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  1. Matt

    Stat points / lvl

    Server side. ``` Call SetPlayerPOINTS(Index, GetPlayerPOINTS(Index) + 3) ``` in``` Sub CheckPlayerLevelUp(ByVal Index As Long) ``` Change the 3 to whatever you want.
  2. The maps are client sided as well. Remove all of them on the client side, and remove all of them on the server side.
  3. You should post this in Talent Centre.
  4. First, you will need VB6 to make any changes at all to the code. If you already have those implemented, i believe the command is /questeditor for quests, or something along those lines. Look in the tutorial for the quest system, and for the guild system.
  5. Matt

    Saving data

    I looked, but i can't seem to understand. I also looked at EO, but i don't understand any of it.
  6. Thats such a stupid question. What was my answer?
  7. I'm fairly certain Norton made a way to uninstall it. Just contact them.
  8. Matt

    Can't register

    The only reason why people don't like LMIH to connect to games is because they need to download it. If you're making it a public game, i recommend port forwarding. Its easy to know how to use LMIH even if you're just starting with computers. Port forwarding is a tough task when not understanding what you're doing, or how to accomplish it.
  9. Matt

    Advice on a sprite

    I already fixed it up a bit. This is how it looks like now. ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/c037dc158a61d26c6ecb79ce03fd759c.png)
  10. Because you're skinny. Why do you play this game?
  11. Matt

    Sprite check

    You could try in Sub SpawnAllMapNpcs. I never tried it, so don't take my word for it.
  12. Matt

    Advice on a sprite

    What do you mean?
  13. Matt


    Changing the sprites is much easier, and faster.
  14. Matt

    Advice on a sprite

    Thank you :) I started to redo the frame, keeping your points in mind, and its already looking so much better.
  15. Matt

    Noob Posting

    Hello everybody i need a drawer artist a scripter a gamer host a mapper a sound creater and a music creator for my game which is 2 kill the big scary dragon in the cave by using the best armor in the game wich u get from killing scorpions it will be the best game if we can try to make it to be so can anyone help me? *after 5 minutes of the existence of the thread* Why nobody does not want to help me with my awsome game?
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