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  1. PD

    Reached limit in VB6

    @wito35: > Ok thanks Erwin :) If you've reached the limit then your doing something wrong, you don't need that many controls.
  2. PD


    @Anosora: > Then what are you doing on this game dev forum? I'm a lazy arse ;)
  3. @Marshy: > Should be fixed now. > > Anyone still having issues? Nope, its working now, thanks :cheesy: But I've noticed that the 'new' button isn't working, instead of taking me to the newest post I get navigated to the first post, kinda annoying :P
  4. What's up with it? It's extremely slow for me!
  5. @Dremek: > Yes. Don't make it so you're not able to change your class. I think you should have a school where you can change your class and stuff. It'll make it more unique, ya know? There will be a school where you have to go to choose a class and where you will learn skills. I think limiting the player to one class is a good idea but we'll see if anyone else disagrees.
  6. @Dremek: > Watch out, some eight-year old is out to get your engine. Yep :P Any thoughts on the classes and skills?
  7. @crzy: > Registered for a second time…. Good to know :P @Dremek: > The gradients…. they burn my eyes. Close them then ;) Here is the information on classes and skills: >! Pokemon Chaos Realm will feature a deeply integrated class and skill system which will enchance gameplay and allow players to pick their own style of play, from how they earn money to how they battle. The class chosen by the player will to some extent affect the quests they will be able to do and will determine the skills a player will be able to learn. There will be 5 classes available to the player and these will be: >! * Pokemon Master * Pokemon Professor * Pokemon Coordinator * Pokemon Breeder * Pokemon Engineer >! Take note that once a class is chosen, a player will have to stick to that class and will not be able to change his or her class. >! Each class will have quite the number of skills to choose from, giving the player a wide range to choose from. To be able to use a skill, a player must learn the skill first which will require the player to take a lesson or two and then a test to gain the ability to use the skill and the fact that each skill will have a requirement that must be met. Some skills will only be available to a player if they have learned a previous skill. A player will be able to utilise 9 skills at anyone time and skills that have been learnt will always stay with the player, allowing him or her to change to another learned skill if he or she so pleases to at anytime. >! Whilst skills are not necessary to getting through a cave or beating a gym leader, they sure help out with the improved gameplay environment. Skills can be used to possibly upgrade the power of healing or maybe improve your chances of finding rare items and or Pokemon. In the long run, skills will be useful and can give the player a tactical advantage in certain situations. >! Skills will be broken down into 3 categories: >! * Income * Battle * Traits >! Why have we chosen these 3 categories, I hear you ask. Well it's simple! What do you do in any Pokemon game? You battle, you earn money and you use your natural cunning to become the Pokemon Champion. We feel that these ideals are the basis of Pokemon and so have based the skills around these 3 categories. >! **How will Income skills help me?** Income skills may not pay off immediately but are extremely useful in the long run. It's highly adviseable to obtain some of these skills as soon as possible so that you may save up while enjoying the gameplay. Before you know it, you'll be able to purchase TMs, full restores or that shiny looking Poke'doll you've been eyeing. However, 'Income' isn't just for Pokedollars, it could also be for the amount of experience gained from defeated foes or maybe even allow you to increase the happiness of your Pokemon. Income may sound like a puny set of skills to learn at first but when developed, Income skills could give you a home advantage and will support your way through battles and the game. >! **How will Battle skills help me?** Battle skills are probably the most immediately beneficial skills as the skills you learn will pay out in battle which tends to happen a lot in Pokemon. Battle skills may increase your Pokemon stats, increase the chance of landing a critical hit or causing a status effect. Battle skills will help you push through battles and will allow for battles to be more engaging and fun because of the range of tactics, players will be able to imploy. >! **How will Trait skills help me?** Trait skills are what define each class and even though the player's class will affect the types of skills learnt in the 'Income' and 'Battle' categories, that rule will have more of an effect in this category, allowing a Pokemon Professor to go in a completely different direction from that of a Pokemon Master. Trait skills will be unique to each class and will allow the player to do things that other classes won't be able to. >! Choosing a class that suits your style of play will make the game more fun to play and the class and skill system will add another dimension to the game!
  8. Hah, I must say that I really love the support I get :cheesy: If you want you can sign up at my new website *wink* and post some ideas or just ask questions :P http://sleepyentertainment.co.uk/
  9. @Imposter: > I haven't played a pokemon game since the old gameboy color days definitely gonna try this out. @Conrad: > I must say, the work done on this is pretty dang nice. I expect to play it one day; keep up the great work. @PKDemon: > i cant wait i am wanting to test it out and see how it is :) Thanks :cheesy: We're almost there now, if it wasn't for my upcoming exams, the game would be out by now but hey it's almost there :P We've been doing a lot of planning and coming up with some good ideas. The graphics we need are there and the programming is pretty much done, just some final things and we can release!
  10. PD

    Textbox problem [SOLVED]

    Very simple :cheesy: Put this in your button sub: ``` Form2.Text2.Text = Text1.Text ```
  11. @Sure: > What do you guys think of the old style sprites such as the ones used in realm of the mad god, which actually weren't made by the creators. Attached is an example of the sprite style. > > Would play a game using these types of graphics? Do these types of graphics appeal to you? IF they dont, why not? > > Thanks :)! Aha, your not going to use those sprites in the engine I'm making you, are you? :P
  12. PD

    Shugo Chara short scene

    Eh, yea…What's up with the constantly changing number positions?
  13. @Marsh: > So its a clan full of cheaters? Most likely >.>
  14. PD

    Looking to learn VB6.

    @Conrad: > I'd probably mess up the source itself so badly, do you have any recommendations to whom I should watch? Not sure. Just go through what takes your fancy, thats what I did but I learnt mainly from messing around with the source code seeing how one line of code would affect the system and googling anything that didn't make sense :cheesy:
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