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  1. HI, xSonart Looks like you've done a beautiful job customizing the engine. The reason that the Eo 2.3 engine isn't talked about much is because it is outdated and not being worked on anymore. The engines you see talked about on here a lot right now are the only ones left in development or are still being supported. While Eo 2.3 still remains an eclipse engine and yes you can still get help on here with that engine, it is just not a popular choice anymore at this point in time. If you have any further questions do ask ~Officer Johnson
  2. Hi everyone, This short tutorial will give you an easy way to kick those AFK members from your game. (Assuming they've been gone for a long time, or for whatever reason) anyways lets get to it. All Server Sided: Go to modConstants and add: `Public Const INACTIVE_DURATION As Long = 10000 ' This is 10 seconds. (This is how long before kicked for being inactive) ` Now go to modTypes and at `TempPlayerRec` add at the bottom: ``` LastActive As Long ``` Next look for the sub "`HandleData(ByVal index as Long, ByRef Data() As Byte)`" Before `CallWindowProc HandleDataSub(MsgType), index, Buffer.ReadBytes(Buffer.Length), 0, 0` put there: ``` TempPlayer(Index).LastActive = GetTickCount ``` Finally head over to gameloop and look for `' Check for disconnections every half second` right after ``` If Tick > tmr500 Then For i = 1 To MAX_PLAYERS ``` add: ``` If IsPlaying(i) Then ' Check to see if they've been inactive for too long. If Tick - TempPlayer(i).LastActive >INACTIVE_DURATION And TempPlayer(i).LastActive 0 Then Call CloseSocket(i) End If ``` That should be it make sure to test this one is working properly (I may have forgotten something but i think i got everything) let me know if any questions. Enjoy.
  3. Hi everyone, This will be a simple tutorial to teach you how to add movement keys in your game. If you would like to use different keys then the arrow keys to move this tutorial is useful for that. This will be all client sided. Our first step will be to stop the chat box from picking up letter key presses. To do that we will need to: In modGeneral, Sub SetFocusOnChat, comment out the part where it sets focus on txtMyChat: ``` 'frmMain.txtMyChat.SetFocus ``` Next head over to modGlobals and add: ``` Public Chatting As Boolean ``` Next head over to frmMain find the event "picScreen's MouseDown: add the code: ``` Call SetFocusOnChat Chatting = False ``` Next on frmMain go to txtMyChat in vb6 use the drop down at the right and select the "click" event. Then input the code: ``` Chatting = True ``` Now is the part where we add in the actual new keys for movement. If you don't want arrow key movement at all in your game you can just delete the arrow key movement code in the sub "CheckInputKeys" To add the new movement in the sub CheckInputKeys in under the arrow key movement code add: ``` If Chatting = False Then 'Move Up (W) If GetKeyState(vbKeyW) < 0 Then DirUp = True DirDown = False DirLeft = False DirRight = False Exit Sub Else DirUp = False End If 'Move Right (D) If GetKeyState(vbKeyD) < 0 Then DirUp = False DirDown = False DirLeft = False DirRight = True Exit Sub Else DirRight = False End If 'Move down (S) If GetKeyState(vbKeyS) < 0 Then DirUp = False DirDown = True DirLeft = False DirRight = False Exit Sub Else DirDown = False End If 'Move left (A) If GetKeyState(vbKeyA) < 0 Then DirUp = False DirDown = False DirLeft = True DirRight = False Exit Sub Else DirLeft = False End If End If ``` **For this tutorial purpose i have set the new keys to WASD. But you can use any keys you want on the keyboard just change the appropriate letters in the code we just added.** That should be it if any questions let me know! Enjoy
  4. Hey everyone, Been awhile since I've posted but i'm cleaning off the old pc today and figured to post all my codes to the site with the hopes that someone will find a use for them. So you can expect a lot of tutorials posted by me today. To get started this tutorial will show you how to code a new item type that will allow an item to double, triple, etc your EXP for a time duration. So lets begin In both the **Server & Client** in Private Type **PlayerRec** add: ``` ExpMultiplier as Long ExpMultiplierTime as Long in Private Type ItemRec add addExpMultiplier As Long addExpMultiplierTime As Long ``` **Server Side**: in Sub ServerLoop dim ``` Dim LastUpdateExpMod As Long ``` in modServerLoop add ``` Private Sub UpdateExpMod() Dim i As Long For i = 1 To Player_HighIndex If