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  1. Sorry for late reply but it still doesn't work. Should i delete that string of code? will it affect anything?
  2. [![](http://media.use.com/images/s_1/f11a9385f0d24a7bcf9d.jpg)](http://www.use.com/f11a9385f0d24a7bcf9d)
  3. Ok so i took the screenshot, where do i go to find that image?
  4. print screen of what? the subscript error window or the error code?
  5. Ok so i ran the Server through VB6 and it came up with:``` For i = 0 To ResourceCache(GetPlayerMap(index)).Resource_Count ```that is the error it came up with. any help on fixing it?
  6. Run which one in VB6? The client or the Server?
  7. Um yea i was finally compiling my custom version of EO and every time i try to connect to the Server it comes up with " > Run-time error '9' > subscript out of range. " I added the Ogg support and that was it, i compiled with no errors, can anyone help? i have tried to fix it but i can't seem to figure out why it's doing that! Plz help anyone! I have even installed the run time installer.
  8. Hi, Is there a way i can modify the Eclipse Origins Server and/or Client to make an item that changes the player's sprite through an item that can't be deleted from the Inventory?What i mean is an item that changes your sprite but can't be deleted, it can only be used and stored away or somethin?
  9. I need a source code for EO and i need it like the pokemon mystery dungeon recruitment system. if anyone knows a place to find this, plz tell me or if anyone can make this, plz make it for me DX i rly need it for my game Happy Gaming!
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