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  1. Looks like you traced over a RMXP sprite.
  2. That's probably not a good idea. What's the problem?
  3. http://www.zeldalegends.net/index.php?n=sprites
  4. @Robin: > Idiots arguing with idiots. Hey, I haven't said anything yet.
  5. @Murdock: > If you dont want advice, then dont post your stuff asking for it.. you asked which one was better, and I think the outline is too light in the first and too dark in the second.. cant take criticism or what? The purpose of this was to see which one of the two people preferred. I can take criticism, it's just that the sheer fact that you completely disregarded my request for having no criticism, just your opinion on which one you preferred, but clearly that was too much to ask. I'm just going to lock this.
  6. @Murdock: > Neither, imo the outline should be a tad darker than the first one, and lighter than the second… @McAdams: > I'm not looking for advice on how to pixel art, just opinion on which one you'd prefer. à ² _à ² ….
  7. Which ones do you like better? I cant' decide between having the black outline and not. ![](http://i.imgur.com/wRXVu.png) I'm not looking for advice on how to pixel art, just opinion on which one you'd prefer.
  8. Does this strike your fancy? http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,69635.0.html I could use a few client bugs fixed and some features added in.
  9. @Geek: > Robin, I believe he means when you right click a player on the list in the server's application and grant them access. It automatically grants them maximum access. Sometimes its easier to click through these things than type it out. > > I saw a source tutorial for this one time, and I did it once before, before I was an active member of the community. I don't remember where the tutorial is however, I would suggest doing a search from the homepage. It might be the one you mentioned, and it may not even be for the current EO version. Or you can just, you know, do "/setaccess 1 [name]"
  10. @demonologist: > w8 so you mean every update I make to the code I must make another EXE? Yes.


    Oh, you have have to mouse over a certain spot for the x to appear.
  12. Oh silly me, it's the Canucks and the Bruins. I live in Boston so I'm rooting for them, and at this point it looks like we're going to game 7\. Best of luck, Marsh ;]


  14. Sharks are eating bears, so be on the lookout. [![](http://i.imgur.com/Z38yt.png)](http://imgur.com/Z38yt)
  15. You really tell him you're going to make a better engine than him, then ask him for help with it? Lol.
  16. Cuando usted lea esto llamar a mi teléfono de casa o como esto o algo ^lolwuttt

    Optimized GUI

    For the love of God, Cyprien. www.imgur.com
  18. @Robin: > -Robin's RS stuff- ![](http://i.imgur.com/573Jp.png)

    Optimized GUI

    Damn, I want something like this for Bastion Online! Nice job.
  20. Just make a map that you can't warp to by walking on any parts of the map, so you'll need the specific map number and admin commands to be able to warp to the map. P.S. USE ORIGINS!!!
  21. I turned Lord of Empire from an unbalanced shit hole to an actually enjoyable game. I'm quite certain you have nothing against me and if you'd like my help, I'd love to. I'm pretty good when it comes to balancing (you can try out my own game if you'd like some backing up for that.) But considering I haven't showed off much around here I won't be surprised if you decline me for someone better ;].
  22. At least someone finds the chatbox amusing.
  23. Sounds generic as fuck.
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