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  1. I don't like to reply to threads, but I really do have to commend you for your free stuff. I'm not using any personally, but I can tell by the effort you put in you actually care about helping people. I want to thank you on behalf of the smaller teams or solo dev's who need this kind of compiled resource without all the hassle most sites have. B x
  2. Might sound dumb, but is it in the same image format?
  3. I was going to do another combination of Patch Notes like above, but honestly I don't think the forum would allow me to post it as it would be massive! I would like to post a link to our [News section](https://steamcommunity.com/app/600120/allnews/) where you can find **all** the changes since my last post. *Some of the newer Steam Store images:* ![](https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/600120/extras/Mounts2.gif?t=1545095959) ![alt text](https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/600120/extras/cRAFTING2.gif?t=1545095959) ![alt text](https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/600120/extras/DeathTimer.gif?t=1545095959) ![alt text](https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/600120/extras/Intro2.gif?t=1545095959) ![alt text](https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/600120/ss_54865e5af424a2ec81454452cdaf7b8265fba0fe.600x338.jpg?t=1545095959) I'll finalise my post with a quick Q&A of my most asked questions: *Why VB6?* Why not? The only downfall to VB6 is the single thread. Everything else is exactly the same as any other language albeit an older and finicky. We chose Eclipse because it's what we had and Unity and the likes were not free at the time Life Forge was born, and buying licenses for an team of ~5 for a "for fun" project was not something we could do. *I heard eclipse can only support X amount of players, is this true?* Unless you re-write a good chunk, it's true. Life Forge can handle around 200 players per server with our network compression and newer core systems. You will need to rewrite core parts of the server to be viable else you start to bog down. Example; work out your average CPS idle, with 1 account logged in, login with 20 clients and take notes, then log out of all but the **last** account that logged in (index 20). And remove any Events for ever.
  4. You missed number 3? How you going to worm your way out of claiming you're co-owner? haha
  5. “I am Aldeiarpg co-founder, and terabin is my real life brother, he also use this encryption method on Wings of Misadventure we code it together” 1) You didn’t code it, 2) you’re not his brother and 3) you’re just a member of their forum, not a co-founder
  6. @valentine90 Can you confirm if Olli's account is the banned Lionsplay account? :P
  7. More like you got caught out in a lie, heres my Chat message "I look forward to seeing proof of part owner of the programs you claim / forum, when you needed Mohenjo’s help fixing attacks healing npcs (i even posted the fix on your forum because you took the entire game down for 3+ hours and never fixed it just increased the spells damage lol) I just can’t personally see you creating anything when you can’t patch a simple If damage > 0 check lol" How can you ever create anything if you took over 3 hours (and still fail to fix) looking into healing npcs with attacks? I posted the fix on your forum and you told me today on here, Mohenjo told you how to fix it not me. Regardless of whom did you still couldn't figure out how it was happening and how to fix it in over 3 hours of down time. Please explain to me how you wrote encryption stuff with your "brother" when you had no idea on how to check if Damage > 0 then / End if... in the correct place.. I mean.. yeah lol I don't follow you, I've been here way longer than you my friend :) B xoxo Edit: And in chat you said you re-wrote the entire subs? That's 3 different stories you have told on how you fixed it.
  8. Oh this is why you threatened my server.. I didn't ask for credit for this.. I'm saying at least credit the guy who posted it on that forum, who is the actual owner of it.
