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  1. Baron buddy old pale nice job I remember when you first started messing with Flash so glad your releasing it! :-) Hope someone uses it wish I had a comp again I'd def play around with it.
  2. Player: Hello. I… I just woke up, near a forest i don't even remember where i am or who i am. Can...*sigh* (my head hurts)... can you please help me and tell me atleast where am I? John: Yes of course, this village is called Windbush. We do not belong to any kingdom here, but we are making business with some of them because we are mainly a peasant village and our main income is from selling grain and wheat to other villages and towns. John: No sorry, this is the first time I've seen you try to asking Oraculum. She/He lives on west from here in old house at end of road Fixed some of it for you
  3. You'll need to render the scene in a orthographical way depending on the graphic libary your using you might be able to use a preset lib function take opengl for a example they have a glortho function thatll render the screen isometric for you.
  4. Looks really cool I am not much for topdown display for games but I think id try it if i had a comp lol.
  5. I was being sarcastic ya derps obviously the store idea will not allow you to learn anything imo its cool n all but ya..
  6. Why not gather all the custom eclipse features people have made over the years an place them in one uber eclipse version then you dont have to do this idea at all. there problem solved everyones happy script kiddies can then make abunch of unoriginal games thatll last a week.
  7. The dirt road doesnt really fit i feel…feels to much like mud the shading for it seems to wild lol
  8. Depends what programing langauge your using idk with vb can do it but write a block of code thatll check the "clients" task managr for certain programs then if it finds the program runing shutdown the client or ban or w.e btw this may or may not show up to clients as a virius which may make people feel a litttle ubeasy about using your game.
  9. Yep would be alot of code haha goodluck to who ever does it i coded a small game in flash with isometric once it was a pain in the butt.
  10. I just feel that eclipse would benifit from this like benifit i mean a wider player base. there arent really any isometric engines out there. but i do knowbit isnt really "easy" there is alot more involved with stuff.
  11. Have you thought of adding Lua to the engine to build the UI system so the "engine" can have easy addons etc which would be a cool feature haha sorry ik off topic
  12. Marshy Dearest just out of wonderment are you ever going to finish this or work on it anymore? I know it's a bump sorry lol
  13. I'd love to see eclipse be able to use a isometric perspective this would make more available type of games, different styles.
  14. You'll probably need to program it into eclipse.
  15. You'll need to Program it all into the source.
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