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  1. > lol, why? if you get an msn, we can chat i have my own pokemon game going atm :P. its about in open beta ye i got msn anyways wen r u gona release a beta?
  2. dis game is coming together nicely unlike mine :P
  3. http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=47811&lngWId=1 this is the 1 i use but its a non pic 1 and not real a pokemon 1 dats y im changing it
  4. i found a vb6 rpg battle sys so i include it in my game but it waz messed up so im recoding all of it
  5. im working on 1 to ive got a battle sys but i need to work on it abit more
  6. PD

    If you has a Ps3

    i got a ps3 yesterday shit thing cant get it online
  7. PD


    in Te wen u die it get ur class den it it respawns you to dat place. example my class is dragon knights and da place were drangon knights start is M=1 X=5 Y=5 so wen i die i will respawn dere go into da classes folder to change were each class starts
  8. PD

    Scrolling or Stable?

    i like normal maps
  9. PD


    i like fireworks im gona get em from my uncle P.S. if u want fireworks go 2 ebay
  10. PD

    Tiles Wanted

    you can try google
  11. PD

    Bike Riding

    true :embarrassed: ill try 2 write propaly (however you spell that)
  12. PD

    Bike Riding

    @Bone: > You give him a bad name… ive only got a pic of him y r ppl telling me 2 stop writing in slang and stop writing "da" and stuff like dat
  13. PD

    Bike Riding

    @Darkniz-Panther: > Tupac didnt even talk like that lol true R.I.P PAC
  14. PD

    Bike Riding

    im working on a pokemon game and i waz thinking about having bike riding in da game tell me if i should hav it in da game
  15. k ill stop bugging ppl about dere spelling and anyway i waz jus pointing it out
  16. @♦: > Maybe he speaks a different language. Also stop talking slang. y should i stop talking slang
  17. wat idk wat u on about and u spelt now wrong (look at da topic name)
  18. im not spamming anyway good luck wid ur pokemon games and i love dat pic of dat legend
  19. yo jus ask da lunar eclipse shop thing
  20. PD

    Pokemon Games

    cant be bother 2 and anyway i write like dat except if im making a topic wich is very important
  21. PD

    Pokemon Games

    tanks 2pac da best
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