enchant Chest - Minor Health Enchant Chest - Minor Mana Enchant Chest - Minor Attack Power Enchant Chest - Minor Spell Power Enchant Chest - Minor Dodge Enchant Chest - Greater Health Enchant Chest - Greater Mana Enchant Chest - Greater Attack Power Enchant Chest - Greater Spell Power Enchant Chest - Greater Dodge Enchant Chest - Major Health Enchant Chest - Major Mana Enchant Chest - Major Attack Power Enchant Chest - Major Spell Power Enchant Chest - Major Dodge Enchant Chest - Super Health Enchant Chest - Super Mana Enchant Chest - Super Attack Power Enchant Chest - Super Spell Power Enchant Chest - Super Dodge Enchant Legs - Weak Health Enchant Legs - Weak Mana Enchant Legs - Weak Attack Power Enchant Legs - Weak Spell Power Enchant Legs - Weak Dodge Enchant Legs - Minor Health Enchant Legs - Minor Mana Enchant Legs - Minor Attack Power Enchant Legs - Minor Spell Power Enchant Legs - Minor Dodge Enchant Legs - Greater Health Enchant Legs - Greater Mana Enchant Legs - Greater Attack Power Enchant Legs - Greater Spell Power Enchant Legs - Greater Dodge Enchant Legs - Major Health Enchant Legs - Major Mana Enchant Legs - Major Attack Power Enchant Legs - Major Spell Power Enchant Legs - Major Dodge Enchant Legs - Super Health Enchant Legs - Super Mana Enchant Legs - Super Attack Power Enchant Legs - Super Spell Power Enchant Legs - Super Dodge Enchant Gloves - Weak Health Enchant Gloves - Weak Mana Enchant Gloves - Weak Attack Power Enchant Gloves - Weak Spell Power Enchant Gloves - Weak Armor Penetration Enchant Gloves - Weak Spell Penetration Enchant Gloves - Weak Critical Strike Enchant Gloves - Weak Dodge Enchant Gloves - Minor Health Enchant Gloves - Minor Mana Enchant Gloves - Minor Attack Power Enchant Gloves - Minor Spell Power Enchant Gloves - Minor Armor Penetration Enchant Gloves - Minor Spell Penetration Enchant Gloves - Minor Critical Strike Enchant Gloves - Minor Dodge Enchant Gloves - Greater Health Enchant Gloves - Greater Mana Enchant Gloves - Greater Attack Power Enchant Gloves - Greater Spell Power Enchant Gloves - Greater Armor Penetration Enchant Gloves - Greater Spell Penetration Enchant Gloves - Greater Critical Strike Enchant Gloves - Greater Dodge Enchant Gloves - Major Health Enchant Gloves - Major Mana Enchant Gloves - Major Attack Power Enchant Gloves - Major Spell Power Enchant Gloves - Major Armor Penetration Enchant Gloves - Major Spell Penetration Enchant Gloves - Major Critical Strike Enchant Gloves - Major Dodge Enchant Gloves - Super Health Enchant Gloves - Super Mana Enchant Gloves - Super Attack Power Enchant Gloves - Super Spell Power Enchant Gloves - Super Armor Penetration Enchant Gloves - Super Spell Penetration Enchant Gloves - Super Critical Strike Enchant Gloves - Super Dodge Enchant Boots - Weak Health Enchant Boots - Weak Mana Enchant Boots - Weak Attack Power Enchant Boots - Weak Spell Power Enchant Boots - Weak Armor Penetration Enchant Boots - Weak Spell Penetration Enchant Boots - Weak Critical Strike Enchant Boots - Weak Dodge Enchant Boots - Minor Health Enchant Boots - Minor Mana Enchant Boots - Minor Attack Power Enchant Boots - Minor Spell Power Enchant Boots - Minor Armor Penetration Enchant Boots - Minor Spell Penetration Enchant Boots - Minor Critical Strike Enchant Boots - Minor Dodge Enchant Boots - Greater Health Enchant Boots - Greater Mana Enchant Boots - Greater Attack Power Enchant Boots - Greater Spell Power Enchant Boots - Greater Armor Penetration Enchant Boots - Greater Spell Penetration Enchant Boots - Greater Critical Strike Enchant Boots - Greater Dodge Enchant Boots - Major Health Enchant Boots - Major Mana Enchant Boots - Major Attack Power Enchant Boots - Major Spell Power Enchant Boots - Major Armor Penetration Enchant Boots - Major Spell Penetration Enchant Boots - Major Critical Strike Enchant Boots - Major Dodge Enchant Boots - Super Health Enchant Boots - Super Mana Enchant Boots - Super Attack Power Enchant Boots - Super Spell Power Enchant Boots - Super Armor Penetration Enchant Boots - Super Spell Penetration Enchant Boots - Super Critical Strike Enchant Boots - Super Dodge Enchant Shield - Weak Health Enchant Shield - Weak Armor Enchant Shield - Weak Magic Resist Enchant Shield - Minor Health Enchant Shield - Minor Armor Enchant Shield - Minor Magic Resist Enchant Shield - Greater Health Enchant Shield - Greater Armor Enchant Shield - Greater Magic Resist Enchant Shield - Major Health Enchant Shield - Major Armor Enchant Shield - Major Magic Resist Enchant Shield - Super Health Enchant Shield - Super Armor Enchant Shield - Super Magic Resist Enchant Weapon - Weak Attack Power Enchant Weapon - Weak Spell Power Enchant Weapon - Weak Armor Penetration Enchant Weapon - Weak Spell Penetration Enchant Weapon - Weak Critical Strike Enchant Weapon - Minor Attack Power Enchant Weapon - Minor Spell Power Enchant Weapon - Minor Armor Penetration Enchant Weapon - Minor Spell Penetration Enchant Weapon - Minor Critical Strike Enchant Weapon - Greater Attack Power Enchant Weapon - Greater Spell Power Enchant Weapon - Greater Armor Penetration Enchant Weapon - Greater Spell Penetration Enchant Weapon - Greater Critical Strike Enchant Weapon - Major Attack Power Enchant Weapon - Major Spell Power Enchant Weapon - Major Armor Penetration Enchant Weapon - Major Spell Penetration Enchant Weapon - Major Critical Strike Enchant Weapon - Super Attack Power Enchant Weapon - Super Spell Power Enchant Weapon - Super Armor Penetration Enchant Weapon - Super Spell Penetration Enchant Weapon - Super Critical Strike Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon Enchant Weapon - Icy Weapon Enchant Weapon - Poison Weapon Enchant Weapon - Static Weapon Enchant Weapon - Lifesteal Enchant Weapon - Runeguard Enchant Weapon - Earthshaker Enchant Weapon - Lightbringer Enchant Weapon - Power Surge Enchant Off-Hand - Weak Health Enchant Off-Hand - Weak Mana Enchant Off-Hand - Weak Armor Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Weak Spell Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Minor Health Enchant Off-Hand - Minor Mana Enchant Off-Hand - Minor Armor Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Minor Spell Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Greater Health Enchant Off-Hand - Greater Mana Enchant Off-Hand - Greater Armor Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Greater Spell Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Major Health Enchant Off-Hand - Major Mana Enchant Off-Hand - Major Armor Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Major Spell Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Super Health Enchant Off-Hand - Super Mana Enchant Off-Hand - Super Armor Penetration Enchant Off-Hand - Super Spell Penetration
  10. > McAdams, you should pm me or add me on skype. I haven't been on here in ages. HONESTLY BRO? ok
  11. > I like your choice of XNA. I just switched over to it from SFML, and it's quite a nice framework. > > > > Item sheets look good, too. Are you going to have Ghostly write a parser to read in all of those documents, or are you going to manually transfer them into the game? I haven't talked to Ghostly in quite a bit, so Anadyr (John) is doing all the programming. It wouldn't be much of a bother adding all the recipes in by hand considering I know them by heart anyway, but I'm sure John could write something (like a parser, as you said) to do it for me.
  12. Finished Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring; which are the armor and weapon making skills. Almost 400 recipes! Feel free to check them all out here. [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As3UELVpvBmMdDdIMlZDdGYySXB4cS0wbDNPMVNQSVE&usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As3UELVpvBmMdDdIMlZDdGYySXB4cS0wbDNPMVNQSVE&usp=sharing)
  13. So …... now that everybody's in college and we have less cluttered lives, Anadyr, Rapture and I have begun working on Aegis again, and I really do think we'll be able to devote enough time to it this time. The potential is there and I want to see through to it this time. ~~I'm currently streaming my desktop as I work on skills thru Google docs, feel free to stop by, I'll be answering any questions about the game!~~ ~~www.twitch.tv/mfw_no_gf~~
  14. > Umm… I am not in any of these!!!! *Cries* I feel ya.
  16. > Haha, i really like that :) No joke, man! …this thread is more than 4 years old

    New computer

    You'll be able to run any eclipse game at a smooth 60 fps ;D
  18. The official forums are now up! Register here: [http://aegis-rpg.com/forums/](http://aegis-rpg.com/forums/) Right now it's a simple myBB forum. In the future we hope to upgrade to IPBoard. Feel free to register and chat on the forums now! I will be posting updates there (but also here still.)
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