  9. In light of the changes that have been made within the past year, the Life Forge team is happy to announce that we've completed our checklist. Now that we've caught up with all previous roadmap / announced ideas, We've opened up a new realm of possibilities for Life Forge! With that said, we'd love to invite you all to view our roadmap for the following month. 1: PVP Volcanic island with various high end resources allowing players to literally fight there way to the top! 2: Flushed out content from the beginning of the game. We're looking to further the experience at the beginning of the game, seeing as we've mainly focused on end game content. Expect flushed out contnet in area's between the levels of 1-30. 3: More raids and dungeons are coming! Look forward to delving into the depths of the sea, as well as the innards of a active Volcano! 4: Quests Galore! Expect a huge increase in quests, including a massive quest line that will bring the world of Life Forge together! 5: ? The following patch notes below are the results of a hard years work on life forge up until now. New Areas: - Duskin Pyramid - FireFly Forest - Delga Jungle - Delga Temple - Draken Marsh - Gulta Village - Ironstar Deadlands - Marken Island - Emerald Hills - Melvernia Caves - Charlin - TinderFrost Woods - Fungoid Caverns - Glacial Tower - Melvernia Forest - Cursed ore Mine - Mousling Caverns - Frozen Tombs Systems: - Auctions House - Randomized Item Drops - Loot now spawns within a 3x3 'Loot Grid' around the slain Mob - Shared Loot system that extends the 3x3 'Loot Grid' to a 5x5 'Loot Grid' and removes owned security - Player Housing - Boss Mechanics - Better Crafting UI with Tools - Guild Controlled Towers - Weapon Arts - Daily Login Rewards - Races - Alchemy - Mount Overhaul - Cosmetics - Multiple Realms with shared data - Changable Keybinds - Smarter A.I - Improved Tutorial - Resources now have Randomized min/max HP value - Scalable Weapons - Optional Swear Filter - Major UI Changes - Multiple Hotbars Spells/Items: - 'House Warp' Spell had it's icon changed to something original, - Stats lost from shields when equipping a 2-h weapon has been patched, - Horned Edge (Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3) is removed when changing class Blademaster to Guardian, - Earthsong (Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3) is removed when changing class Muse to Jester, - 'Desert Dulcimer' is now 2% Lethality, - 'Balefire Dulcimer' is now 2-H, 3% Lethality and Requires 210 Will, - 'Cursed Dulcimer' now Requires 190 Will and has 4.5% Reflect Chance, - Blink Spell Type has an 15% chance to reset cool down when casting, - Blink Spell Type had a complete overhaul and no longer uses 'Player Warp', - Anti-Stealth spell Type now gets removed correctly from the caster on duration end, - When Stealthing, any player who has you as a Target has their Target removed. General: - Pixel based Camera for true centring of maps and re-sizeable window, - Maximum Level Cap increased to 80, - Tier 7 Crafting, - Frostpine/Ice Koi/Frostfire Ore re-balanced to 800 (from 700) - Auction Items that expire or sell whilst offline are no longer awarded on login* - Pressing the Return key replicates "yes" on the currency menu - /collectfurniture has been changed to /collectf - /collectf has been added to /help - Added minimise option to Main Menu - Immunity Status on Map change (20s) and Login (30s) now working correctly. Attacking, Moving, Spell casting all remove this Status - 'Member Revives' now heal 75% HP and have "+75% Health" scrolling Action Message and shows in Description - Dragging an Item to an 'Crafting Station' no longer breaks Hover over UI - Loot can no longer drop on any tile that is not walkable - Mt. Ironstar maps no longer spawn Mobs on the left hand side - Mobs can no longer spawn on NPC Avoid tiles - 'Amount Input' breaking chat fix applied - 'News' System for those whom do not wish to join the Discord server - The Minotaur now teleports it's target to it - "Quest Complete" texture with fading added - Enchant/Charm/Ring/Whetstone now display their provided Defense on the Character panel - Stealth Detection spell type added - New Buff Icon "Alert" for Anti Stealth indication - Blink spell type added - When targeting a stealthed player now, the Target Indicator removed once they stealth - Improved Client Defense calculations on the client for better performance - Fixed minor server side error dealing with Damage prediction - Fixed several issues with the Path Finding on NPC's - Root Queen's 5k hits when she heals and you're on the same tile as her - All Client sided System Messages moved to Sys Msg system - Housing Collectables had their Value greatly reduced - Auction Listings now display their correct crit instead of "0%" - Stealthing no longer removes your target - 'Dark Wraith Spawn' Attack Speed reduced from 2 Attacks Per Second to 1.5 Attacks Per Second - Items dropped by a Player will always land on the tile it was dropped - All items/gold from the Auction will enter the Collection Chest, Unless you win it/buy out directly in the AH - New Bard Class. Housing: - Can't