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  1. You'll need to Program it all into the source.
  2. Is there a way to convert a PNG file into a BMP file format without it screwing the image up?
  3. find a VPS server, use google, or you could use dreamhost.com I think they have VPS's for like 19-30 a month but if you are really serious about your game use a real server, which isn't going to be cheap. Prolly could get one for about 90 a month USE GOOGLE.
  4. Google commented out my script it was a Autogen from GoogleAd Sense damn idiots xD
  5. Hey guys so quick question I am trying to put in my ad on my site the code looks exactly like this but nothing happens wont show up any ideas?
  6. Thanks Robin. Either way would work just depends how you want it too look xD
  7. you'll need to draw the bubble to the screen, resize it to the size that is needed for the amount of text. Then find the text that was said which would be map talk, then draw the text into the bounds of the bubble. Couldn't be that hard to code, you need to know how to draw text to the screen n how to resize a image on the run.
  8. I'm not applying but a good pixel artist should be able to make a GUI, do Animations, maybe not the manga one's but spells. Just saying, maybe cut down on your openings so you dont have a large team thats all conjested with people's ideas, so then your pixels match each other instead of one really good pixelier then a shitty one xD
  9. Then why is this in Eclipse Projects? Just wondering looks great!
  10. Nice like the flying, did you add the Z axis or something?
  11. Tivoilos

    Transport ships

    Search the forums for a Mount Script for EO(Or mount source edit however you want to call it) then you'll use that then you'll need to add the boarding of other players. Just keep messing around with it until you get it where you want it.
  12. Just depends on what type of connection you have, computer stats etc.
  13. It's all based on opinion. I say just go with C++ C because almost all major companies use C++ C if you really want to find work as a programmer or even do it as a hobby it's the most supported programming out there. It's not that hard
  14. TCP/UDP have there own uses.
  15. Tivoilos

    Text Filter

    You'll prolly need to start with, looking for the code that handles the chat system. Look how chats are handled. Then maybe do a google search on how to filter words in Visual Basic 6\. Have fun
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