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DirectX10 C++ Unmanaged DLL test

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> Lol I was thinking the same thing, might be worth posting graphics card info - some of these lower FPS might not be too compatible with DX10.

This, i'd love to see what gpu everyone has that they are using as well! if you need help figuring out what device the program is using, scroll up on the console, you'll find a line that says like "Graphics Device: " or something!
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Thanks for the tests guys! and Or3o, the rendering isn't multi-threaded so i would hope it didn't go over than the full core usage lol as to why you have only 7606 on a card 10x better than mine, i'll have to check into that but as i said, im working on improving the rendering system for even better efficiency!
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I still got around 8k with the same card as oreo, dropped to around 5k ish active window and about 8-9k if it was not active.


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with my other pc i got a score of 7404 with a gtx555 and a I5 2320 @ 3.0ghz (with my other pc i think the issue is the 390 was pretty much made for dx12\. and cpu speed doesn't seem to affect the score at all. I tried with my cpu at 4.7 ghz and 5.1 ghz and the score was basically the same.) This is kinda fun to benchmark. too bad i cant run this on one of my raspberry pi's
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