put 'House Deed' in the Auction House, - Can no longer drop 'House Deed' if it matches your current 'House', - House wall in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through, - Tree borderline (both) in 'Gandor [L]' missing blocks, - Cliff Edge near top Mining spot in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through, - Gulta Swamp House now displays Furniture Limit, - Houses are now Tradeable. You MAY not trade ANY deed that matches your current house, - Presents now are a Daily collectable from 'Christmas Tree', - Players can no longer be invited to a home when in Survival, Dungeon, PvP or Tower Map Types. Crafting: - 'Craft 5' Now works, - 'Appleroot Flask' is now a 150 HP Buff, - Complete changes to all areas of Crafting and their Recipes. Classes: DPS classes now have different Damage bonuses depending on the classes (minor between them), Tanks now have Defense Bonuses and Hybrids get a little of both. Apprentice: Damage (Default - INT) Necro: Defense (Tank) Wizard: Damage (DPS - INT) Cleric: Defense (Hybrid) Damage (H - WILL) Page: Defense (Default) Knight: Defense (Hybrid) Damage (Hybrid - STR) Guardian: Defense (Tank) BM: Damage (DPS - STR) Hunter: Damage (Default - AGI) Ranger: Defense (Hybrid) Damage (H - AGI) Warden: Defense (Tank) Shade: Damage (DPS - AGI) Bard: Damage (Default - WILL) Jester: Damage (DPS - WILL) Minstrel: Defense (Tank) Muse: Defense (Hybrid) Damage (Hybrid - WILL) Mounts: Health: - Nova Phoenix from 2550 to 3350, - Top Hat Raptor from 2300 to 3000, - Gorgan from 3800 to 3000. Speed: -Yeti from Speed reduced to 2, - Nova Phoenix Speed reduced to 4, - Phantom Roc Speed reduced to 4, - Top Hat Raptor Speed reduced to 3, - Green Raptor Speed reduced to 3, - Green Toad Speed reduced to 3, - Balefire Phoenix reduced to 4, - Blue Raptor Speed reduced to 3, - Frostback Penguin Speed reduced to 2, - Gorgan Speed reduced to 2, - Penguin Speed reduced to 2. Notes: *Auction Items now require you to interact with an Collection Chest inside any auction house to collect your item(s) or Gold. This is to increase performance and login times. **'Shared Loot' allows any Character to pick the Loot up instantly. This removes the 30 second "Last Kill is Owner" protection. We'd like to thank everyone for coming on this journey with us! In the months and years to come, we hope to bring Life Forge up to the potential it deserves! We hope to see you in-game! Life Forge Team
  10. I would suggest credit where credit is due: http://www.aldeiarpg.com/t11223-wing-rm-shield-protecao-para-seus-recursos-e-scripts?tt=1
  11. Heyo. I'll get right to the point in saying Life Forge is looking for a dependable mapper. The position is currently unpaid, but if we are successful this Christmas, the position becomes paid, with said Mapper receiving a percentage of the earnings monthly. We're looking for a mapper who is skilled in the designing of maps. Someone who can take a documented idea and bring it to life in a timely fashion. This Mapper will be given a probationary period in which to establish themselves as a full member of the Life Forge team. If successful, they would be taking on the position of official mapper for Life Forge. You would be mapping out all of the game's new areas, as well as acting as a moderator in select situations. We'd like to have this position filled as soon as possible, so by the end of the week we'll be going through all submissions and selecting who we think is the best fit for us. To apply, simply send us examples of previous works, your time zone, and a brief summary of your free time you would be willing to dedicate to Life Forge and this position. You can message me here with your application, or on our Discord! We look forward to working with you, whoever you are! Applications are due by NEXT SUNDAY - DEC 10
  12. Halloween Event is now LIVE! Double Experience for the rest of today and Event lasts for the entire week! Grab your Ghost busting equipment and get your free Cosmetics! 'Player has been killed by' is now sent to map only House Deeds now use V to view in AH/Trade/Inv/Bank Shroomstrider cap has a Cooking recipe All known DX8 Errors have been resolved Any Time Limited item's added from this update forward will state Time Limited in Item Description along with an [L] in it's name Items: Malice Legs (Halloween Shop) Malice Mask (Halloween Shop) Cerberus (Mount) (Halloween Shop) Flaming Skull (Halloween Shop) Skeleton Skull (Halloween Shop) Reaper Costume (Halloween Shop) Oculothorax [Transform] (Halloween Shop) Mutitus [Transform] (Halloween Shop) Tentacle Eyes (Halloween Shop) Lich Kings Garb (Boss Quest) Lich Kings Helmet (Boss Quest) Horns of Dybbuk (Boss Quest) Ghost Costume (Quest) Pumpkin Heads [Silly, Angry, Happy, Standard] (Quest) Red Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Red coloured; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tenticle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume Blue Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Blue coloured; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tenticle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume