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  1. I was promised a Contest Winner Usergroup… :<
  2. > Both are awful. Use timeGetTime. Did a bit of research and wow, thanks for bringing it up. Never heard of it before.
  3. > Thanks for the info. I'm not really a pro at vb6, could you tell me the 'refresh rate'(I know it's wrong) of the Loop ? Glad to help! If you're familiar with games, I'm pretty sure you've heard the term Frame rate or FPS before. If you have not, you can check it out: [here.](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate) Usually, a game loop is run 30 or 60 times every second, but with 2D games, 30 is about enough (although 60 would look even better). The loops completed per second is what we know as frames per second. > Are you obligated to use the Ticks thing ? No, but is by far the best method I know to date on VB6\. I used to use Second(Now) and Sleep, but it isn't as good as GetTickCount().
  4. *accidental post, please delete(I have no idea of how to do that)*
  5. Well-programmed games tend to use game loops, which is the fastest and most accurate way to tell the game what to do in every loop. Unlike loops, timers are less accurate and less effective when it comes to game programming. Using timers is just a vague attempt at replicating game loops. In less-demanding game like ours(Yours and mine), the use of timers instead of a game loop doesn't really affects performance what-so-ever, but apparently the judge was expecting a very complex tree of code(yet effective) for a easy and straight-forward game. Fair enough. Here's an article in wikipedia about game loops: > The central component of any game, from a programming standpoint, is the game loop. The game loop allows the game to run smoothly regardless of a user's input or lack thereof. > > Most traditional software programs respond to user input and do nothing without it. For example, a word processor formats words and text as a user types. If the user doesn't type anything, the word processor does nothing. Some functions may take a long time to complete, but all are initiated by a user telling the program to do something. > > Games, on the other hand, must continue to operate regardless of a user's input. The game loop allows this. A highly simplified game loop, in pseudocode, might look something like this: > > while( user doesn't exit ) > > check for user input > > run AI > > move enemies > > resolve collisions > > draw graphics > > play sounds > > end while > > The game loop may be refined and modified as game development progresses, but most games are based on this basic idea. > > Game loops differ depending on the platform they are developed for. For example, games written for DOS and most consoles can dominate and exploit available processing resources without restraint. However, game for a modern PC operating system such as Microsoft Windows must operate within the constraints of the process scheduler. Some modern games run multiple threads so that, for example, the computation of character AI can be decoupled from the generation of smooth motion within the game. This has the disadvantage of (slightly) increased overhead, but the game may run more smoothly and efficiently on hyper-threading or multicore processors and on multiprocessor platforms. With the computer industry's focus on CPUs with more cores that can execute more threads, this is becoming increasingly important. Consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 already have more than one core per processor, and execute more than one thread per core. Code nesting refers to the organization of your code. Spaghetti code (Or just very unorganized): ``` 10 i = 0 20 i = i + 1 30 PRINT i; " squared = "; i * i 40 IF i >= 10 THEN GOTO 60 50 GOTO 20 60 PRINT "Program Completed." 70 END ``` Structured code: ``` 10 FOR i = 1 TO 10 20 PRINT i; " squared = "; i * i 30 NEXT i 40 PRINT "Program Completed." 50 END ```
  6. > I found out about this contest just two days before the originally said closing date, and I find it now that its been pushed back? ![:(](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//sad.png) I could have entered if I knew I had more time. If you put me in 3rd place, I'll put you in a graveyard. ![:angry:](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//angry.png) Okay, bad joke, xd. > If it's in VB6 (?), throw it up. I think he hasn't even started coding it, so…
  7. > It was Devox, but just a name change. ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png) > > We couldn't get in contact with ya for graphics. Sorry for that. When I worked with John, I never felt we were doing progress. Never. I always threw some art at him, he commented on it and I continued working on more or fixing previous work. Never saw some progress code-wise, thought. Didn't saw my graphics being used as well. Actually, I didn't even saw placeholder art. Might have heard him presuming how great Amori was going to be, but nothing more. That kind of let me down, you know?
  8. > Who's miguel? That would be me, good sir. > Good friend. Did graphics for Devox Studios when we had that up. Yeah ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png). I saw John and Landon under the name of Cracked Pixels not so long ago. Not sure what was that, thought.
  9. > So Gaurdian 1st, Miguel 2nd, and Slasher 3rd? I'm guessing yeah. :^)
  10. > I already stated I'm not judging them unless they were uploaded on Eclipse's filehost. > > Two people uploaded them to filehosts where I have to wait, and one was uploaded to one where I needed to register. Could have mentioned that before. Here, I bothered to place all the entries in one single folder: [Contest Entries as of Jan 12, 2013](http://www.mediafire.com/?x7ibx0u9d3xta5t) Why I didn't used Eclipse's File Host? 'Cause for some reason, when it finished uploading the file, it ended up with a "File type is not supported" error. I'm guessing that the file's size is a little bit larger than what's allowed. > What's the problem with uploading into other filehost servers ? O.o > > Here's the link… > > [http://www.freemmorp…95eec972eb0.rar](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/9b17d6f93382a7bae41c795eec972eb0.rar) Some filehosts force you to wait or register to download a file. These kind of filehosts are simple annoying… But, I noticed you used mediafire... Not sure why he didn't reviewed your entry... Could have missed it by accident.
  11. > 63.3333333333% Credibility, you lucky boy, you got a irrational number! I say thanks! Going to guess that the judging is still in progress… right? ...Anyone? :<
  12. > Enter it! One exception won't hurt. Well, thanks! At last, here's my entry: Game Boy Color Pet (or just GBC Pet). At the beginning, the game was supposed to be a shiny pet simulator inspired by the GB/GBC era, borrowing graphics and design-style from games that launched at that time. But, due to poor dedication of mine plus very limited time, the game came out very different to what I was expected. Yet, the game is entertaining. It is really easy to understand and very easy to play as well. My seven years old sister was able to get the hang of it pretty quickly, and even developed a relationship with her pet! >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/scrsi.png) >! Title Screen: Where everything begins. >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/l7PmL.png) >! Game: Oh look, Todd loves me! >! At the start: >! The first thing you should want to do is: Adopt a pet. This can be done in the title screen by clicking 'Adopt a pet'. When you do this, a new save-data will be created with your pet's information. >! At the moment, there are no customization features related to your pet. Therefore: Its sprite is selected randomly (by the program) from the graphics folder at the moment of creation. >! When you give a name to your pet and click 'Accept', you'll be dragged into the game screen. Here, you can see your pet's current status. >! Feeding, Putting to sleep and stuff: >! At the very left of this screen, there are three small pictures located at the center. From top to bottom, the first one is a food can: Click it to feed your pet. The second one is a water bottle: Click it to give water to your pet. And the third one contains three z's: Use it to put your pet to sleep or wake it up (only if it's sleeping). >! As time passes and if the correct measurements are met, your pet will start to be merrier than before and possibly show some love. Else, if the said measurements aren't met, your pet will fall into depression and possibly… die. To avoid that, be sure to treat it correctly by feeding it, giving it water and putting it to sleep as well. >! Uploaded it to MediaFire because Eclipse's File Host was being a female dog. >! [http://www.mediafire.com/?1ggxx6jfswmc1lh](http://www.mediafire.com/?1ggxx6jfswmc1lh) Special thanks to: Artists from vgmusic.com, for their awesome music which was used in the game. The guys at thespritersresource.com for their awesome job ripping sprites, which were used in the game as well. My lil' sister for debugging and testing (![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png)). Everybody that gives a try to the game!
  13. To me it looks as if it was floating above the wooden floor. If it wasn't for that (And you clearly stating that you made it ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png)), I would've believed it was actually a guitar. Nice work!
  14. > has it ended ? O: > > > Yup. Judges should uhh. Judge now. :| Aww man, too bad. My game was almost 90% complete. I started making this too late (yesterday night)… Might as well keep working on it after all... Even I was having a good time seeing my pet happy every now and then, :') Good luck to the participants, anyways. ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png)
  15. Wow. It's truly an honor to witness Splattered for a second time. Honestly, I was not expecting to see this game in a 3D setting. But, as long as Splattered's concept remains in there, I shall not complain in any form. It is nice to see how much dedication you are putting into this game; it's absolutely worth taking a look. I ask myself thought, when is the day that I'll have the chance to play this game? The severs appear to be offline as of current time and date. Too bad, ![:(](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//sad.png).
  16. guzmanm


