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  1. Hey guys i been Googling this problem but can't find a answer for something like this. I been getting a Run-Time Error 0 which i saw means there is nothing wrong with it. Here is the Logs > Client: > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_Unload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_Unload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_QueryUnload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': . > > The following error occured at 'Form_Unload' In 'frmMain'. > Run-time error '0': .
  2. Can anyone create me Weapon (Axe, Swords, Staffs, Bows) and Shields Paperdolls to use in my new game i been working on for a while. The Design has to look nice and it must fit in the Medieval Times is what i think i would need. If you make those i will give you Credit for the Paperdolls.
  3. > Then put more detail into it! Make some story for the game and put it here, something to ATTRACT people, not just a wall of text, some pics wold be nice (like tabs, or something, you could check my project, not exactly like it, anything eye-appealing) yea i been looking through tons of software i can use for it. I seen yours but my problem is i am not a good pixel artist so i can have a hard time doing that myself. i seen [Origin Spark](http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?/topic/132721-origin-spark/) and i am wanting to do something like that but more realistic textures.
  4. > You're working on an OS? In what language? And if your position in this game is not important then that means you just want others to make a game for you…no one will do that. Linux-Based. Instead of doing one main job i will go through and help with every part. If i just work on one part then instead of helping i would be doing something that will take longer by myself then having Others to help. > You know, you can use online name generators instead of a position of "Name Thinker" > > Also, custom interface is not a feature, is something to differentiate from other games. Until now, it sounds like a 1-week -then-gone project. Thank you for giving that info about that Generator i did not think about that. i know a Custom Interface is not a Feature but i just put it in there. I plan on having this game for about 1-3 Years.
  5. My duties are not important in this Game Position Post. Me and Friend are working on a Operating System Which if this game becomes a success this game will be featured on my Operating System and will be added to it. Becoming a part of this Game will give you credit on something people will see on our OS Place. Every Member on this Team will be added to Credits by their last and First game. I will be working on Advertising, and the costings of it. If you want a part of this team then please Apply. This is my first time trying to create a Game. Yes i will make Errors but i correct them, I am Human not Perfection. Thank you.
  6. I like your point.. I am going to Add more details!
  7. Hello Fellow Users of Eclipse Origins, I am leading a New Game Developing Selection of my new work! We are recruiting a team for our 2D Game Development. We are hoping for a very good team! Positions Needed: >! Game Master: A Game Master is a person who Monitors in-game problems and issues. (We need 2) >! Artist: Our Artist needs to create Paper Dolls and Map Tites for in-game. (We need 1 or 2) >! Developer: Our Developer needs to be able to create special Features for us! (We need 2) >! Map Designers/Builders:We need people who can build Maps for our players.(We need 5) >! Story Writer: This person is required to be able to write our story plot very clear and readable. The Plot must make sense or will be fired! >! GUI Artist: This Person must be able to create a GUI and a Launcher GUI to go with the Theme of our game. Planned Features: >! Guilds >! Advanced Armor Slots (Rings and Etc) >! Faction Rep! (do quests to gain Rep for a faction) >! Quest System >! Custom Raid System (What i mean by that is when you complete raids you can get very rare gear that is very powerful) >! A Gear Tier System (Not very advanced) >! House System (will be added very late) >! Couple of Mini Games >! Ticket System >! >! 2014/2015 Plans: >! I am planning after a couple of years is making this game into a 3D game. Shadow is working on a Shadow Operating System which is going to have a Modeling Version for 3D. All Applications can be sent by PM or Reply to post.
  8. Yea it took me a while but seen everything you need to work on is built in the .fla file i been looking in to it but so far to add anything you got to go in your self and add your sprites to the .png file my plans are to work couple of bugs and add features to it After that start working on the sprites and tilesets. The plan for Tile sets and Sprites is to make then run of the server so almost everything would be on the server for the owner to reach but the sprites will be the close to the last one.
  9. I can continue the flash Eclipse i am creating a game with it now and learned a lot about it and i been changing tons of stuff if wanted i will make a .fla and make it easy for you to change it to your game settings.
  10. > Making an easier to use game maker should always be the way. But not in the sense of making a full package one version fits all engine. Adding all the features into a single code would be unnecessary, messy and will result in an unusable code. This is a good idea, but I don't know how it'll work. Conflicting codes for example. When you code something like [http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?/topic/127116-map-tile-animations-client-does-all-the-work/](http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?/topic/127116-map-tile-animations-client-does-all-the-work/) It only add code to certain files what the store would do is it would add the code and register the new files needed.
  11. > Why not gather all the custom eclipse features people have made over the years an place them in one uber eclipse version then you dont have to do this idea at all. there problem solved everyones happy script kiddies can then make abunch of unoriginal games thatll last a week. That's like saying why not develop everyone's game our selfs and we get little credit. With the store idea you can learn while working with it, Plus combining all of them to Eclipse could go against copyright if they use one when the person that developed it said no. Making a game that last a week is a waste of time and maybe money sometimes the unoriginal games can be original.
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