QOL Raid Hud is now above quest tracker Raid Hud HP/SP bars no longer default to 0 when over maximum Cursed Ore Mine now correctly resets Auction House no longer accepts Bids higher than it's Buyout Auction House's Minimum Bid is preset on Buy window Potions from Chests no longer have a Value of 0 Projectiles no longer cause DX8 errors on map edges Escape now shows Options Menu 'Leaving' a Party auto joins Global Chat Can no longer join Party Chat with no Party Double clicking a Stackable then Double clicking another stackable no longer hides chat Double clicking a stackable then walking off now closes Currency window Deed & Auction House Signs have been replaced Here is a couple of the new maps (too many to post). ![Charlin](https://puu.sh/ybCih/74f366e759.png) ![Charlin Freehold](https://puu.sh/ybCpq/8cbed22140.png) ![Marken Encampment](https://puu.sh/ybCrn/cbc2921618.png) ![Duskin Tower [Guild Controlled]](https://puu.sh/ybCuD/e2760c1058.png) ![Pyranid Raid Map](https://puu.sh/ybCwN/8ea3fd3880.png) ![Firefly Forest](https://puu.sh/ybCz3/cb4c7ededf.png) ![Halloween Map](https://puu.sh/ybClQ/b53b42fc79.png) ![Halloween Map](https://puu.sh/ybCng/1bac33c30f.png)
  13. Also, Would like to add if you do use a lot of break points to follow a huge system, say instancing, and you used way over 40 break points to follow something. You should save and close and all break points will be removed. Now, before you go and save a broken source remember: Always make a back up before edits. Most mid to high programmers back up before large edits but if you're just starting out I suggest backing up the complete client + server folders and naming them correctly like "12 07 2017 Working before Instances" or "12 07 2014 backup before guilds".
  14. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    Not a problem :). Locked as requested.
  15. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    Fixed. You need to make sure S#### goes in the SERVER Enums and C##### goes CLIENT Enums, You had client in server, server in client and some randomly placed none defined (no S or C) in the server one, Thus your count was 119 which was greater than your clients 117 count. I saved both sources for you, Close them both and re-open to delete any break points I left behind.
  16. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    @'alextoti99': > when doing this the yellow line goes at the message send at server adn nth happens , my bad i didnt understand it now i think i did :P Do you have Team Viewer? I'll just connect and do it? Google it if you don't have it and PM me the information to connect.
  17. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    ![](https://puu.sh/wHEzO/00699f1e9e.png) The little bar on the left, You can click it and it puts a brown circle to indicate a break point. You click again to remove it. When the code is ran it pauses the IDE so you can debug etc. Hovering over App.Path shows this when using breakpoints to debug: ![](https://puu.sh/wHEYy/969732ce3f.png)
  18. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    You need to break point every line server side and client side, by "error" I meant the closing. You break point every line and click play slowly and see which line was the one that closes then go from there.
  19. BeNjO

    Packet Error

    Best thing to do would be break point every part of it server side and client side and see which line closes it. The player name should be stored client side anyway so sending it from the server would be a waste of resources. Let me know which line you find is breaking it and I will help further.
  20. This thread is almost a year old. #locked
  21. Wanted to update people, Life Forge is now the most successful game that has come from Eclipse or any of its previous siblings. Green lit in 16 days, 100 people on since release with loads more sat waiting to play (upping the cap soon). Glad to be apart of this project and would love to invite anyone to come and check us out! www.lifeforgerpg.com
  22. 5 days until it's been 3 years since I started this thread. Many times this project has been placed on the back burner with life and other projects coming first. Since I technically completed the game as it stands I have now decided to release a kick starter to help with getting it on steam and purchasing assets and services to help assist in making this game make it somewhere. If you don't want to pledge All I ask is please visit back here when I have submitted this to Steam Green Light to see if you will vote 'Yes' for me! [![](http://bbqair.com/wp-content/themes/bbqair/images/kickstarter2.png)](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deadpixel/division-of-life) [![](http://mumbai.icro.ir/uploads/Faceboock.jpg)](https://www.facebook.com/DivisionOfLife) [![](https://puu.sh/tPXxh/d31a6060c2.png)](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rvzQdaAzDDnh3G9jK54cg) :heart:
  23. This is a game not a public engine for people to download @iloveworld.
  24. BeNjO

    A New Engine: Atlas

    Did you even read the thread xD
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