    It looks pretty awesome possum. I must say that, I love your work. Thought, I'm not the type of guy who would wear a t-shirt with that.
  17. Wow, man, that looks outstanding. What is this for, anyways (If I'm allowed to ask, of course)?
  18. It looks great but, I think that what you're missing are the shadows that should go below the tree's leaves, in the tree's stump upper area. Hope that helps.
  19. Looking good, Jake! As always!
  20. I'm the proud owner of a very crappy netbook. Enough said.
  21. > Gotcha. > > …And a jack-o-lantern is a pumpkin with the face carved out. No light necessary, although possibly preferred. Oh, I'm sorry. My bad. I'm not very familiar with this term. Thanks for clearing that out to me, thought.
  22. > Looks pretty sick man! Keep up the good work. > > Also, is that shadow alpha blended, or just for the mock-up? (In reference to your pumpkin sprite's shadow in your other thread) The pumpkin's shadow should look a lot like this in-game. Thought, this is just a mock-up and does not represent the quality of the final product. > Cool blog! I think the tiles are wonderful, and I especially love the Jack-o-Lantern. It's just a pumpkin. There is no light coming out from it.
  23. Love your blog, Jake! Loving the progress as well!
  24. guzmanm

    Login UI

    Hey there. Well, the colors would look good on a website, but not on a game logic screen. The colors should describe some aspects of your game. Everything else looks pretty decent and since the logo is temporary, not going to comment on it. Basically, everything is pretty good but the colors.
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