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  1. @MrMiguu: > Also, how do you consider this song to be experimental (in your opinion)? I tried a lot of new things, I used math to even compose a lot of the riffs. I experimented with harmonies I've never used before or seen used before, and they turned out pretty swell.
  2. @Aáron: > Then show us why you changed the graphics. and this haha!
  3. @MrMiguu: > Are you making these songs/albums in GuitarPro 6 to just practice complex songwriting? They're really interesting. Spot on. I actually made all these last year, but am slow to 'upload them'. I'm hoping to start on a new project soon, no idea what though. I'll have access to some recording gear in the next few years too, unfortunately I haven't had much time to touch guitar over the last couple of years, so hopefully I'm not too rusty. Perhaps I'll work on some more orchestral pieces. Or symphonic metal. :P
  4. Probably one of my favorite experimental songs, I actual wrote it in the start of last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfY6Hvr7Rm4 Check out my channel if you like it, there's plenty more uploaded and plenty more to come. Also got a lot of original game music uploaded.
  5. @à ®œÛ©AkatsukiÛ©à ®œ: > As for where we are engine related, I can't release much details as that is the job of the programmers but, we can safely say we're slowly entering alpha stages as summer goes by. Would be nice to see video footage of what has been developed! Are the basics done? Walking, combat, jumping, inventory management, shopping, basic enemy AI, etc?
  6. @MrMiguu: > How many years you and your GF been together, Kreator? 2 years!
  7. @lexkymbeth: > I did it like 3 years ago Perhaps show something recent then?
  8. Damn, I make a great pirate. ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/f081ba240dc7338b83b8f2c1f8b35613.jpg) ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/b7d7a3dd1d5e7867f384d741c9c30ea3.jpg)
  9. No one yet commented on the shadows? Map would look great if you removed the shadows or had them alpha blended in direct x 8 or whatever.
  10. Eh, I'm no fan of the new sprites. I actually quite liked the old graphic style you went for, it was original and looked good. The new sprites appear uninteresting to me, and heavily similar to maple-story. The anatomy for the concept definitely could use a lot of work.
  11. @Harris: > Thank you for venting the emotional responses of your obviously serious mental defects on the internet. This will solve all of your problems. This @MrMiguu: > What?! Someone on the internet saying absurd things to get others' attention? It worked. Unfortunately, it's not the attention I'm sure you were looking for. and this
  12. @Harris: > Transitions are better. Stop liking things I don't like. Think of it this way, giant flatscreen LCDs look great, but if your trying to replicate a house from 30 years ago, then your probably going to have a small black and white box tv.
  13. @Kusy: > You assume that he can't do transitions while he choose to not use them. I don't really thing it's a matter of improvement here, he might as well improve by going with his own vision and style. > > I even dare to say it's better to go with what you want to do, even if people are not too fond of it… unless he skipped transitions because he's lazy. My thoughts exactly.
  14. @slym: > If you're looking to improve your color picking, here's some rules that I always go by. Some good tips and tutorials, thanks. @Likestodraw: > It's cool you're picking this up again! Are these graphics going to be used in a special project, or are you releasing these as a resource? Personal project
  15. @slym: > Also, just because Kreator or a "good" artist tells you something doesn't mean you should necessarily follow it. Not unless you can tell it's a really thoughtful response or critique. Hurrdurrrr
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