IsPlaying(i) Then If Player(i).ExpMultiplierTime > 0 Then Player(i).ExpMultiplierTime = Player(i).ExpMultiplierTime - 1 End If End If Next End Sub ``` in sub GivePlayerEXP add after ' give the exp ``` If Player(index).ExpMultiplierTime > 0 Then exp = exp * Player(index).ExpMultiplier End If ``` in sub UseItem add after the if statement If Item(itemnum).AddEXP > 0 Then ``` If Item(itemnum).addExpMultiplierTime > 0 Then Player(index).ExpMultiplierTime = Item(itemnum).addExpMultiplierTime Player(index).ExpMultiplier = Item(itemnum).addExpMultiplier SendActionMsg GetPlayerMap(index), "x" & Item(itemnum).addExpMultiplier & " EXP", White, ACTIONMSG_SCROLL, GetPlayerX(index) * 32, GetPlayerY(index) * 32 End If ``` **Client Side**: in frmEditor_Item in frame fraVitals create two labels (lblExpTime "Multiplier Time: 0", lblExpMultiplier "Exp Multiplier: 0") and two scrlbars (scrlMultiplierTime,scrlMultiplier) x2 click scrlMultiplierTime input ``` ' If debug mode, handle error then exit out If Options.Debug = 1 Then On Error GoTo errorhandler lblExpTime.Caption = "Multiplier Time: " & scrlMultiplierTime.Value Item(EditorIndex).addExpMultiplierTime = scrlMultiplierTime.Value ' Error handler Exit Sub errorhandler: HandleError "scrlMultiplierTime_Change", "frmEditor_Item", Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, Err.HelpContext Err.Clear Exit Sub ``` x2 click scrlMultiplier input ``` ' If debug mode, handle error then exit out If Options.Debug = 1 Then On Error GoTo errorhandler lblExpMultiplier.Caption = "Exp Multiplier: " & scrlMultiplier.Value Item(EditorIndex).addExpMultiplier = scrlMultiplier.Value ' Error handler Exit Sub errorhandler: HandleError "scrlMultiplier_Change", "frmEditor_Item", Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, Err.HelpContext Err.Clear Exit Sub ``` In sub ItemEditorInit in the if statement If frmEditor_Item.cmbType.ListIndex = ITEM_TYPE_CONSUME Then under frmEditor_Item.chkInstant.Value = .instaCast add ``` frmEditor_Item.scrlMultiplier.Value = .addExpMultiplier frmEditor_Item.scrlMultiplierTime.Value = .addExpMultiplierTime ``` **That should be it! Hope someone finds this useful enjoy let me know if any questions.**
  5. Rob! its great to have you back man. Upvoted.
  6. @'deminizer': > How to edit my main screen in which some part of the picture is out of the frame and it has to be transparent no background likt this > > ![](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hlqOVYuJ4x0/hqdefault.jpg) > > See that girls head is out of the GUI but its still transparent. > > Thank you. If i'm understanding what your asking, the girls head is apart of a single graphic image that creates the frmMenu image. It is then loaded in and used as the games menu image. You would have to just create and image make it transparent like they had done then load it in through the graphics folders. Hope this helps (kind of fuzzy on what your asking). ~Officer Johnson
  7. @'Lavos': > Where is the server located on earth? hmm?
  8. Hello, I have been in discussion with zynato about the talks of a community game, and i have been giving the go ahead to go about it. So over the next little while here i'm going to be putting together a team to make a game in a clean vanilla copy of Eclipse Origins 3.0. The team will customize the engine as needed for the game. Once done zynato will be hosting it here for all of eclipse to enjoy. We will take lots of input from the community going into this project. But with that all being said comes the process of putting together a team. So if you are interested just message me on eclipse or skype, and will talk about it. I will keep an updated list of the positions for the project below. ~~Positions~~ -Programmers: Myself. -Mappers: kdubose, 1 spot open -Story Writers: 1 spot open -Graphic Artists: kdubose, Seb I will fill in the positions as they are taken. I hope to see a lot of people interested in this project. So that we can give eclipse origins one last final run at a good game. Before the new engines come to surface. ~Officer Johnson
  9. @'Thian': > Hi, my name is Joaquín and i'm from Argentina and I offer my services mapping and translator, Im seeking to form part of a serious project (if it is a 3D game, it is much better) I can attract spanish people to the game > > My maps > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQRsXHWd0E8 > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoM3uo9nNjk Hi, the first video you linked is the default tutorial maps from eo 4.0 so can you tell me how this is "your" map?
