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  1. @DayZGeneral Yes. PM me with your request.
  2. Yes I am. I'll PM you my Discord username.
  3. My VB6 setup files are also in one folder. Try this one instead: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/install-visual-basic-6-vb6-in-windows-7-without-microsoft-virtual-machine-for-java/ Make sure you follow the MSJAVA instructions and it should work.
  4. You can follow this guide to install VB6 on Windows 10: http://blog.danbrust.net/2015/09/14/installing-visual-basic-studio-6-on-windows-10/
  5. Might as well bump this despite this place being a ghost town :relaxed: If you need any work done let me know.
  6. "The instant invite is invalid or has expired."
  7. Eclipse Renewal is coded in Visual Basic 6. That is what you must use to edit most of the engines on this site. Visual Studio 15 will not work.
  8. Do you have any previews of cities/towns? Also what's the map size limit for a $3 map?
  9. @'fetasho': > Brpther can program for me please i want to make a game online > > * * * > > How do I find it on Skype? Send me a PM with what you want done and the engine you're using.
  10. C'mon kids, its not that hard to include the engine and details about what you want done. Also PM me the details.
  11. @'alextoti99': > ive added email in my project, could u make a code to accept only email types? and not 123 but [email protected] only or yahoo in etc That should be easy enough but PM me with some more details like which engine you're using.
  12. Every now and then I get a request for some work and now that I'm feeling like doing some work for others, I've decided to restart this. So if you have any requests, read the main post and send them to me.
  13. Probably still a ways away from any sort of release, right?
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