  10. @'Helladen': > 2-D ORPGs are niche nowadays. The reason Eclipse was so big, because many indies wanted to make 2-D MMORPGs. This niche has actually shrunk a lot due to the less demand for 2-D ORPGs than in the early 2000s. > > Although, I feel that there hasn't been a true successor to Robin's EO in almost 5 years. All these branched off engine are just simply expansions of that. It will take a really experienced developer really to usher in a new era for 2-D MMORPGs. That's kind of what I have been doing on the side, preparing for Nin Online's new engine. I haven't seen something better than EO available yet, and I am working on making that with our current team. An "really experienced developer" thats what you are? Are you serious? If anything your experienced at dropping shit. At this point doesn't matter what you say, your reputation makes no one believe that anything is actually happening or going to happen.
  11. @'Marsh': > Changing the name from Eclipse has more implications then I think you guys realize. You are throwing away all the SEO and branding. Not saying its not worth it, just be aware. I don't mean changing the name. Or anything just don't look at eclipse as eclipse engine. Look at is as a development community.
  12. Hi everyone, I was talking with zynato and just wanted to get some input from the community. I was thinking that at this point all the new engines coming out don't even reflect eclipse. So i don't see why the site should be called the Eclipse Engine. I think that it should be Eclipse Dev Community. Where the top supported engines can be branched off and supported by whoever. That way theirs many choices for said user. Yes there could still be main engines, like atlas, an eclipse engine, etc. But there would be opportunities for developers to release there engines and support it. That's just my thoughts, cause there is a few engines in the works but none of them reflect eclipse. But with that being said just want to hear what everyone else thinks. ~Officer Johnson
  13. Hello Eclipse, Tutorials section has really died down. So i figured i'd try and get it back up and running. The more tutorials there is the more customization available for everyone when creating there games! With that being said today i bring to you Multiple Resource Drops/Rewards. Lets get to the code. Server Side: >! **modconstants** under general constants add: >! Public Const MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS As byte = 5 >! Then head over to **modTypes** in ResourceRec find: >! ItemReward As Long and change it to: >! ItemReward(1 To MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS) As Long >! Then in **modPlayers** Find: >! in CheckResource under Dim Damage as long add: >! Dim n as long >! Next still in **CheckResource** >! Find: 'inv space? right in under add: >! For n = 1 To MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS >! Find: .ItemReward > 0 Then >! Change to: >! .ItemReward(n) > 0 Then >! Right below that youll see another .itemReward >! just add (n) at the end of it again. >! **in the same sub** a little further down find: >! ' carry on. under this add: >! For n = 1 To MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS >! **Youll see .ItemReward again. ** >! Add (n) at the end of it. Client Side: >! **Modconstants** in under general constants add: >! Public Const MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS As byte = 5 >! Now head over to **ModTypes** find ResourceRec >! in resourceRec find **ItemReward** as long change to: >! ItemReward(1 To MAX_RESOURCE_DROPS) As Long >! Go to your **ResourceEditor code** and at the top in under Option Explicit add: >! Private ResDropIndex as byte form and form code >! Now go to your **Resource Editor** add a scrlbar for the drop and name it scrlResDrop. >! set min to 1 max to 5. >! also add a label with the caption Drop: >! now click on the **scrlbar** and add the following. >! ResDropIndex = scrlResDrop.Value >! (label name here).Caption = "Drop - " & ResDropIndex scrlReward.Value = Resource(EditorIndex).ItemReward(ResDropIndex) Just to clarify this allows a resource upon depletion to reward multiple items. Similar to multiple npc drops. That should be it! I hope someone find this useful. -Officer Johnson
  14. –----------------- November, 16, 2016 UPDATE LOG------------------- -New Development panel. To cut down on the constant annoyance of opening and closing multiple editors we now have the "Development Panel" This is the main window you will have to open to make your game now!
  15. @'Zetasis': > Might just be me but making it so that there is an option to drop or not drop items on death seems a little pointless when you have permanent death. > > I also don't think making death permanent is a good idea either. Seems like it would make people not want to try harder mobs and/or bosses. Perma death is an option-able feature in the games. It can be toggled on and off.
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